Sabbatical of the mind continues.

Any thoughts on the last year? No. Oh, OK. Conan is tiresome but his core will be older in a few years and maybe they will hang with his watered down show. Lettermen is just plain smarter. Kimmel is better but sort of like a young father of some kind. Carson Daly stinks except when Ben Harper is on. Leno is like my father on speed. No, take that back, he's like my father on coffee, (decaf). I do love the fruitcake lady though. May she live long and prosper. Yes, I know, she already has. The Daily Show, now that's a show. Profound? Maybe not but the sabbatical of the mind continues for another week. The sabbatical of the mind started the minute the sabbatical of the body ended and the sabbatical of the body ended the minute I hit the mountains of Wyoming and will continue here in Utah. I know I said this last time but it bears repeating as after a year of not hitting the slopes I need to hear it. Even the best fall down sometime. Happy New year


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