I'm off for a couple so Suck Some Mad Penis For Me.

I�m off for a couple of days, sadly only a couple of days because as hard as I tried I could not find anyone acceptable enough to take over my class next Tuesday;off to the mountains of the great state of NY. I will be deep in the mountains on a lake where I hear electricity has found its way but to which the concept of wireless, or even telephones, is unfamiliar. I'm slithering out in the middle of the night because although you may not know it I am a vampire; the use of the term " bite me" should have been a clue. (Sucks having responsibility and not being able to just take off for a week on a whim; how do you all do it?) Before I go: The President's picture: That is not the middle finger, it is an illusion of sorts caused by the way the photograph was taken; I swear it is not, as much as it would give me a great deal of satisfaction if it were. It looks like we are Roving in the wrong direction with the NYT journalist�s acts being scrutinized and appearing somewhat questionable. It�s a fucking shame I say but despite all that I still want red rover out of The White House. I pay for the upkeep of that place and feel I should have some say in this matter. Someone tevo The Bill Maher HBO thing a majiggy for me, take out the parts where he rags on about married people because although I am no fan of marriage as the institution it has become, and feel in some ways it has served it�s purpose and has no further use to the educated middle class, I feel he is too old to comment on it as if he is still a frat boy at Cornell and his portrayal of himself as a dog in perpetual heat gets boring. Don't drink and drive. I'm not kidding that pisses me off. Bloggers ARE good for something: At least that missing pregnant women in Philly got some air time. Typical goodbye of a twenty year old college student: Keep blogging bitches and suck some mad cock for me. Typical goodbye of a mature twenty year old future doctor of anthropology,world renown photographer, future Pulitzer Prize winner and potential secretary of state, (or at least ambassador to Iran), with her eye on the big house or at least the building with the dome : Keep blogging my fellow bloggers and get those lips around some liberal academic, free speech loving, socially just, Bush disdaining, anti nuclear, save the rainforest, not inclined to like pointy black boots, NPR listening, first amendment loving, blue(ish) cock for me. Sorry but a cock is a cock no matter how you look at it, if you have to look at it, and when you think about it no other word will do because who in the hell sucks mad penis? Don't answer that while I'm gone please because I don't care about what kind of penis you suck and hear enough of that nonsense at school. I have always felt that peoples penis sucking endeavors should be kept to themselves unless I ask. Keep Reading Keep Writing I�ll spam you all some more when I return. In case you�re worried. Oh Wow, it�s like middle school all over again. I'm gettin' bugged driving up and down the same old strip I gotta finda new place where the kids are hip


Matchmaker Matchmaker .............................

I was merely an egg, or maybe not even that as I am not sure my mother was of menstruating age,( oh wait, we're born with those bitches right?) somewhere sitting around impatiently waiting for the two people who hadn�t even met to meet, finish their grad studies, and get it on when the Jane Fonda thing occurred. Still having heard via media and via �real live people� yeah, and read about the debacle that was Hanoi Jane all I have to say is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what is she thinking. You all may think I am being somewhat lazy this summer, I have admitted to it myself; I have however not been totally useless. I work, and teach a class a couple of times a week; the rest of this summer has been a respite for me so bite me. I don�t have to do anything and I am enjoying it. Some people have written and asked for more personal posts and to drop any political notations; this is as personal as it gets hon and I certainly am not going to drop anything. You all know who my daddy is; what more do you want. I did do some awesome architectural photos earlier in the summer as you may recall.I don�t own them of course; I had lunch a couple of weeks ago with the photographer for which I did those photos. He offered me another assignment, a little further away, in another state and I�d be staying for a week. He suggested we work together on this assignment (essentially I�d be going with him), and then he suggested we go to dinner that night to discuss it. I am not as totally stupid as I look nor did I imagine the innuendos. I know I look stupid at times, but that is because we have a genetic thing going on in our family in which an eyebrow and lip crook upward giving most of us a perplexed look most of the time, but not being the ingenue one might suppose me to be this proposition saddened me, and continued to harden me to the way of the world. He is twenty five years older then me if he�s a day and you know although I prefer them old I do have an age limit. (Mostly due to health concerns) I have been useful though in other ways. I am a matchmaker; yes I am. I have successfully matched up my third couple in two years. One might say whoa, that�s impressive, and I would have to agree. I won�t bore you with the details save to say that this was my first matchmaking endeavor involving a homosexual couple, one an old friend of mine who showed up from Maryland looking into grad schools here and my other friend whom you all know as my � gay friend Matt�. It�s early yet of course, but it looks good. I was supposed to go with B to look at Brown and RISD and Matt ended up going instead, they never came home�. I�m rarely wrong. My first successful match was made two years ago when I introduced J to B down in Maryland. That relationship is still strong, and although I am not much of a believer in relationships for people my age I can tell if someone is the kind of person who needs a relationship, and of course if I can help I will. Some of you may remember at the beginning of the summer I had gone out a few times with a guy named Ben. Well, you know how sometimes you just know that a person is just not someone you would enjoy spending a whole lot of time with despite hotness?That was the case here but there is a silver lining to this. I figured he might like to meet a friend of mine from NY with similar interests and as she spends a lot of time in Nantucket and he lives in Boston I figured I�d give it a go. It took a couple of weeks to get them together but it finally worked out and I think it�s a happening relationship at this time. Why do I do this you ask? I�m a control freak I guess.

