The Best Laid Plans

It can be daunting in this city at times. The library is a haven of sorts and makes the city seem less vicious. Knowing that people tend to jump from the top of this building, and live here when they can’t afford campus housing does sometimes creep into my mind when here though. I am laying plans for my future. If there is something else I should be doing in here on the eve of my first mid term someone please let me know. Oh, never mind. If I wanted someone to let me know I would be posting this is deadjournal. The plan, much thought has gone into this plan, starts with getting my degree in photography and anthropology completed in a timely fashion, timely meaning in the allotted time for one full degree or four years. This ends in the summer of 2007 and at that time I would then go on to a master’s degree and then a PhD in Anthropology. This should happen in a rapid sequence with no time off for good behavior. Next: on to the next life as a writer and professor of Anthropology, taking photos for fun and profit and for my own Anthropological publication. The children will have to come next, I have decided to have two or three and I would like them prior to the age of thirty and if it can be arranged I would like to start at age 26. This seems like a rather tight timeline, even considering my brilliance ,but waiting to get my doctorate will not be possible due to the fact, (rumor), that having children causes a significant loss of brain cells. I don't t want to risk it. Selfish you say? No one is asking. It's my plan. The trend of waiting to have children until one has a career in full bloom is reversing you see, mainly due to the fact that people live longer and now have plenty of time to enjoy even a couple of careers after the age of forty. I mean face it by the time I am seventy most seventy year olds will still be working. That's a fact. So, where was I? Ok ,the degrees, the kids, and of course because I am not going to be fabulously famous by that time, that will come later, I will have to be married to have children. That is just the way it is as unless you are The Donald, the Oprah , or Goldie Hawn you just can’t get away with it even if you hold credence to some of the rubbish in the Seat of the Soul. Good book for what it was but honestly the average person is not there yet and the kids would suffer for it. Kids always go through enough of their own pain and misery whether real or imagined , no need to supplement it. That is as far as I get at this time and will now wander back to what’s real for me now. As for the father of the children, that will come and that is not even addressable at this time. Work in progress. The Best Laid Plans.


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