I love men who play instruments I just can't write about them today.

I realize I promised the, Why I love men who play instruments but can�t seem to let them play mine, post; please pardon me on this because I am still thinking about exactly how to proceed with that subject. I have volumes of notes, and first drafts; I come off looking like either a raving arrogant bitch, or a stupid little twit in all of them, so I am putting the subject in hold until another time, a time I can make myself look really good; it�s my blog and if I can tell the truth and still look good so much the better for me. The problem is that sometimes it takes days to compose a post where I tell the truth and still look good. Pet Peeve of the week: I see very little outrage over the fact the media is going crazy, and I mean practically salivating, over two stories this past week. The stories being the high school graduate missing in Aruba, and Tom Cruise and that girl (Katie Holmes). I apologize here but I did not even know who she was until this week. I did see one reference to this phenomenon in the blogesphere today, but only one. The media coverage of the high school girl and Cruise is not justifiable in anyway, at least in my opinion. I don�t care if Tom and Katie "complement" each other. and I don�t know why anyone cares. He is old, pushes scientology down the throats of the masses, is short, and looked better before he had braces. I don�t have a whole lot of feelings either way about the high school girl in Alabama. It�s sad of course. but why is it that when an upper middle class white girl goes missing on the decadent island of Aruba,( it is not exactly decadent but for high school students it is a free for all), the whole world goes crazy? Or should I say the whole upper middle class white media world. Too close to home maybe? It is not like there aren�t more than a few African American or even Hispanic girls, or children even, that have disappeared with no outcry whatsoever. Not to be redundant, but there is Africa and the starving children and raped women to be concerned about. No, we are outraged over an upper class white girl who happened to be out at a bar, and who happened to have left , by what appears to be her own volition, with a few guys to go party on a beach. Obviously something happened and yes it is sad and scary. If it were me my parents would have my picture plastered over every form of media available,( maybe even those nude pictures that were taken on the island of Puerto Rico after my senior year of high school), but why is it we can only feel this outrage when it happens to someone who is just like us? Why can�t we feel outrage at every injustice or every tragedy or every abomination that is occurring in the world? This all makes me angry yet I understand. The tragedies in the world are much too large and too many for us to be able to truly comprehend, and empathize and still function. It would overwhelm us. Weak as we are here, our biggest concerns being Pepsi or Coke, we are just not prepared. We file it away in the back of our minds; I don�t blame anyone. I dream though, I dream that one morning I come downstairs and turn on any, even one, of the news channels and have the lead story be about something besides a forty something man and his twenty something fianc�e. Now for the mail bag segment: This is the segment of my show my blog, where I answer the mail sent by - real cowards- real nasty people, or secretive types who may or may not even have a blog or journal or whatever you want to call it. You know the people that do not comment but send obscene, very inquisitive or kind of nasty emails. Answers to some of the nicer email questions: 1. I know my comments are on the top. I am not a webmaster; I can barely do a template. I used a template from maystar designs and replaced the pictures, the colors and the sizes and changed the sidebar, and that took me FOREVER. Please don�t ask me to try to fix the comments. I would end up with no template if I even attempt to mess with that thing again. God Bless people who can code templates though. 2. I know my links are not alphabetized. I like spontaneity. Honestly I want to but it takes too much time. 3. Yes, I am bad about answering comments. Do I really have to? I read them all. 4. You have asked me twice in comments and twice in email. This away message , I use once in awhile now thanks to your insane emails, might answer your questions. ["Is that your ass on that icon�? "Of course you fucking idiot whose ass did you think it would be."] 5. No picture of me because my beauty , I am often told, is actually painful on the eyes. I was hoping to go sailing tomorrow and to be able to sunbathe in the nude on the deck. I do not think the weather is going to cooperate so please keep your fingers crossed for me. I need to get rid of a few of these little lines left over from last weekend. Take a moment: The Future of Darfur


Blogger Indeterminacy said...

I'm over in Europe where the media still presents real content in the news. I don't know what went wrong in America. Media trends out of control. I have a book by Norman Corwin called "Trivializing America" which came out 1983 and describes exactly these trends, which he saw as starting in the 70's. They've reached their extreme. And when I was stateside in March it was all Schiavo. That school shooting barely broke in, but it wasn't the lead story.
I like that your comments are on top.

6/18/2005 12:16:00 PM  
Blogger Library Lady said...

I am LOL. You didn't know who Katie Holmes was either?
I have NEVER liked Tom Cruise--there is something creepy about him and the Scientology thing makes it even more so.
Not me, that's for sure........

6/18/2005 03:48:00 PM  
Blogger mojo shivers said...

I actually like your comments on the top, Cooper. It makes it easier to know just how popular a topic your post is.

But as for not knowing who Katie Holmes was, all I can say is if you'd seen The Gift and were a guy you'd remember her for life.

Either that or you were just hooked on Dawson's Creek.

6/19/2005 12:52:00 AM  
Blogger bell said...

Okay, it took me awhile to figure out where to comment. Tom & Katie, not even a peripheral blip on my radar... White middle class media frenzy? Well� the media is a lie. A fiction to digest and addict the common denominator - bottom line is buy into the lie and hopefully live the nightmare of consumer America; consumer earth; sounds kind of cryptic. It�s all mildly entertaining but nothing to base ones life on.
If we spent less time thinking about the girl next door, and more time thinking about the well being of the global population, the world would probably be a better place...maybe.

6/19/2005 04:14:00 AM  
Blogger Asian Lep said...

I love men who play drums.

Bada boom

6/24/2005 04:01:00 PM  
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