End Of Year College Kaos and Nervous Breakdowns

You all get stuck with this because I don�t know you and my real friends don�t want to hear it. So Thank You. So far so good. I am disorganized though, and not as focused as I usually am and that worries me. Exam time, in general, makes everyone a little crazy. In addition to finals I have my brother�s college graduation this weekend. Random pointless notes about last night while I was trying to study and fight off a nervous breakdown. A group of people were arguing very loudly about pubic hair -no not kidding - like most of them did not have enough to do already. Voting on pubes, shaved or not, and as this subject really pissed me off I told them to shut up I didn't give damn. I have always felt that guys who preferred totally shaven women were pedophiles in some way. (think about it). Someone then decided to come into my room and start talking; this meant then I had to be a bitch and tell them to leave as I was studying and I did not have time for a potentially insipid discussion. (I didn�t really say it that way) Then someone started an argument about Ann Coulter and wondered if she totally shaved her pubic hair off; I offered that most likely she didn�t as we all know she is a man anyway. I then really had to be a killer of all joy and tell them that I was devoted to my studies and therefore had to resign from further discussion. I know it was kind of a stress buster to sit around and talk about pubic hair but stop already; I needed to study and write. So, I finally got to totally retire to my sanctuary where I got right down to serious work reading an online journal belonging to someone I don�t know, and posting various random comments , which made me look like a totally semi nutso person, then I drank a pot of coffee, talked to roommate, lost my notes, found my notes, remembered that someone had my camera, not my digi or my regular 35 mm but my very old and first camera, an old Minolta, which is older than I am but which I treasure and use to take most of my black and white photos. I continue to post comments in random persons journal because he is kind of cute and I am a " wanna be slut ". I had to place call to find camera even though I didn�t need it and it�s a piece of crap anyway; I just have an attachment to old things. In the meantime I have purchased every cd ever produced belonging to Jackson Brown and plan to listen to nothing but until I get out of here next week. Of course the mind moves continually and the Lyrics of " Seven Nation Army " float around in my brain. Don't want to hear about it every single one's got a story to tell everyone knows about it From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell You get the picture. Kind of destroys my whole Jackson Brown plan though. Allie (fake name roommate) is done with all her exams. I don�t know how that can happen but so she says, it is her birthday and she wants to go to this club. This club is the pits to me, but she had her boyfriend purchased a ton of tickets to go to this ladies night thing; the big thing is having all her good friends here with her. (She is twenty- one) This stinks for me as I have no interest in going at all, and I do have to pass in a collaborative assignment tomorrow; it�s done mind you but I could use the night to actually look it over again as anal as I tend to be. In a way I feel obligated due to the fact that if it weren�t for her and another roommate, both juniors, I might have been stuck in some real pit stop this year or at the very least somewhere a lot further away then I am. I don�t know, it�s not too far from here so that is not a problem, I just hate this place , and not to mention you have to dress and deal with various assortment of HAD, BAD, CAD, SAD, MAD, RAD AND GLAD BOYS, glad boys not so much on Thursdays or at this particular place, except for probably the entertainment, but still. Will I be the martyr and give two hours of my life to this friend? Tune in later; if I �m still here you�ll know I have once again been a selfish bitch. Back I go to the study of an uncertain human science which seeks to transcend it�s unsavory history, and to seek guidance from a conglomerate of professors of the photographic arts who in evaluating my work have to evaluate their own and in a sense have a lot to lose and, or gain, but whose narcissism sometimes if not often, gets in the way of any real critical effort. (This is a stress joke, really it is) I am a normal person living in a not so normal place and that is it in a nutshell.


Anonymous joe garbial said...

I have read your stuff before and think it's great.

A nice mix it up type journal.

I can see your point on the shaved pubic hair and pedophile.

5/05/2005 10:48:00 PM  
Blogger -E said...

Who cares what someone wants pubic hair wise. I think that's really something I would really just not hear about.

Anyway, hope you don't stress out too much and get some sleep. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

5/06/2005 12:14:00 AM  
Blogger breasier said...

Wow, I hope I was never that stressed when I was in college, sugar. Just think about when all the exams will be over. That's what I did when I got stressed out.

5/06/2005 05:59:00 AM  
Blogger Library Lady said...

It'll be over soon. Though I STILL have dreams about school. I always seem to have been cutting class all semester--pretty funny since in real life I was the boring type who DID go to class!
You are making me think of the night everyone in the dorm was wired on too much caffeine and too much studying and we all did the "Bunny Hop" through the hallways. The "Ann Coulter" discussion is just another manifestation of the same madness!

5/06/2005 11:47:00 AM  
Blogger Dirty Lense said...

Hey Stranger,

I do have to agree with you about the pube/pedophile thing. But I will say, that when going for distance, not getting pubes stuck in the back of my throat goes a long way. And yeah, kind of a time waster to talk about.

Any way, where are your pictures (that you take), I'd love to check them out.

Good luck on your finals, and your nervous breakdowns. By the way, now I have the Seven Nation Army tune playing in my head too, I like it.

Take care,


5/06/2005 02:08:00 PM  
Blogger apples said...

posting random comments on the blogs of strangers when I should be studying for exams... yeah that sounds kinda familiar...

5/08/2005 06:02:00 PM  

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