Hot Tennis Bodies and Ann Coulter Put in the Trash

You're all feel free to check out my article at Blog Critics.

That is where Ann Coulter comes in, not to be deceptive with my title or or anything. That doll picture isn�t mine those editors are so creative; I should have thought of it though with all the training I have had from The Pansi Files. I�m not posting it here because I want to save you all the hassle of reading it twice. Yesterday was nice at the US Tennis Open; we only stayed for a couple of early games because I had to get home,but we hope to see a few more at the end of the week. I�ll be back in the city for good by Friday at the latest because I plan to catch more of the Open; you know when the really hot guys, the ones with staying power, are out there. I�m going to play tennis with my old boyfriend from high school right now, he happens to have moved up here because he transferred to Brown this year and as I haven�t seen him in two years I figured why not. This could suck, but only because he will most likely beat me. I'll be back to spew more gossip and sexy cock talk later. ;) Kidding.


Live from NY it�s Sunday night.

Heading out to meet some friends soon, in the Village, it is so good to be here. We are going to stay for some US Open action tomorrow early, as that young Spanish boy is hot, a little too young for me but hot. (HERE�S LOOKING AT YOU KID) :) Something I saw while scrolling through my blog links. I thought it worth noting; In regard to the Iraq and the completed draft of their constitution. Authored by the Cranky Liberal Maybe in the end a war we should have never started, fought by men and women who should have never died, for a government we should have never elected, will provide the freedom for the Iraqi people that we all wish for. Maybe. It�s an awfully big price to pay for such an awfully uninspiring word. - read the rest of the post at The Cranky Liberal I know this is going to sound totally wrong, but do you think that if this category five hurricane was heading toward NYC or New England would Mr. Bush would have been on the air waves telling us all to evacuate and have all the services already lined up ready to go? Just asking. Take Care all you guys down there, stay safe.


Just a Song Before I Go, to Whom it May Concern

I am taking off tomorrow afternoon for another couple of days, back to NY. If I�m on it will be as a voyeur, which I�m good at, and a commenter. My father was bitten by what they think was a venomous spider of some kind, (debatable but not necessarily, and according to the New England journal of Medicine not likely, Brown Recluse), while he was at our old house in Maryland. This is some ugly sucker nasty looking bite and I will, maybe, post a picture of it later. I am posting this only to note that if you ever get some little red mark on your body and you don�t know what it is and you wake up the next day and it is much larger , dark purple with extending red around it and hurts like shit you better get yourself to a doctor pronto. The mind is logical at times but then it goes off in one direction or the next. Is this the mind of a photographer, an anthropologist, or something else? Something less or something more? The mind does not know. It remains mute when these questions are asked. What good a mind that never offers? A simple answer would do Not a solution, just an answer. No, smacking oneself in the head does not help.

Repeat: I�m thinking of starting another blog just for political links and postings. I received an email from someone again who stated � I read your comment on ***** �s blog and was impressed then I read your blog and although you�re nice to look at and make some points worth reading no one is going to take you seriously when you also have a blog which argues that sucking a mad cock is preferable to sucking a mad penis.� First off all I never said one was preferable. I think I remember stating clearly, at least in my mind, that I was not into penis sucking due to fear of germs but whatever; the sheer staccato of the word cock makes it preferable.

It was an arguement of semantics you idiot. (or so i can pretend)

This is very similar to the other emails. Do these people not have anything better to do? It is making me paranoid. I have another blog anyway, so it might not be that time consuming; I started it before this one and use it basically as a template tester so maybe that is the way to go. God knows with all the time I will have on hands once I get to school maybe I need to start fifteen more blogs.

So I'm off to get my political thoughts straight as here it is difficult when my attention is being monopolized by a single party to the arguements. Here I speak to myself and monologues are of little value because there are no conclusions to be drawn just a discussion to be sustained, and to what end? If you�re bored while I�m in the city eating sushi and maybe seeing� The NYU Suicides�.

Andrew Sullivan concludes male circumcision should be done only on adult males and Jewish style only. Thank You Andrew. Is this a problem? Does it only bother me? Read any of my links to the right they are all fabulous in their own way. I�ve added a couple new ones lately and removed people who bore me, are gone, ( except for Transcon because I am hoping he comes back I liked him), piss me off, or in any other way are just not cool. No one has to point out to me that I am just a microbe in a very large ecosystem. This weeks Coalition for Darfur Post This font is rather large because I have to scrape the bottom at times and need for "almost blind people" to be among my potential readers.


The Summer is Indeed Slip Sliding Away

Everything is pretty messy right now it appears that as the summer comes to a close I feel a noose or maybe a silk tie, as I like them better, is tightening around my neck. I�m not sure why I feel this way because I�m happy about moving back to the city and getting out of this seemingly never ending summer. It was nice to be back in the city, if only for a couple of days; I miss the aloneness that I felt there. This is not weird it is just the way I feel when I am there, alone but not alone. I like that. Here I never feel alone in that way, here when I am alone I am truly alone and when I am not it is often because I am in the presence of people that make being alone a luxury worth paying for. I was also happy for the great sushi options. There are not that many sushi options here and the sushi is just not what it should be. I�m not sure when I am moving back exactly but will be going back to the city this Friday probably and for a couple days. Much of my stuff is stored and some I�m moving to my friends apartment because it is a sic apartment with an extra bedroom and four very large closets, one of which I lay claim to at least temporarily. Classes start after Labor Day. So as you are not confused as to my NYC older, drunk, rich boyfriends any longer I�ve dumped both Billy Joel and Paul Simon in favor of my LA boyfriend. Daddy doesn�t like him much but, as we have both been called traitors, I figure it�s pretty much a perfect fit. --------------------?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us This is a bullshit post from work because I like to waste peoples time while I hae the chance.


