Day of almost awesomeness or at least it didn't suck.

A day of awesomeness: Went to my photo shoot, and believe me I use this term only to make me feel important, and ended up meeting a really cool guy who happened to be writing a newspaper article on this same event I was covering.. We spoke for some reason and he then proceeded to ask me to snap a couple of pictures for him which I did. (See I am easy) I also got some kiss ass pictures and they are already where they need to be. I then went to lunch with cool guy causing me to miss lunch with my mother and her business partner; this I didn�t mind in the least. We went to a library which was having a book sale on tons of new books this instigated a purchasing spree with me buying at least twelve old/new books that I will hopefully read this summer. These books are inclusive of but not limited to � The Five People You meet in Heaven�,� What If �, �Colin Powell, My American Journey,� Anyone Can Grow Up� and on and on. I love getting new books for practically nothing and I do hope to read them. I hate not being able to read for enjoyment during the school year but I am not superwomen. Then we took a trip to a beach about an hour from here and went to a shop there, looked at body boards and snow boards; we also got some delicious ice cream even though it was not that warm here today and at one point almost raining. I am not really an ice cream person but I got coffee ice cream and it tasted like heaven. Cool guy is coming with me tomorrow when I go to take pictures of old buildings. This could be fun or not but I am willing to go with it for now. He goes to University of New Hampshire and snowboards like all the time so there you go;he lives in Boston though and will only be here a few more days but I am glad to have a semi normal person to talk to and I am always up for new friends. What can I say I love books, snow boards, body boards and cool guys in that order? The snow boards, books, and body boards are so much easier to find though. Wonder why that is? Not so cool stuff: My mom has requested that I attend a sort of country club soiree thing, the kind that goes on all the time around here evidently. It so happens,( surprise, surprise) that there are a couple of my parents friends who have children away at college as well and they are all descending on their parents homes or summer homes and these parents have decided to do dinner, kids and all. This is a planned intervention of sorts where the college age children can meet each other and potentially like each other , potentially play tennis together, and then of course fall in love and marry each other�being from the same socioeconomic class and all, having the same goals and going to the best schools is so important you know. This usually would be one of those things that I would just say no to and move on but as I have had a rough year with my parents, my mom in particular I am going to give her this one. Do I get some kind of medal or at least a ribbon for this? This will be Friday or Saturday she will let me know when she finds out the exact evening. She looked rather pleased with herself but she also looked quite prepared for me to say no and I think I maybe made her happy for one second. I have decided that I will allow her to pick out whatever little black or white or whatever color dress she wants me to wear and do whatever for one night. I am not giving up I am just making it easier on myself and consequently on them. This will be the last summer I ever live with them. That is predetermined. Good news for me is that my brother and his girlfriend are coming up tomorrow and he will be attending this little dinner as well. He likes them though as he is into all that country club crap. How bad can it be right? I hated the country club growing up. I did enjoy playing tennis but that is about it. I don�t think I attended more then one or two forced country club events a year when I lived in Maryland. So , maybe not awesome but it could be worse.


Blogger Doug said...

Sincerity is everything. Learn to fake that and you've got it made--Groucho Marx?

5/19/2005 06:10:00 PM  
Blogger Dirty Lense said...

I hate when my folks try to get me to blend with there socioeconomic-ly-acceptable-friend's-asshole-kids.
Arrrrrrrrrggggg. It was nice that you threw her that bone.

5/20/2005 01:19:00 PM  

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