Those are my personal notes for the summer.

The Weekly Coalition for Darfur Report follows. http://coalitionfordarfur.blogspot.com/2005/07/witness.html Witness Two weeks ago, the Center for American Progress and the Genocide Intervention Fund launched a joint initiative known as "Be A Witness" built around a petition calling on television networks to increase their coverage of the genocide in Darfur. As "Be a Witness" noted
During June 2005, CNN, FOX News, NBC/MSNBC, ABC, and CBS ran 50 times as many stories about Michael Jackson and 12 times as many stories about Tom Cruise as they did about the genocide in Darfur.
This week, tireless Sudan advocate Nicholas Kristof took up the call and chastised the press for its lack of Darfur coverage
If only Michael Jackson's trial had been held in Darfur. Last month, CNN, Fox News, NBC, MSNBC, ABC and CBS collectively ran 55 times as many stories about Michael Jackson as they ran about genocide in Darfur.
Shortly thereafter, Editor and Publisher printed a piece reporting
New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof's attack on the press for underreporting the atrocities and genocide in Darfur, which ran in today's paper, has drawn the ire of some newspaper editors who said they are doing the best they can with what they have.
In this piece, USA Today Foreign Editor James Cox offered a partial but important explanation for the dearth of coverage
Cox pointed to a two-day series USA Today ran in May on Darfur, stressing the difficulty the paper had in even getting a visa for reporter Rick Hampson to travel there. "It was excruciatingly difficult to get the permission," he said. "We had an application that had been stalled for months."
Sudan does not want journalists freely traveling around Darfur for the sole reason that their reports are going to reveal the true nature of Khartoum's genocidal campaign. Considering this basic fact in conjunction with the efforts currently underway to expand the African Union mission in Darfur, it might behoove all involved to consider embedding journalists with the AU just as the US did during the initial weeks of the war in Iraq. People want information about Darfur; journalists want access to Darfur; and the UN and AU want (or at least should want) to disseminate information regarding to crisis in Darfur as widely as possible. The US and NATO are currently providing key logistical support to the AU mission and ought to insist that any reporter who wants access to Darfur be assigned to and granted protection by an AU patrol force. Brian Steidle served with the AU in Darfur for six months before eventually resigning his position so that he could share his photos with the world. Steidle is a hero for doing this - but it shouldn't take personal acts of sacrifice and courage to make the world aware of the genocide in Darfur.


