Graduation- Not Mine I just wish it were

My brother�s graduation from college is over. It was not exactly a waste of a day and a half to leave the city and go to it but almost. The key speaker was the director of US citizenship and immigration and can we say YAWN. I think that they should have just send everyone their diploma in the mail, had a party and gotten the key speaker totally stoned and seen what happened. It would have been more entertaining. Nice to see my brother done though as he ended up at U Conn due to a not so stellar high school career despite being actually rather smart. Yes, dear bro tended to like the girls and he liked to party and despite going to a Catholic High School he managed to do it pretty well. I don�t know if I blame him as they (girls) followed him around, called him incessantly and did everything they could do to get his attention from the time he was in eighth grade. I always found it pathetic myself and often wondered if he realized that some of this attention came due to his family having money and him , later on , having a cool car. I mean my brothers is not bad, he had a good genetic foundation and I guess you could say he is hot and all, but being a girl myself and having had to listen to quite a bit of �girl talk � over the years I knew the money and the car had a lot to do with it. Anyway, it�s over and he heads off to grad school next fall and is finally actually going out with a girl who, in my opinion, does not date him for his money or his car or his past but for himself so yeah Josh. I won�t have time to write much at the beginning this week, at least not anything substantive ; it will be nothing or total crap. Exams, moving out etc. However you can look forward to a summary of my totally sexless sophomore year of college soon. Lucky you. addendum: I don�t want you all to be bored so here a rather humorous aim. I stole it from Modified Living the website of some fraternity cretin from Bucknell. I am so much better then this ,but this aim is funny as is the site if you are not prone to worrying too much about political correctness, and understand that the guy is most likely nowhere near as ignorant as at first he would appear to be. This is supposed to be an aim this guy had with Michael Phelps. Either way it is funny. harmless lil boy: rumor has it that this is Michael Phelps? harmless lil boy: care to set that rumor straight? miiikeymiiikey: whos this harmless lil boy: No one you know, obviously. harmless lil boy: just a curious college kid with more than enough time on his hands harmless lil boy: so what's the verdict? miiikeymiiikey: where did you get this sn harmless lil boy: An anonymous source gave it to me, claimed that you were Michael Phelps harmless lil boy: a simple yes or no would suffice. miiikeymiiikey: who was it harmless lil boy: All questions Miiikey, no answers. harmless lil boy: Are in you in fact michael phelps? harmless lil boy: simple question I think. miiikeymiiikey: this is gay harmless lil boy: So Michael Phelps is a gay basher? Why is this gay? harmless lil boy: Are you or are you not Michael Phelps? miiikeymiiikey: because, youre allowed to ask me questions and expect me to waste my time answering them, but you wont even do me the courtesy of answering mine harmless lil boy: Because I have only asked one question, and have gotten no response harmless lil boy: When you answer mine, I will answer yours. harmless lil boy: simple. harmless lil boy: so... miiikeymiiikey: my name is michael phelps. my friends call me mikey. miiikeymiiikey: where did you get my screen name harmless lil boy: Are you michael phelps the olympic swimmer, that was the question miiikeymiiikey: yes i swim miiikeymiiikey: where did you get this screen name harmless lil boy: are you THE olympic swimmer? miiikeymiiikey: yes, where the hell did you get my screen name harmless lil boy: Well, congrats on all those medals kind sir. harmless lil boy: Well, a fan of mine gave me your screen name. miiikeymiiikey: a fan of yours? who is this harmless lil boy: I happen to also be famous, although not to the extent of yourself, but in terms of the college world and the internet, I am quite well known. harmless lil boy: http://modifiedliving.com harmless lil boy: Like I said, a fan of mine gave me your screen name. miiikeymiiikey: he emailed it to you or what? harmless lil boy: no, IMed miiikeymiiikey: because i have been getting a lot of weird ims today harmless lil boy: Ha miiikeymiiikey: im going to have to block everyone thats not on my buddy list harmless lil boy: well, your screen name was actually posted online for a little... miiikeymiiikey: give me a fucking break