How a Hot Guy Becomes a Loser in a Matter of a Few Hours

With the slow demise of my sophomore year of college I don�t have a whole lot of time to stay on top of the news. I�m going to scrap any commentary on current events this week as I just haven�t kept up with them. I know there�s a new pope and that is about all. I am going to concentrate instead on the personal and, I promise this will be brief but, as I have been often told I am too circumspect and need to get a life besides school here goes. I am usually very busy having come to school with a few basic goals all which were academic in nature. I choose a school where I could accomplish those goals, in a city that would provide more then the usual college activities. I tried very hard to stay out of the way of things that would interfere with those goals and, for the most part have succeeded. I made a few very good friends who I gladly add to the very good friends I already have and I feel that these people will be there for life; life is good that way. On the other hand I have not really dated much for several reasons, time and school being the biggest, there is never enough time and although very attracted to the male species, I am not into random hook-ups for the single purpose of satisfying a physical urge. I don�t care if other people do it and don�t look down upon them for doing so I just don�t care to go there myself; I think my fear of germs comes into play here to be honest. I am not a perfect person nor am I na�ve or innocent as to the way of things but ya,that�s the way it goes. The guys I have been out with since coming to college , for the most part but not including a guy a dated last fall, have all in some way within the first few times of my going out with them actually ended up repelling me in some way. Now I mention this only because it has happens enough so that some of my friends are beginning to think I am just way too particular about guys and I need to reevaluate my stance on things and take a look at myself and, I hate doing that. I find that after two years here I am kind of tired of not finding anyone that I can stand for more then fifteen seconds. Don�t get me wrong, I love men. I love to look at them, love to be around them, I love photographing them and, some of my best friends both in high school and college are guys. My first best friend from college is a guy who saved my life,( metaphorically) ,more times then not last year and he is hot but, for some reason I see him as my brother more then anything. So here is the deal. After a long day of classes I go out for a few hours with a guy I met some time ago. Now this guy is hot, great to look at, does not appear to be what I call the ,�I�m a male model�type, is very intelligent has a great smile and, likes the Sex Pistols and Ben Harper.( that I threw in for effect but it�s true). Now I had hung out with him on a number of occasions and so far it had all seemed pretty much ok. I enjoyed talking to him and we had some things in common in that we both snowboard, we both travel a lot and he has been to both Australia, where I lived for a time and Chile where I spent last summer as well as London, a place I love. We both have older siblings were catholic at one point but are having doubts at this point etc. Up to this point he was pretty decent, we could talk about a lot of things like music and snowboarding and the intelligent design theory, ha ha ; we had been to a concert together some time ago and both came out with the exact same opinions of it... looking good. So we go out tonight just because we both felt like not studying��.first stop dinner about a half hour away from where I live a little place , it was semi crowded and whatever. The thing is the waiter brought this guy the wrong drink�.he sort of went off at the waiter and then when the waiter was gone started he started to belittle waiters and then all people who are waiters. Ok, my mind is thinking this really sucks because who the fuck cares if someone brings you the wrong drink, it is not the end of the world and really you only have to say.� sorry I think you brought me the wrong drink�,. Ok fine, he went off maybe he was tired, but this kind of thing really just makes people so unattractive to me. Next we leave and on the way back to where I live I stopped to get some flowers for my roommate as she had a great day and deserved flowers, he made a remark, sort of an ethnic remark about the vendor which just added to the thing he did at the restaurant and all of a sudden I could not wait to get away from this guy. So, this is how a hot guy becomes a total loser to me in a matter of a few hours. I mean I knew my roommate was going to ask me all sorts of questions about the guy as one of my roommates has been gaga over him for a few weeks. Now I had to face them and tell them thumbs down for me and then they will try to dissect my problem. Thing is it�s not a problem, it get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when people belittle others for absolutely no reason, I get sick feelings in the pit of my stomach when people make ethnic / racial remarks for no reason and, I just can�t get past it. If it means I am too judgmental so be it but I think it speaks to character to the point that I will never get past it. So that was my day more or less and to think I acutally could have been here doing the work I now need to stay up late to do. Signed Girl who had really crappy evening


Blogger Dave said...

I think your instincts are right in this case. Belittling people for no reason is bad enough, but going off on some random waiter for such an insignificant thing is a bad sign.

from Maximum Awesome

4/21/2005 12:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Cassandra said...

The most attractive guys are the ones who are nice to everyone who crosses their path. Now that's also a recipe for jealousy, but it's better than being with somenoe who doesn't show basic respect for others. I agree with you on this one.

4/21/2005 06:30:00 PM  
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