Many Goodies in the Bag Tonight or The Itsy Bitsy Spider Rambles On

Man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun. Should it not be insignificance? I wonder? Sociologically Weber could have been right on or not, but it's true in my own web (pun sort of, kind of, not really) of significance it occured to me tonight that it might be good idea to go back through my blog and do some retroactive editing. It was a thought, a whimsy really no more. I didn't do it of course; I was too lazy. I guess my theory that this would be a better blog if I went back and edited everything now that I write in it all the time, and have a reputation to maintain, will have to remain a theory and the empirical study will have to wait. It would have been totally subjective anyway. Leave it to the Anthropologist to sit on the porch and nap in the heat as opposed to actually doing some work. I am also not ostensible enough to think it matters. Washington Post, Sunday Edition....B3...the whole page is about Africa. "Top U.S.Diplomat Visits Darfur Take Three." A brief note about the nice little airstrip in Darfur for" Very Important People" and a great place for photo ops. The article at the bottom is of more significance, is the whole case and point, as far as I am concerned,and is stated clearly. Thanks for the money and the debt relief but "HELP US HELP OURSELVES". It is explains, according to the author, what Africa really needs from us, not that this is not out there but is being ignored. It's insightful for those interested. Written by Gebreselassie Yosief Tesfamichael, a developmental economist and former finance minister of Eritrea, and now a Washington based consultant currently writing a book on development and postwar reconstruction. His email is at the bottom of the article as well if you would like to chat him up and get some of those burning questions answered. Again however, Darfur in the Outlook section of the Post; shame on them. Sorry catching up on my Sunday Post reading I was floating in the ocean this weekend and the newspaper does not fare well there. Speaking of floating in the ocean.......... Floating about in the ocean this weekend it occurred to me that floating around fifty or a hundred yards from shore may not be exactly one of the sanest things to do, so then I wondered, why do I do it? I assume because I love being out there floating in the sea on a board all by myself and in control. Do I really think I am in control when I'm in a vast ocean waiting for a wave to potentially pummel me into the shoreline or for a shark to take my foot off in one bite? I guess not but at least I'm alone out there, not like being on a boat or some place where another human being is ultimately responsible for my safety. I prefer to take my chance with the ocean. It's that web of significance that I have woven so tightly around myself that I know for sure that even the almighty whatever it is would not dare take me yet................ ("I HAVE PLANS FOR YOU MY DEAH"...... gawd you're so gay.) Even at that the rush coming into shore is worth it. It's all about the rush. I realize my postings have been rather mundane as of late. I am on break; I feel that I deserve a few non thinking months. The cerebrum will go into action soon enough and as in previous times it will be overloaded to the point of feeling the little grey cells about to implode, but never quite getting that gratifciation. The implosion, which might provide some significant relief or take me over the edge to that place from which I would never return without the aid of psychotropic drugs, never occurs. My goals for the month are simple: To purchase only fair market coffee: Starbucks BTW is lacking significantly in that department as well. Only ten percent of their coffee is fair market. I have other goals which are secret and not at all noble in nature. I'm also am feeling much better about being out of the city for the summer being as I now know that I am living near,and spending a fair amount of time in what is the third sexiest suburb in the US. I'm not sure what that means but possibly that title was awarded to Newport after I started to hang out there, for afternoon tea and such. �Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.� I'm on a web roll so give me a break.


We Reap What We Sow Baby.

Short post before I take off to do a little body boarding. I know I should have been out earlier but it was a very late night last night and I�m not as young as I used to be��although I am younger than most of you . (I say that with a great deal of respect) I was reading Arianna Huffington�s post/email and she is traveling in Italy at this time, as is my brother;she makes some very valid points about how our media coverage of the war in Iraq is whitewashed to the nines. My brother, bless his �do not read the newspaper or get involved in politics" little heart has passed the same news on via email though. He says what they get in Italy is somewhat moderated but compared to what we get here it is nothing. He says we are not getting the �rest of the story". I am wondering myself why the Iran/ Iraq love fest was basically ignored by the media and if anyone thinks we may have a potential monster on our hands here; she calls it a� budding alliance between fundamentalist theocracies" that sounds about right. That after we kill all our young..............................................thank you very much Mr. Bush and minions, thank you very much stupid people of the United States and stupid Democratic Party for not even being able to stand up for what they believe and for choosing the wrong candidate and then not even knowing how to actually get their candidate elected. We reap what we sow baby. We reap what we sow.


Beer Can Hair and the PH of the Normal Vagina .....? Other Useless Items Included.

I must apologize to Doug at Waking Ambrose for my sophomoric response this morning. I was truly just trying to show off my advanced knowledge in the field of science as because I am anthropology and photography major people often don�t realize how brilliant I am. Back in the day I got a 5 on my AP chemistry and biology exams and I guess it was just one of those things�. I thought - acerbic, acid, low ph, ph of vagina being 4.5 it was just a normal response. Honestly. I read something this morning in which someone called their husband their spousal unit. Please, if I ever get married do not ever (shoot me first) let me call my husband "my spousal unit". Not that I am not fond of robots, but I want them to vacuum my house, clean my bathrooms, and drive me to the theater ( to see the Sex Pistols ) ; I don't want them to marry me. This actually made me laugh and cringe at the same time. I also, for some reason, felt sorry for the person who wrote that. The vision it brings to mind is not a pleasant one, at least not to me, and it�s sad(wrong) if people don�t see it that way; if it comes down to a unit or nothing I would rather be unit-less. I was bored the other night and the humidity was messing with my (straight when dry outside but curly when humid hair). Dear Matt suggested that he come over and take care of the problem, and as he has curly hair he felt he knew the solution. I was hesitant, he is a grad student at Brown in political science, but as he spent four years at Berkeley I decided to take the chance; so as non presumptive as I am about all gay men having some innate hair care ability I agreed.He brings over this jar of some kind of waxy stuff, tells me to wash my hair, I did of course; then he takes the blow dryer and heats up this jar waxy stuff until it is almost but not quite liquid , nice and emulsified. He then takes out these beer cans, and hair pins and proceeds to roll my hair up on the beer cans and the hair pins. The result was nothing more then some very straight, stiff wax coated hair in the shape of beer cans.All gay men are not natural hair stylists they just think they are. Random aim. Unknown faction: We�ve read your blog. Would you like to join our bandweblog ring. Me: I�m not a band. Unknown faction: It�s for poets too. Me: I�ve never been a poet. Unknown faction: but you like poets and musicians, like I said we read your blog. Me: Ah so you�re the web band blog CIA . Unknown faction: so what do you say? Me: I�m web ringed out is what I say Unknown faction: your loss Unknown faction: you�d make a good web band blog ring groupie Me: my loss This week, Eric Reeves, a professor at Smith College and an expert on Darfur, will be guest blogging at �The New Republic�. It is a week long crash course. Go read it. http://www.tnr.com/etc.mhtml?pid=2730 http://www.tnr.com/etc.mhtml?pid=2731 http://www.tnr.com/etc.mhtml?pid=2732 http://www.tnr.com/etc.mhtml http://www.tnr.com/ La storia si ripete


