Lessons learned in college.

I don�t feel like writing anything particularly profound and probably couldn�t if I tried. My sophomore year of college is over with. I have decided to merely make a list (because I know people are so fond of lists) of what I have taken away from the last two years. I am not used to going to bed before three am so this will surely put me to sleep. I am going to seriously have to do something with that biological clock so if anyone knows how to reset it let me know. Now on to the list. Knowledge acquired over the last two years: Some people don�t flush toilets. Sometimes it does not pay to be tactful; you just have to tell it like it is. Some people do go to college to get an education. Not all liberal democrats know what the fuck they are talking about and god help us they need to or we are screwed. Yes, cleanliness is next to godliness. You have to believe in yourself. Never let anyone own you, for any reason at any time. Try to keep your head above water as the minute you go under, even slightly, the task of pulling yourself up becomes almost impossible. You have to have a couple of good friends. Listening to people get it on in your room after sneaking in and thinking you are a sleep is not a turn on. This is where the not being tactful comes in. You just got to learn to say�if you�re gonna fuck do it before I get in the room and am sleeping peacefully in my own bed so I don�t have to wake up and think I am still in my own nightmare. You don�t have to like everyone or even be especially friendly to everyone but don�t be rude and try to see what is around you because there may be someone out there that needs help. Karma. It�s nice to know someone with a car in the city for the simple fact of getting out of the city. Never go out with someone ten years older then you just because you find him to be smarter then guys your own age, more interesting and not so much of a pig, because in the end your brother will tell your parents and they will bug the living heck out of you for the rest of your life and think you have gone mad. This is a pain because they will then come into the city to have various lunches with you when you do not have time to socialize with your parents. Also in the end you will realize that ten year older guy only wanted to sleep with you and although he might have waited a longer period time then most guys your age before making that clear you will feel justified in your thought that men and women are just different . You will pass up the opportunity anyway because he wasn�t that smart (you will be smarter in ten years), you need to get back to studying and you really were not that sexually attracted to him anyway. Real evil is actually very rare it just seems to be everywhere due to media whoring. There are some fucked up people in this world and you are lucky to have escaped all that fucked upness. Oh and you hate the color orange like really hate it and if you ever see it again it will be too soon. Eat a lot of sushi and never eat in a place that doesn�t have a public restroom. Ah the lessons we learn eh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being owned is not always a bad thing.

5/12/2005 11:37:00 AM  
Blogger Library Lady said...

There's a lot you learn in college that happens nowhere near the classroom!

5/12/2005 11:03:00 PM  

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