Alice has moved.....please follow.

Wonderland or Not has moved.

Alice is residing at http://wonderlandornot.net

wonderlandornot.com will also work if that is the link you have currently standing.

nowickedwitch.com will work as well but don't use it. lol

Please if you love her change your link address.

She is going to be severely depressed as her ecosystem status is plummeting.

A years worth of posts have been forwarded to new site.

This does appear more like a hacking than it does a error on blogger's part. It's a mess for now but come over anyway and be sure to change your links.

Surely she will write something worth reading within the next month or so.

She is course devastated that her position of flappy bird in the eco system will plummett but ahhhh such is life. It was rather messed up anyway due to having two urls.

I will keep this only to allow me to post on blogger sites that require it.

If you go to the new site and there is a link you see as missing let me know. I have not added them all back as of this time.

addendum: For those who read this coming from the archives link in my new blog the formatting has gone bad; believe me there were paragraphs in the old posts originally.


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