Unsightly Body Scars and Who's your Daddy

This week is crazy. The waves have beat the silly putty out of me and I sit here full of abrasions and other unsightly body scars. It's ok I can take it. So, to the commmenter that called me a traitorous bitch and to that anonymous emailer that keeps asking �whose your daddy�. First it who�s your daddy but whatever. Don�t mess with me ya. "What's your name, who's your daddy?


Love an Artist; Marry a Banker

It's two in the morning and I just recently arrived home so I am going to make this short.........er than it could be. A woman came in today wanting a painting by a certain artist, it was here last week when she was in; it was gone of course and she was upset because she wanted to purchase it for her daughters wedding. The woman just stood there angry at herself for not purchasing it and mumbling how she didn't know what she was going to do because her daughter really wanted that picture as a wedding present. "She's marrying a banker you know", she said."She loved and artist once but she's marrying a banker. I was just hoping she would leave because I was meeting Matt for lunch and I was hungry�; he�s from an old banking family" she prattled on. I said something properly conciliatory and left her alone to look at some other artwork. I was in the other room when Matt walked in and asked me, in a not so quiet voice, if I'd received my belly button bar from the jeweler who was making it. I had a couple belly button bars and a belly button ring incorporating some of my grandmother�s old gem stones made by this jeweler in London. I had met and done some painting and photos for him the winter before last when I was there on a months break. I had sent him the stones and a design months ago and had just recieved the completed jewelery. The women that had missed out on her painting heard us talking and came meandering over and asked me outright if she could see my belly button bar because she had always wanted to see one up close. I was wearing a dress so I kind of looked at her funny and she said" honey I'm not a lethsbian I am just interested in seeing it because my daughter has always wanted one." So for some reason I took her into the back room lifted up my dress and showed it to her.( just trying to keep the customer satisfied) She had her face almost plastered on my abdomen for a few minutes making exclamations about how nice it looked and what a nice job the jeweler had done. She then said �it looks lovely but my daughter can't get one, she's marrying a banker you know". What do you say to that? Exactly. On her way out she said. "I liked your panties. I'd like my daughter to wear panties like that but you know.............she's marrying a banker". "She loved and artist once but she's marrying a banker." That will stick in my mind for some time . Notations: I'm flipping through blog explosion trying to give an honest try to most of these blogs but I have to tell you when I see the words "managed dedicated server" I immediately zone out.... Renquist: OMG is he joking. Poor old thing. I know he doesn't want to quite but I promise I won't call him a quitter. Bin Laden Down in Muslim Polls: No big surprise here I think they heard about what we did in Iraq. I'd lie too. A self-ordained professor's tongue Too serious to fool Spouted out that liberty Is just equality in school "Equality," I spoke the word As if a wedding vow Ah, but I was so much older then I'm younger than that now. In a soldier's stance, I aimed my hand At the mongrel dogs who teach Fearing not that I'd become my enemy In the instance that I preach My existence led by confusion boats Mutiny from stern to bow Ah, but I was so much older then I'm younger than that now.


