Gave my regards this afternoon; Avenue Q was much better than I thought it would be I went with two out of town friends as I ended up with some tickets another friend could not use. Nice seats. My friend loaned me his apartment to entertain in this weekend; I definitely have to get out of the dorm this is sooo much better. His place his huge and now I am actually cooking something; frozen things but at least there is an oven. Mraz tomorrow evening. It is time to put away the sandals which is sad as I love to look at my toes as everyone knows, but not wanting blue toes I think socks and shoes may be in order from here on out. Real bathrooms are so nice. I�m in bathrooms dreamland.

YOUR FEELING STRESSED. YOU HAVEN'T MADE YOUR DAILY BLOG COMMENT ROUNDS YET - late again due to that "real life" you have huh? YOUR TIRED - suck it up dude YOUR HEAD ACHES - not aspirin the other thing.....Excedrin..that's it...take three.... YOU DON'T WANT TO FUCK WITH IT- go ahead be a proper sport, she always comments in your blog you must be polite. OH GOD, NO - he hasn't been around lately asshole in case you haven't noticed. THAT BLOG ENTRY ACTUALLY SUCKED - duh, it's a blog baby cakes not a Pulitzer Prize consideration. DO I HAVE TO TELL HER IT IS WAS GOOD - no just post some non descript little thing it doesn't matter she is so dumb she will think it significant; if not her vanity will shield her from the hard cold facts. HA HA - what THANK GOD SHE TURNED OFF THE COMMENTS - She turned off her comment humm What? - nothing TELL ME,WHAT? - well she is probably sick of you too SICK OF ME?? - it's possible NAW -
yeah you're probably right( guffaw)
I hear she's kickin� ass across the board and rock two hundred thousand higher scorer - Just in time to save the world of being taken over. She's a warrior I couldn't play again because the game it never end it never even landed on the can and never let me in to spend my quarter. There's no love for me no more. Say it isn't so How she easily come, and she easy go Please don't tell her that I�ve been meaning to miss her. Because I don't. all purple again by Mraz for the last time this year I promise. VANITY, N. ------> That which keeps you coming back because you think I can�t survive out here without you, or is it that which keeps me posting knowing that you can�t live without me. Whatever. Imitation is the sincerest from of flattery; creative commons not withstanding. ;)

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