The UnCool

I know adding a tagboard somehow shows lack of sophistication. I am just practicing with this thing right now so bear with me. I couldn't get the comment html to work anyway no matter now hard I tried so I finally said hell with it. I have no finals until Thursday. Some people are going home Friday so it is kind of depressing. I will be here next week with only one roommate for the most part. I dragged a tree home after leaving a smoke filled party in the village Saturday. It is really not a tree more like the newly born offspring of a very small fir but I looks fabulous anyway. I am sick of smoke filled parties where students sit around and pretend to be smart and above all that and in the end get totally shit faced and end up looking like frat boys and girls anyway. I finished my photography project for the most part and will write a very long paper on it this week. The project was to be done subsequent to the paper but this is more creative and makes more sense to the brain cells I have.


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Best regards from NY!
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10/04/2006 06:14:00 AM  

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