Lighter note � No Sex in the City

I�ll lighten it up for you some today. I just spent, a too brief, twenty-four hours in New York helping a friend decide on an apartment; he had narrowed it down to four over the last few weeks via various phone calls, faxes and emails. We arrived in the city early last evening and proceeded to do nothing but hang with friends, eat Vietnamese food , and at around one thirty we took off for a bar; can�t do that here. I miss being able to take off at one thirty if one desires and go somewhere where there will be a lot of really awake people, drunk maybe but still quite awake, full of themselves and their opinions, and having no intention of calling it a night for some time. Back to the apartment thing: It was quite inconvenient to go into the city for just one day but I have a class to teach tomorrow and also work; I do miss the city though, so I decided to think of it as a mini escape; I also wanted to get my opinion in as to which apartment my friend was going to be living in this year as well as I tend to spend a lot of time with him. There were four choices; it had been narrowed down via many phone calls, faxes and emails and through previous viewings at the end of last year. Two apartments were close to where I lived last year and two were close to where we were staying . I was not interested in looking all day at apartments really as it was humid, and I wanted to meet another friend for lunch so to expedite things I asked him to take me to the largest , coolest apartment first. It was further from school maybe a ten minute walk,( ten minutes further which means fifteen solid walking minutes) but I have to tell you it was awesome for the city at the price he was getting it for. I had seen pictures of the others and knew basically where they were but being that this apartment was twice the size and had an extra bedroom, brick walls and a decent view (well not that great but still I can see lights and the sidewalk across the street). I pronounced it immediately the one; I was really joking and thought we would have to trudge around the city all day looking at the other places but as my luck would have it that was not the case. He took the apartment then and there thus allowing the rest of the day to be spent lunching with friends and visiting a place in the village where I go to buy jeans. The ride home was harrowing and I am just catching my breath but my fingers are addicted to this keyboard so I come here first of course. Hot Notes: As Pia knows I guess everyone can be told. Billy Joel is my older, drunk, loser NYC boyfriend. It was proclaimed as such over a year ago and shall remain so until I change it. Paul Simon was also in contention at one time but BJ won. Sorry Paulie There is a new rule for sarcasm on aim if one would like to review it here at the Wombats place. I try not to talk politics and current events ( lie, lie, lie) too often as I am young and dumb and know nothing and realize no one wants to read it but. (The only part of that which is true is the young and no one wants to read it.) Here is my complaint for the day, late due to the fact that I am just now reading the Post. Homeland Security to be restructured; OK now less then four years ago the horrific event which prompted �Homeland Security� occurred. It would be more economical of our government to do it right the first time and not have to restructure everything less than four years after the fact. Wasteful, Wasteful. NASA- Sorry I don�t give a fuck. Feed the world, make sure everyone has fair and equal opportunities for trade and growth and straighten out the mess you got us into before you worry about sending men into space. Very little has been obtained in direct usable knowledge or theories for executable technology, at least since the Apollo program, from manned space flight yet two thirds of NASA�s budget is spent on it. Unmanned space exploration is all we need at this point in time. We don�t need it, get rid of it. It doesn�t really seem they know what they are doing anyway with all the mishaps over the last few years so yea let the billionaires finance their way into space but use my money and the money of the rest of the country for something more worthwhile. Possibly education, that way by the time we really do need to spend money on manned space flight there will be enough competent aerospace engineers. Sorry but as Cross said at Beyond You and Me in her mini review of moi � things sort of rattle about like a car out-of-control rushing along at a furious, delightful pace. Which is pretty much how I remember 20? Ah, to be 20 again!� So I continue to rattle until my twenty- first birthday and that sweet day is not within viewing distance. My last twenty - four in a nutshell and I am sure you are happy as shit you read this yes? Don't try to save me You may be wrong for all I know But you may be right You may be wrong but you may be right You may be wrong but you may be right


Welcome to the Cruel World - A Prayer for the Dying

welcome to the cruel world hope you find your way welcome to the cruel world hope you find your way it's a cruel world try to enjoy your stay Yes it is a cruel world when you're tryin' to get by it's a cruel world when you've seen the look in their eye makes life hard living but I'm so scared to die Welcome to the cruel world welcome welcome Don't know how we've lasted here so long there must be more good than bad or we'd already be gone and if you get up to Heaven before I do I'm gonna tell ya It's gonna be cruel there too You can't hide from this cruel world cause there is no place to run you can't hide from the cruel world there just is no place to run it's been cruel from the beginning it will be cruel when we're done So when I'm gone I will gladly say goodbye when I am gone I will gladly say goodbye and if you want to feel me put your hands up to the sky Welcome to the cruel world welcome welcome hope you find your way try to enjoy your stay ben harper Crossposted from the Coalition for Darfur A rather negative tone I am afraid and don't be afraid to read it. As Mark Leon Goldberg of the American Prospect reported back in April, the Bush administration was leaning heavily on congressional leaders and managed to stall, and probably killed, the Darfur Accountability Act. As Goldberg explained, the bill

