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I have a few journals although this is my real journal. You know the one where no one can come and make lame comments every five seconds just out of sheer boredom. Well, regardless, I signed up for camwhores at live journal. What was I thinking? I mean I am a photographer, by nature or design who knows and also an up and coming world famous cultural anthropologist so wtf. It is not that I am shy about the human body. I have been taking pictures of it and mine in all states of dress and undress since I was in �.let�s say eleventh grade. It is just that I thought for some reason that camwhores might really have some pictures posted that were art. I think most pictures are art but honestly a picture of some guy�s penis, and some poor creature actually putting her mouth on and one he tried to�umm shove a Tylenol up her or something. I find pretty far from art. Desperate times call for desperate measure I guess. It has occurred to me that some people don�t know the difference between erotica and a disgusting display of narcissism. I could be wrong as it just as quite likely a disgusting display or, at the very least, not a very exciting one was probably what he was going for. Cold here lots of snow but no where near as much as Kait in Boston and it does not stop anything here nor should it. I miss snowboarding but I am glad to be back. May be cross posted to my dead journal. My Bad SORRY HAD TO REMOVE THEM NOW THAT PEOPLE READ THIS . Like I said, My Bad.


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