I oppose the Miers nomination

I oppose the Miers nomination. My argument is fairly simple. I have not, tax paying citizen that I am, seen any information passed along or been able to find any information in my research that would indicate to me that she has the brilliance of mind that I feel someone nominated for the supreme court should have. Simply put it is the if you only had a brain syndrome. Roberts, whom I also opposed, did have evidence of such a mind presented to me. The fact that Roe v Wade will certainly be overturned is a secondary reason, and that dear people will be most harmful to the women at the lower end of the economic spectrum. I've discussed this on more appropriate forums so that will not be discussed here. I am justified as cronyism is one thing but a crony without a brain is unforgivable. It�s the United States Supreme Court for goodness sake. Present me with some information to establish her as smart enough to do the job and I might reconsider. I doubt it due to her apparent basic ideology but if there is evidence that jusitifes her nomination I would like to see it. The Truth Laid Bear - A blog survey so to speak. State your case on your blog.

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