[E]stablishes targeted U.S. sanctions against the Sudanese regime, accelerates assistance to expand the size and mandate of the African Union mission in Darfur, expands the United Nations Mission in Sudan to include the protection of civilians in Darfur, establishes a no-fly zone over Darfur, and calls for a presidential envoy to Sudan.
Because of this pressue, the bill appears to be trapped in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Relations, presumably never to be seen again. And here is the rest of it. So what is Congress going to do now that sanctions, a no-fly zone and civilian protection are off the table? Apparently it has been reduced to "[encouraging] the people of the United States [to pray] for an end to the genocide and crimes against humanity and for lasting peace in Darfur, Sudan." That's right, the US Congress has been reduced to calling on the American people to pray that somehow this genocide ends. On July 1st, the US Senate quietly passed S.RES.186
A resolution affirming the importance of a national weekend of prayer for the victims of genocide and crimes against humanity in Darfur, Sudan, and expressing the sense of the Senate that July 15 through July 17, 2005, should be designated as a national weekend of prayer and reflection for the people of Darfur.
The House passed a companion resolution (H.RES.333) just yesterday. The key portion of the resolution reads as follows
Resolved, That the House of Representatives-- (1) supports the goals and ideals of a National Weekend of Prayer and Reflection for Darfur, Sudan; (2) encourages the people of the United States to observe that weekend by praying for an end to the genocide and crimes against humanity and for lasting peace in Darfur, Sudan; and (3) urges all churches, synagogues, mosques, and religious institutions in the United States to consider the issue of Darfur in their activities and to observe the National Weekend of Prayer and Reflection with appropriate activities and services.
This resolution appears to be the work of the Save Darfur Coalition, a vital organization that has done a great deal to raise awareness of the genocide - but what does it say about the level of US commitment to address this situation when Congress is unwilling to do anything beyond simply asking the American people to pray for the dying people of Darfur? If members of Congress are truly concerned about the deaths of nearly 400,000 Darfuris, or the fates of an estimated 3 million more, they are certainly capable of doing more than quietly declaring a "National Weekend of Prayer and Reflection." Save Darfur deserves credit for getting Congress to even do this much, but this resolution cannot absolve Congress of its pathetic failure to adequately address the situation in Darfur. If anything, it only serves to highlight the government's utter lack of concern.


Stuck On A Boat Playing Bridge and Diving Into Shallow Water.

