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This blog is (c) nowickedwitch productions ;) Wombat brave soul made a RILF list. So check it out. Surfer Girl Leigh posted hers as well.

Of politics and poetry I know nothing It doesn�t matter I will write anyway You will read and Cough and squint Go ewww But you will love it Even though it will never make you moan
A passive aggressive AIM. I have no clue what this is about. No one has heard from Graham in some time though I don't think all his commenters want to date him. I may be wrong on that. Frightening in its simplicity. speckfriend: hello cranberijello: ? speckfriend: hi speckfriend: sorry to disturb you speckfriend: but i think you post on graham's blog cranberijello: yes speckfriend: there is this crazy chick named -------- who posts there speckfriend: you know of her? cranberijello: i don't really know any of the people that post there although i probably have read her stuff. cranberijello: why? speckfriend: just curious speckfriend: she is crazy, is all speckfriend: trying to get her contact info cranberijello: and who may I ask are you? cranberijello: i'm sure all the contact info she wants anyone to have is posted at her sight speckfriend: you want to date graham too? speckfriend: he has tons of stalkers, it is funny speckfriend: i'm his friend speckfriend: and who are you? cranberijello: i can hardly see that it matters as I didn't im you. speckfriend: jenna? cranberijello: i'm not quite sure of the point of this aim but it was nice to meet you i have to go do some reading now speckfriend: you have that tone speckfriend: i remember it now speckfriend: i was wrong speckfriend: i know now It kind of leaves you thinking Graham may have a stalker of his own and also just makes you want to scratch your head. Graham better come back from the bowels of LA soon.

The love of fame A good thing it makes us evaluate our worst and modify it as to make it acceptable to the rest Lucky for me I only have you to please.


I see myself No longer as you see me But as I see me

Ella no piensa bastante Los pensamientos la matan Sin el pensamiento ella muere


Anonymous shayna said...

Ummm... I am confussed...getting an AIM like that. Yeah, I miss Graham too... I am sure he is just sunning it up in California!

1/24/2006 12:12:00 AM  
Blogger Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

no more confused that i

of course he is while someone is obviously looking for him or at least looking through the blogs of people that post comments on his blog and stalking them

1/24/2006 12:18:00 AM  
Blogger transience said...

that's disturbing. maybe there are other motives involved. makes you wonder.

1/24/2006 12:32:00 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

Trying to make you an accessory to stalking? That's not nice.

1/24/2006 12:47:00 AM  
Blogger Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I prefer if someone is going to try to make me an accesory to stalking they come out andask so I can tell them to fuck off. I hate this passive agressive route.

1/24/2006 01:49:00 AM  
Blogger mojo shivers said...

I don't know if I could do a Readers I'd Like To Fuck post. I think that would be scary and not just because I have a few family members who've been known to browse my site now and again.

I think it would be scary because fucking is the quickest way to screw up a good thing and I happen to like most of my readers. I'd hate to think less of me due to my, um, shortcomings. lol

Also, there's a few (1% of 1%) of my readers who have already had the displeasure of being had by the mojo and I'd hate for them to misconstrue my including them on my list as some sort of reconciliation.

But were I one to be one to make such a list, you'd be right there, Miss Cooper because, gosh darn it, I'd give anything to visit PEI at least once in my life.

1/24/2006 01:51:00 AM  
Blogger Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

gee mojo you make me blush

I figured everyone would think less of me after that post but I think they thought too highly of me already and they needed to know the truth.....



1/24/2006 01:59:00 AM  
Blogger mojo shivers said...

Why would I make you blush? Dude(tte), I'm a troll compared to you. The only reason I have any game at all is because I'm a master flatterer and can pay compliments as if they were my car loan.

You'd definitely be doing me the favor... in spades.

1/24/2006 03:49:00 AM  
Blogger Bennet said...

Hey I gotta give a hand to these stalkers though they're never lazy. Misguided perhaps but never lazy...

Course that's why I could never be a stalker. Too much work.

