Mind not playing tricks, I am really back here .

The weather coming back was not so good. There were some avalanches not all that far from us which did give us a fright or at the very least pause for thought. I am, despite all the fun and the snow and the avalanches, back in no worse shape than when I left. Maybe better shape when you consider what two weeks on a board fabricated of polyethylene steel, fiberglass, wood or foam, more fiber glass and more plastic, will do. Walking the streets of NYC doesn't even compare. It is cold here of course, colder than I would like. I don't mind cold when I can do something in it but this is simply unnecessary. I actually had to get out my UGGS and extra socks various scarves and mittens. I love mittens they are awesome compared to gloves. You might call me a mitten aficionado. I really don't fault the administration for having an inauguration. I think they cost too much and we could do without them but I don't hold the First Lady's Oscar de la Renta against her. The first fam picked American Designers of course. I never cared for de la Renta or Carolina Herrera but I think they will suit this particular women quite fine though. I prefer Roberto Cavalli , Mooks , Custo Barcelona , AgnesB and Chanel I really have to leave. I am back though and school has started and I leave for am meeting and also to get away from the fact that people will actually be watching American Idol here and I can do without that. Is anybody out there? Pink Floyd just popped into my head. Happens sometimes. Doesn�t mean a thing. Honestly


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