Residing in this state, admittedly tiny and having less people living in it than the city I reside in most of the year, has been (maybe) not a hard as I had previously thought. It�s been a lazy summer so far, and a lazy summer is exactly what I needed after a rather disconcerting year; but we won�t go there today. I was considering heading back down to Puerto Rico this weekend with a slew of family who were going to descend on the house there. That of course was nixed when the weather did not cooperate, so for whatever reason, said family descended at least for a day or two here; they will disperse within a day for various location across the country but for tonight�fun times. I spent most of today on a very large boat (yacht) with said family and a variety of other people. We were docked, playing poker, (bridge for some), eating and jumping into the water even though that is not allowed on dock. Of course it was not even warm today, so there was not much time spent in the ocean. It looked a little foreboding with the clouds and potential storms and we were all lamenting the fact that we were not in Puerto Rico. Although I imagine that it looked a little foreboding there today and, at least, the logistics of getting there this weekend were too complicated for most to deal with. The most amusing of the guests here, except for my non biological Australian uncle who also happens to be the �skipper and owner� of the boat that we were on all day and whom we will get to one day, is my Aunt Pauline. Aunt Pauline is a psychiatrist who used to be a dermatologist until, after ten years of practice, she decided she wanted to be a psychiatrist, so she sold a fairly lucrative practice and applied for a residency in psychiatry. Family rumor has it , as it is not all that easy to get a residency especially the age she was at the time, that she slept with someone in order to get it, most likely another crazy psychiatrist. The other option was that she paid for it. This is conjecture only and only among family when they are all sitting around making fun of each other drinking gin and vodka gimlets as they do on the rare occasion when they are all in one place. Anyway, Aunt Pauline is quite entertaining and she is also as crazy and brilliant as they come. Pauline ( I've never really called her Aunt) likes to sit around and discuss finances as much as she likes to sit around and talk about the hazards and benefits of Prozac, and she likes to analyze family members behind their back, at least while talking to me; this is great fun especially when analyzing the the more conservative and respectable members of the family and my heavy chested but small brained cousin . She is not like this in public, she is very discreet. There are no worries about entrusting her with your deepest, darkest and most perverted thoughts; she is quite professional when it comes to her patients and in public she doesn�t cast shame upon us or humiliate her patients in any way.If I know a few things about some adulterous, sociopath, ax murdering, constipated, necrophiliac with a partial syphyllic dementia who happens to teach at the middle school in some no name town in Virginia no biggy , she never gives out real names. One would never guess that she sits on a steps of the back patio drinking vodka and lamenting the crazy things parents do to their children and how it really �fucks them up for life� and how she knows because even though she was not seriously fucked up she hated my grandfather because when he caught her in bed with her high school boyfriend at age fifteen he sent her away to school,( ya like far way, I heard it was a whole fifty miles from home and she was home every weekend.) This, she said did irreparable damage to her self esteem and to her view on sex. It took her another two whole years to figure out sex was not really a bad thing and to understand that her parents did not hate her for what she did; I told you she is a little nutso, this is hardly some serious parent created trauma but my family has had very few of those and therefore tend to think that some very minor issues are of great significance. Aunt Pauline insists it takes very little to fuck up a child or a teenager and therefore there is a great need for good psychiatrists such as her; she is a big believer in therapy but she admits it rarely works on adults without drugs unless the person has a high degree of self determination. She has been in therapy of some kind or another for years, she says most psychiatrists are, (in therapy), if just for fun; she then goes onto a tangent about past lives and reincarnation and how she believes she was most probably Egyptian in her last life as her dreams always have of an Egyptian theme; She also dresses in a remotely Egyptian way most of the time. She was married once in medical school but I guess that didn�t work out and she never married again, until now. It seems she is getting married and not to another psychiatrist, which would seem to me to be her best bet, but to a plastic surgeon. Ewwww�. He is here with her this weekend and he is so���������������..plastic surgeony. I think all plastics surgeons look like they have had plastic surgery, he does. Supposedly he is seven years younger than she is but I am not sure about that. I hazard a guess the knife or at the very least the laser has been at work here. My Aunt is a pretty attractive woman for her age despite all that frizzy long flowing hair that never seems to be able to be put in its place; I hope he does not have plans to do all sorts of unseemly things to her face and body. He has a very rigid looking face and no overt wrinkles. He is also not very personable and appears to be totally lacking humor as so many of those medical types are; he is however very interested in money and spent at least two hours discussing land acquisition and development as a means of investment with my father. No surprise a plastic surgeon interested in money, hopefully not my aunts, as she has a lot of it as does most of our family. I don�t really care about money but I don�t like other people possibly marrying people in my family for it. Anyway my weird aunt, whom I adore, is marrying this grotesquely non personable, money grubbing plastic surgeony man with no sense of humor and no wrinkles. I am hoping that she is going to come to her senses any time now. Why does a woman of her age have to marry anyway? Makes no sense to me at all; she obviously isn�t going to have children at her age. I think I will to go down and investigate this situation further, maybe even suggest to her that having a long time lover would be a better option for someone of her wealth and intelligence; certainly that thought has occurred to her. Of course she will listen to me, with all my worldliness why wouldn�t she? Anyway she�s great fun and Matt, my gay friend,( yes he is my gay friend and for those of you that emailed me and told me it was not right for me to call Matt �my gay friend�; I have only to say that is was part of the story and needed to be said the last time, and this time I am doing it to bug the hell out of you. I also want to differentiate Matt my gay friend whom I will never sleep with from my other not so gay friend(s) whom I could potentially sleep with, when my fear of germs goes away that is), is down there now with Aunt Pauline-out on the veranda or whatever the heck it is called- I think she is having an in depth discussion with him about his homosexuality and the fact that he still has not told his parents he is gay. He seemed to be really getting into in when I left. As for now, yeah for my parents for again purchasing an abode large enough to allow this very bizarre family to congregate under one roof all at the same time if only for a few moments out of every few years. I�m only sorry I can only describe them to you one at a time. I have graced you with an out, but feel free to peak behind the door.


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I am just testing as I am still at work and can't write a real post. ( some people work at work) This Old Soul fixed my comments, so I wanted to reload the template and see if my old comments stayed the same after doing that. Go check him out, even though he has barely begun to blog. ( I do kind of find the term blog distasteful can we make up a new name for it) He just started his blog as he too is running away from the barren wasteland that is live and dead journal. I may owe him my first born for this. And so you don't all assume I go whoring around the internet looking for people to fix my templates, I know knew him before blog land or whatever this is called.


