A quick addendum or whatever you want to call it. I messed around yesterday so have to study and didn�t plan on writing anything else this weekend, but I read something this morning and it is getting under my skin. This is a travesty and goes to the point I was making the other day. It seems land of the free and the home of the brave is still a patriarchal society run more often than we may think by a bunch of misogynistic fools. In this one nation under god and all that crap me thinks the god so often talked about needs to get it's act together. At the very least women need to open their eyes and parents need to start bringing up their daughters to understand clearly their rights? They need to openly discuss sex with their children and empower their daughters to think for themselves and understand that sex in and of itself is not a bad thing when one is ready to accept the responsibility to go with it and that should they ever be violated under any circumstance it is their right and responsibility to make it known and nothing to be ashamed about. The blame must taken off the shoulders of the victim and placed where it belongs. In this particular case the judge as well as the perpetrators of the crime. Comments are off. The post below is still my weekend post so comment there. More fun next time I promise sweet miscreants of the blogesphere. Addendum�s addendum.


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