Losing Hope is Easy

Tonight I am up late as I went to a Jack Johnson Concert in Central park earlier in the evening requiring lateness of reading. That plus being back at school puts me into old habits I fear. Tomorrow something lighter as I know I have been boring some of you to tears. Cross sent me a meme and flattered me into doing it because vain little bitch that I am I am easily manipulated when someone tells me how hot I am. Oh you didn't say that? Sorry. Anyhow she is where I get all my links to erotica so I have to do as she says. Read this from Jin, as it is so well put I just want you to read it. Then go to this post at Politcal Notio and see clearly that our government was responsible to be a first respondent to this disaster by their own laws. No comments as none are needed; this is for your review and to munch on with your raisin bran at breakfast . Note the time, it is almost 3 AM. got a faulty parachutte I got a stranger's friend An exciting change in My butchers blend A symbol on the ceiling With the flick of a switch My new found hero In the enemy's ditching Well somebody's something was left in the room And man now that its gone well of course we assume That somebody else needed something so bad That they took everything that somebody had Feed the fool A piece of the pie Make a fool of his system Make a fool of his mind Give him bottles of lies And maybe he'll find His place in heaven Cause he might just die Losing hope is easy When your only friend is gone And every time you look around Well, it all, it all just seems to change But hanging on is easy When you've got a friend to call When nothings making sense at all You're not the only one who's afraid of change jACK jOHNSON Never say that I don't work hard. ;)

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