TGIF or not.

Republicans subpoena Terri Shiavo? That is precious. I think government needs to back away from this one, way too much government going on lately. If God had wanted her to live she would have lived and not needed a feeding tube for what is it now two years? Why are the religious right so fearful of allowing someone that is supposed to die to die? Do you think they really know something we don�t? If that is the case what they know must be frightening as they have taken severe steps in this case and gone way beyond their calling. I am sporting quite an abrasion on my arm from boarding the other day, it was downright ugly and oozing and when the sun hit it and it dried it has become a crusty battle scar. This is good as it makes me feel that I at least accomplished something this week. I was not the only casualty but it was the ugliest one. Go me. Who is Robert Blake anyway and why do the media spend so much time covering this crap? Bill Maher may be right the media is not liberal but it is composed of quite a few stupid and lazy people. That is paraphrasing but close enough. Also,who cares if those god forsaken neanderthals feel they need to juice up with steroids I certainly don�t. Exogenously produced musculature is fairly unattractive in my opinion anyway and baseball is just a but waste of time having the sole purpose of providing old fat balding Kevin Costner with more movie roles and therefore more boring movies. So Long for now as you can see I am busy. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Blogger Misc Debris said...


Sexy people should not be allowed to sue for discrimination! As a sexy man I know first hand the advantages of being extremely attractive in a sea of mediocrity. Frankly I will take my highned sense of self over a pay hike or promotion any day. I mean, if I get one fine, but there is no way I am NOT wearing my chaps and/or muscle shirt for anyone but myself!

3/23/2005 07:18:00 PM  
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