Why does everyone in cyberspace now think that people will want to donate money to them after reading their blog. Seriously people, most people's blogs are not that great, including this one I know but still, I�m not asking for donations.

In another direction: If you get a chance see the movie "The Eye". Although it is up for debate, I think it is a pretty good movie, better then good really, and worth seeing. It is a Thai movie sort of a horror film noir by the Pang brothers and I caught it on Sundance. I have always had a sick fascination with that genre of film anyway but see it if you get a chance.

I have received a couple of emails asking me why I don't have a comment section and complaining that some people don't like tag boards. I appreciate that fact; can honestly say I started this blog mostly to ramble in a non dead journal live journal way and was not really worried about comments but I am going to redo the code in this thing and add a comment section when I have time, sometime this year.

For now I have a paper to write.


Blogger Dennis said...

Finally some positive news coming from across the ocean.
I agree that most blogs are really not worth paying for. I like reading them 'cause they're free. I love it when people read my blog and show their appreciation, but it would be laughable to ask them money, because I know I suck, just like most of us.

3/03/2005 06:14:00 PM  
Blogger Steve Westphal said...

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10/23/2005 04:09:00 AM  

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