harmless lil boy: but then I was informed that this screen name was not yours miiikeymiiikey: your kidding harmless lil boy: but then you just confirmed that it was in fact you harmless lil boy: so we are left with a bit of a problem harmless lil boy: do i respect the wishes of an olympian, or do I go about my selfish ways and post your screen name? miiikeymiiikey: was this kids name steve? bc my girl just told me she thinks she knows who is behind all this shit harmless lil boy: Why would your girl be giving out your screen name, thats not very "your girl" of her to be doing. harmless lil boy: tramp. miiikeymiiikey: no, shes my best friend from home. she had an away message up with an im id sent her and apparently he figured the shit out on his own. miiikeymiiikey: but she knows your site harmless lil boy: Like I said, everyone knows my site, I'm famous. miiikeymiiikey: shes in a sorority harmless lil boy: As are most of my fan base. miiikeymiiikey: she was just telling me about it like 2 days ago miiikeymiiikey: she thinks its hilarious harmless lil boy: It is hilarious, she had good taste in humor. miiikeymiiikey: shes got good taste in a lot of things harmless lil boy: Does that mean you've taken her to pound town? miiikeymiiikey: i wish harmless lil boy: Dude, you are an olympian, you should be getting crazy boy band ass. miiikeymiiikey: she knows the real me miiikeymiiikey: weve been friends for 12 years you know harmless lil boy: I mean, you did have that minor DUI bump in the road, but I think that shouldn't detract from your "Hey I'm michael phelps, suck my cock" game. harmless lil boy: oh, so she�s one of the girls who was there before the MP bandwagon train rolled into town? miiikeymiiikey: yeah shes the fuckin love of my life..ha. miiikeymiiikey: shes turned me down dozens of times miiikeymiiikey: she keeps getting hotter. i cant stop. harmless lil boy: why don�t you just show up to her house, completely ass naked, wearing your gold medals? if that doesn�t work, then I don�t know what will. miiikeymiiikey: shed kick me in the balls and lock me out in the cold harmless lil boy: does she have a boyfriend? miiikeymiiikey: uh she did miiikeymiiikey: he died miiikeymiiikey: so its weird harmless lil boy: Because I know people, we can make him disappear harmless lil boy: ooooh, nevermind then miiikeymiiikey: ha yeah harmless lil boy: looks like that was already taken care of. harmless lil boy: well, sorry to hear that miiikeymiiikey: it happens miiikeymiiikey: fucking war..you know harmless lil boy: yeh, crazy times we live in. miiikeymiiikey: im not supposed to talk about it miiikeymiiikey: but i have opinions harmless lil boy: why aren�t you allowed to talk about the war? harmless lil boy: is there some list of things that a public figure isn�t allowed to discuss? miiikeymiiikey: yeah kind of harmless lil boy: like war, midget gang bangs, what else? miiikeymiiikey: HA harmless lil boy: Here�s a question: what was you BAC when you got busted for your DUI? harmless lil boy: wait, are you even 21? miiikeymiiikey: im 19 harmless lil boy: jesus, I think your parents fed you steroids miiikeymiiikey: haha harmless lil boy: Didn't they take away your Wheaties sponsorship for that shit? miiikeymiiikey: they took a few things away harmless lil boy: If I were your agent/publicist, I would have you marketing Colt 45 or Old English 40 oz's� miiikeymiiikey: shit hit the fan harmless lil boy: You could be making millions! �I�m Michael Phelps, and when I�m not dominating the world wearing my Speedo, I�m drunk off Colt 45, and driving around town looking for sluts.� miiikeymiiikey: haha miiikeymiiikey: i was just told to stop iming you miiikeymiiikey: so i gotta go miiikeymiiikey: sorry harmless lil boy: haha, told by who? harmless lil boy: the girl? harmless lil boy: haha, what's her screen name harmless lil boy: let me chat her up miiikeymiiikey: ***"CENSORED"**** miiikeymiiikey: oh im a fuckin idiot. shes going to kill me miiikeymiiikey: but yeah she said youd post this on your site miiikeymiiikey: so i gotta roll dude harmless lil boy: hahah harmless lil boy: well, she is a smart, smart girl miiikeymiiikey: fuck miiikeymiiikey: all right bye


Anonymous joe garbial said...

thanks for the modified living link that site is funny.
sexless sophomore year? if that old picture you used to have posted here is any indication , there was no need for it to be sexless? what happened to that picture? that icon,,,is it you?

5/09/2005 12:24:00 PM  
Blogger EsotericWombat said...

Goes without saying, but I'm also a fan of your favorite word

5/14/2005 12:58:00 AM  

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