Final Final Final Post

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If you choose to read this understand that a lot formatting has been removed - no fault of Alice - this renders a number of posts almost unreadable due to lack of paragraphs. The New Wonderland or Not - opened in February of 2006.Most of the posts have been transferred but the formatting on the transferred posts are also messed up until she fixes them. Please change your link from livingwellornot.blogspot.com to wonderlandornot.net


Alice has moved.....please follow.

Wonderland or Not has moved.

Alice is residing at http://wonderlandornot.net

wonderlandornot.com will also work if that is the link you have currently standing.

nowickedwitch.com will work as well but don't use it. lol

Please if you love her change your link address.

She is going to be severely depressed as her ecosystem status is plummeting.

A years worth of posts have been forwarded to new site.

This does appear more like a hacking than it does a error on blogger's part. It's a mess for now but come over anyway and be sure to change your links.

Surely she will write something worth reading within the next month or so.

She is course devastated that her position of flappy bird in the eco system will plummett but ahhhh such is life. It was rather messed up anyway due to having two urls.

I will keep this only to allow me to post on blogger sites that require it.

If you go to the new site and there is a link you see as missing let me know. I have not added them all back as of this time.

addendum: For those who read this coming from the archives link in my new blog the formatting has gone bad; believe me there were paragraphs in the old posts originally.


Silly ( Putty ) me.

Sometimes you just have to get away from the computer for a few days. I had Monday off and went snowboarding again then of course had work to do upon returning to the city.

I've been a little stretched lately and, like string cheese and silly putty, I only go so far. Silly putty of course goes further; I’m at more of a string cheese level right now but am working my way up the ladder of elasticity levels. Soon I will be in a more malleable form and then .... Oh, god then .... watch out .

Many things to consider these days and lots of decisions to be made; life just never stops happening. Why is that? I think that to be able to put life on pause for a few days with some kind of remote control contraption would he a nice . Robotman if you are listening… hell with perfecting a robotic vacuum cleaner we need a life remote control device. This device needs to allow for quick or slow pauses at least weekly.

I am adopting aliases to escape authority or is it recognition? Don’t know.

I will get to everyone’s journal over the next day I promise.

Until then I will try to answer the most profound questions of the day and you should too.

Are Homes getting too large and is there really a housing bubble?????


Finally, and in reference and deference to Wombats post on Cream.......

I’ll wait in this place where the sun never shines; Wait in this place where the shadows run from themselves.

Love that song.


Strung Out Without a Light

Short note. I ditched the pillow fight and went snowboarding instead. Had to do it. I am not sure how many more times I will be able to go this winter and I needed some activity to get rid of all that pent up sexual frustration. ;)

Pia has been nominated for an award. Check this out.

The fact is that she has a writing blog and the rest of the blogs are all good in their own way but they are all basically the same thing. She is not the same thing and that is why she deserves your vote.

Then keep your eye out for the time for voting and feel free to propagate this throughout cyberspace. Or

Mizzy B - the head of the organizing commitee - will get you.

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addendum: Stolen from Pia who stole it from someone else.

Do Me: I will put the html in the sidebar when I get time. Kind of fun.

My Johari.

My Nohari.

Cross Posted to my DJ and my lj.

As I said at the end of my next to the last comment thread........

I'm strung out, without a light .... my leather worn and the wind is calling.


We want to really feel the feeling.Get Real!And we wont ever hit the ceiling.

Ridiculous, lay off it already "get real".

I use "get real" as I get emails every so often ( a lot lately... oh god what am I doing wrong), in real life too but we won't go there, which tell me to "get real". Get Real. WTF does that mean really. I guess "getting real" is better than "getting fake ". I'm totally not into getting fake. ( beware, incorrect use of adjective) So thanks. Who knows what is real and does anyone really care. I think that Margery Williams said it best in the Velveteen Rabbit:
Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all; because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand.
I'm going to "get real" now. I have a class. The wind is blowing, it's going to get cold again, I have not eaten breakfast so my stomach hurts, I can't find that tube of purple stuff that I use to sort of straighten my hair and I have to decide if I am going to attend a pillow fight in Union Square tomorrow; can't get any more real than that. Have a great weekend.