Bammy - Grammy

I will be brief but like any good blog addict I can't resist any reason to post here.

This is a small opinion piece and has no real significance one way or the other but sometimes I prefer to write my thoughts down. It is better then mumbling to myself.

. Award shows semi-sicken me but of them all the Grammy's are my favorite, if there is such a thing as a favorite award show. I like looking at music people, and often the music is good. Admittedly there are quite a few musicians songwriters that I listen to that will never find their way to a Grammy although they should, but still.

A few things, and this is not to be ugly but guys...WTF. I want to help the tsunami relief effort as much as anyone but I don't think you need to be all self congratulatory about laying ego's aside and doing that song. Big fucking deal, seriously. Also the song frankly sucked big time. Sorry it was just plain bad. Whoever made that decision needs to be fired. People should buy it to help, donate but don't bother downloading it after you buy it was a mess.

And please remember: Yea, you forgot and so did everyone else. Wake up.

Cut the Southern Rock I can live without Sweet Home Alabama and the remaining pieces of Skynard. Yawn. Shots of Penelope Cruz? Who cares. Billy Bob Thorton- who cares he is an egomaniac. Woa- Loretta Lynn- bless her heart, I don't think she was even sure which album she won for. Too many dead people awards. Ray Charles should have been it. Other then that it was ok with some good music. Most Importantly the hotness: Franz Ferdinand rocked, in an androgynous kind of way but they did rock. Alicia Keyes did rock. Yea Nelly you�re cool and Queen Latifah is still the man. Green Day, yea I still love them and that album is good. Oh beast Melissa Etheridge did it fine, did she not?

That is it. Simple. I think they should have just let FF and Green Day take the stage for the night and told everyone else to go home.

addendum: And no Kayne West should not have won, Green Day should have and of course Ray Charles won as he is dead and I didn't say Loretta Lyn's album was bad I have never heard it I just said she was " kind of confused". She is like a hundred years old though so I understand. And I will punk slap you all the way to California so there.


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