Missing Children, Pedophiles and Genocide

A Senator from Alabama is insisting on more aid in the search for Natalee in Aruba, he wants the Navy . The family and some of the general public feel the FBI needs to be more involved. The mother is persistent, I give her credit for that, but Senator please stop worrying about reelection. There are dead people everywhere,and most likely she is already dead; she may also have been taken off to some other island and is being prepped as a sex slave at this exact moment. So let�s get with the program here. There are some situations right here that need the FBI�s attention. It seems our country is full of pedophiles who judge's free on fifteen thousand dollar bonds so they can go on to ruin countless children�s lives; how about putting a little effort into that instead of worrying about Aruba and their Dutch law, which frankly you have no right to question once you send your children down there to party. I do not deny the family is giving it a good shot though and my family would would do the same. ( maybe) I really think the Navy has more important things to do right now, things that will protect our whole country and our serviceman overseas. Aren�t they looking for a missing Seal at this very moment? I also find it particularly interesting that Fox news, out of all of the cable news channels , is spending an inordinately large amount of their broadcasting time on this; in a time of war, conferences to end poverty , and the situation in Afghanistan, to mention only a few, I find this a little off putting. Go ahead go ahead and total up those hours. I think you would be surprised. Here's a thought: People might want to consider keeping their children in this country for those�after graduation, party weeks�; that is what it was despite what the parents would like us to think, and save the foreign country travel for when the kiddies have been a little more seasoned; after that first term in college for instance after they learn to handle their liquor or not to take off with strange Dutch boys. There is a very important conference going on this week and yes it is important. A conference by the way that is going out of its way to ignore the genocide, as happened in Rwanda, it is happening again. This is my weekly post, the coalition is getting tired, and I am afraid discouraged, please be their voice. Why Never Again Keeps Happening The Coalition for Darfur has some interesting updates on what is going on in the region so please check them out. Do not tell your grandchildren you wished you had done something. Tell them you did something. Maybe some crazy stuff later; I was off all day and half the day yesterday. You might think I could do better but as I wrote a bad check, through sheer carelessness, and as I have been trying to develop some film in a house with a not so state of the art darkroom you will all have to excuse me. We pray for our fathers, pray for our mothers Wishing our families well We sing songs for the wishing, of those who are kissing But not for the missing So this one's for all the lost children This one's for all the lost children This one's for all the lost children, wishing them well And wishing them home When you sit there addressing, counting your blessings Biding your time When you lay me down sleeping and my heart is weeping Because I'm keeping a place For all the lost children This is for all the lost children This one's for all the lost children, wishing them well And wishing them home Home with their fathers, Snug close and warm, loving their mothers I see the door simply wide open But no one can find thee So pray for all the lost children Let's pray for all the lost children Just think of all the lost children, wishing them well This is for all the lost children This one's for all the lost children Just think of all the lost children Wishing them well, and wishing them home lyrics and music by Michael Jackson


Oh Say Can We See: Olivers Army Revisited

Don't start that talking I could talk all night My mind was sleep walking While I'm putting the world to right Call careers information Have you got yourself an occupation I had a post written; the post was precipitated by my reviewing my links list from the bottom up and clicking on � Revolution in the Head� which pointed out Costello�s �I Want You�, so I listened to it, good song btw. I became distracted and started listening to a bunch of Costello then decided to play with the lyrics to �Oliver�s Army� ; as I am sure many people have done over the last twenty something years. Not being a poet or a lyricist this was not that good but it served my purpose. Most of it did not even have to be rewritten. The United States Army is here to stay The United States Army are on their way And I would rather be anywhere else�.but here today The powers that be, and there are powers that be whatever they are, evidently didn�t want that posted and somehow shut the word processor off prior to saving the post, so la la� the post was gone. I thought �just as well� it might have offended some people, and I don�t want to do that. I had already received hate mail about past entries and that was only due to Africa and abstinence; it might just be better to keep all opinions to myself. I then started a write about Bob Dylan. (provoked by a brief aim with someone regarding Mr. Tambourine man.) There was a Checkpoint Charlie He didn't crack a smile but it's no laughing party When you've been on the murder mile All it takes is one itchy trigger One more widow One less white nigger After starting the post on Bob Dylan I realized that no matter how significant Bob Dylan might have been as a poet/ songwriter, peace activist, communist, drunk, doper, pop culture icon, and no matter how much I love some of his lyrics and can relate to the lyrics in so many ways, as can many of my generation, ( cool dude I�m like so into Dylan man); it doesn�t really matter. What matters is that my generation needs to become more aware of the war in Iraq, and the fact that we need a plan. I am not a writer, I am certainly not a political columnist, there are plenty of them around though and some are even worth reading; bear with me here. The United States Army is here to stay The United States Army are on their way And I would rather be anywhere else but here today Let us insist on a plan, a plan, and a plan. We know they can�t leave, but some of our people are going to end up living a good part of their lives there, they will die there. They people are not the sons and daughters of the powers that be; they are the sons and daughters of the powerless. Pakistan is up for grabs Beirut is full of Arabs We could be in Afghanistan Overrun by the Taliban With our boys Sines and Keith deriding Dixie Chicks and Penn Let us not allow the perfect� Animal House Cheerleader� and his Pep Squad, (thanks Wombat), to keep us totally blind in this. Let us insist on a plan, a plan, and a plan. But there's no danger It's a professional career Though it could be arranged With just a word in Mr Bush�s ear If you're out of luck, you�re out of crack We�d be glad to send you to Iraq The United States Army is here to stay The United States Army are on their way And I would rather be anywhere else �.. but here today And I would rather be anywhere else �.. but here today And I would rather be anywhere else �.. but here today Just a Plan. Mostly intact original lyrics by Elvis Costello Slight massacre by Alice in Wonderland or Not Sing to Oliver�s Army Olivers Army: stream # 18 Happy Fourth of July Weekend

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