Congradulations for making the RILTF list may it bring you many unlazy stalkers....hehehe

1/24/2006 06:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the crowd. � So far, he is still running with the crowd and singing its praises; but one day he will become its enemy. For he is following in it the belief that this will allow his laziness full scope, and he has not yet found out that the crowd is not lazy enough for him, that it always pushes on, that it never allows anyone to stand still. And he loves to stand still.

Fame. � When the gratitude of many to one throws away all shame, we behold fame.

Spoiling the taste. � A: �You keep spoiling the taste; that is what everybody says.� B: �Certainly. I spoil the taste of his party for everyone � and no party forgives that.�

Sections 170 -172. Friedrich Nietzsche [1974]; The Gay Science. Vintage Books. New York.

Who knows how this really pertains. I read your post and it made me think of 171� then I decided to include the others. Hope you are well.

1/24/2006 09:44:00 AM  
Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Ella esta confundida acerca de los pensamientos. Ella necesita descansar... Un momento, si no piensa bastante, se esta muriendo entonces?

Dios Mio!

1/24/2006 09:47:00 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Poor Graham. I do miss him. I'm sure he's having fun in Cali. Maybe this time will work out for him.

I don't think your RILF list would make anyone think any less of you. It's all fun and games. And it's not like you're stalking anyone except Graham.

I kinda like your politics and poetry.

1/24/2006 12:55:00 PM  
Blogger avereragebusinessman said...

I can't make a list
I would rent to you if I knew how.

You�re aware that you certainly do not need to rent
you have one of the most eclectic group if commenters and links around that is what is so interesting here

The comments themselves are worth a blog sometimes.

From philosophy, poetry and politics to RILF lists it�s all excellent reading

1/24/2006 01:00:00 PM  
Anonymous pia said...

Alice/Cooper whatever you call yourself, you're kind of a germophobic slut, and I mean that with awe and wonder

You attract people with vision and taste; and I dare think that you're going to have some real stalkers of your own someday

I'm my best at showing people what not to do in cases like that

1/24/2006 02:07:00 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

I've decided to tag you. Don't hit me.

1/24/2006 04:50:00 PM  
Blogger Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

mojo: hardly a troll you.

bennet: stalkers have boundless energy I'm positive of that. Let's hope not on the stalker thing. Been there done that.

Bell: Total taken in the way it was intended regardless of what it really means or how it pertains because we never know if it pertains or what it really means despite outselves.....or we pretend not to see.

Miz Bohem: Ella es la reina del melodrama y del histrionics cuando ella desea ser.

bohemio loco.

mj: I am seeing more of your sense of humor every time you comment here.

bizman: the comments are the blog .

pia: omg a germophobic slut...wow. I'm taking that one and running. ( stalkers)I've had two and believe me it wasn't all that much fun.

jay: I may hit you once I go see what it is.

1/24/2006 09:43:00 PM  
Blogger weirsdo said...

You have alot of nerve being mad at stocker's when you are telling people to run over there Grammar's!!!!!
Mrs. Weirsdo says you discribed me in Spanish here!!!!!!! Tx!!!! Kiss Kiss!!!!!

1/24/2006 11:58:00 PM  
Blogger SeizeTheNite said...

This speckfriend sounds like a real winner.

Internet stalkers piss me off.
If you're too lazy to actually get off your ass to stalk someone then you really ought to find another hobby.

1/25/2006 03:14:00 PM  
Blogger Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

pansi: you and me both

seizethenight: exactly....you've returned as if from the dead....yeah.

1/25/2006 03:40:00 PM  
Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Wouldn't you be? Check out the latest over at my place and you will know why!

Esta bohemia loca quiere morirse! YA! MATAME! MATAME, TE LO RUEGO!

Feel free to laugh... I know you want to. I was thinking of you when I wrote that anyway.

Laugh at me... LAUGH!

*distressed, the bohemian sobs uncontrollably as she yanks out fistfuls of beautiful, red hair from her oh so luscious mane, shocked look intact*

1/25/2006 03:44:00 PM  
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