For this I am grateful. What we were thinking prior to this I will never know

Got to love those former �evangelical advisors�. Quote James Lileks, NNS. "The evidence would seem to suggest that President Bush tried reefer as a young man." Does anyone really care all that much? Or even a little?

White House attorneys have tapes Article.

Too bad, I think, that he didn�t withdraw them before all the late night shows got a hold of them. John Stewart did a good job with it though.

Taping people without their knowledge should be punishable by death unless, of course, you are under eighteen.


Now this is art.

This was stolen from someone at NYU.

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I click past the blogs where people chronicle their weight loss. Why do people feel the need to foist their jiggly selves upon us beautiful people? JUST STOP EATING.

BTW, you have good taste in music. The Pixies... swish.

3/04/2005 07:23:00 PM  
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Thank you for recognizing my talents here. Mrs. Weirsdo was thrilled by your list (she doesn't have much of a life), but to be honest I am not a big reader.

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