The Energizer I'm Not

When you go to the city to help a friend move thinking that you are really going to lolli-gag around doing nothing while he does all the work and you end up having to actually do half the work it kind of zaps your energy. He plays the violin though so it�s cool. Later folks because a couple of hours of work, which I am told will not kill me, ensues.


My Dangling Conversation

I didn�t leave comments on the last post because there was no need. I did get several emails thanking me for writing it and want to make it clear that I did not write the last post. I added the Sounds of Silence stuff ,but it is written weekly by Eugene and Freddie over at the Coalition for Darfur; go thank them please. Doug, what we can do? The magnitude of the problem of what is going on in Darfur and the corruption on that continent in general is on a scale that we probably don�t even realize. We can, as individuals, do tiny parts only at this time. We can feed the hungry and contribute financial support and actively propagate information, and educate ourselves to the facts. We can not change the inherent corruption nor can we, at least on a large scale ,intervene in the cultural upheaval. We can make it known, we can publicize it on local levels in our own communities and our schools and by virtue of getting our actions covered get Darfur covered. If you support " Women for Women" , if you give to Doctors Without Borders, if you are raising money in any way in your community get it covered by your local news media. Local news likes news to be about their community. This is the only way as far as the media goes at this time. We have to keep being heard and let no one forget. The pattern of Rwanda continues and sadly history has taught us little in this case. And I don't know a soul who's not been battered. I don't have a friend who feels at ease. I don't know a dream that's not been shattered, or driven to its knees. Ah, but it's all right. It's all right. For we've lived so well so long. Still, when I think of the road we're travelin' on, I wonder what's gone wrong. I can't help but wonder what's gone wrong. Another fairly large complaint I have is coming home to endless coverage of the sentencing of an egomaniacal, murdering, sociopath, and his last words. Let us play right into his hand and allow him countless hours of national television coverage while ignoring other much more important issues. Watching him is not going to prevent another sly crazy man from killing hundreds of people over thirty years. If anything is to be learned from this, that fact at least, is one of them. These people are out there, we are never going to know who they are until it is too late and that is a fact. Please god stop this fascination with the macabre or of one does have a fascination with acts of horror turn to Darfur because as hard as that is we have a better chance of taking care of Darfur than we do of finding and preventing very well planned acts of sexual deviancy and murder from a cunning, psychopath with a limp penis, serious control issues, and an out of control id. Speaking of �projects� wasn�t Iraq a project for the Bush administration? There are victims everywhere these days not just in Wichita. Lots of unjustifiable death; it�s been a hell of a year yes? And I dreamed I was dying. I dreamed that my soul rose unexpectedly, and looking back down at me, smiled reassuringly. And I dreamed I was flying, and high up above my eyes could clearly see the Statue of Liberty sailing away to sea. And I dreamed I was flying. School starts in a couple of weeks, one might think that would curtail some of this blog nonsense, but seemingly last year I started writing most during final exams, prior to that I wrote very little in this thing, so we will see how it goes. I am helping a friend move into his apartment in the city over the next week so I will be �here and there and everywhere�. That is one Beatle song I never cared for. Notes: Just so everyone knows, my brother Josh is really a nice guy. I was just really a little mad at him at that particular time. What are blogs good for if not for that? Good things or not so good depending on how you look at it. I now know who J Geils is. I will probably not pursue that line of listening pleasure for now. I have not actually been on a never ending vacation this summer it just seems that way. I don�t need male models, my days of photographing naked men (for the most part, Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard not Withstanding) are over. I never voluntarily look upon a naked man that I have no intention of sleeping with ( that really narrows it down here people) and the female pictures are done gratis for friends. I got a Nikon Camera. I love to take those photographs, so Ma Ma don�t take my kodachrome away. ;) I�m not crazy but yes am a bit of a blog whore at this point in time and I�m taking medication that will supposedly help this condition. Being that this medication has been approved by the FDA I may indeed have something to fear. I am going for it anyway because the stuff not approved by the federal government can�t be taxed, and good citizen that I am, I would never do that to my country. I am blaming people whose blogs I have commented on for all the spam I am getting in my email lately. Not the anonymous emails but the frank out selling me stuff or wanting me to join something spam. Bless you all as when I get less then one hundred emails a day I feel so ignored Side Note: The reason Limbaugh called Native Americans Injuns,for the what fourth time, is because he was simply slurring his words�����������.drug rehab does not always work, but good old Rush also uses only taxable drugs so don't worry. And we come on the ship they call the Mayflower. We come on the ship that sailed the moon. We come in the age's most uncertain hours, and sing an American tune. Oh, and it's all right, it's all right, it's all right. You can't be forever blessed. Still tomorrow's gonna be another working day and I'm tryin' to get some rest; that's all - I'm trying to get some rest. All lyrics by my older, hotness-not so much , NYC boyfriend,Paul Simon. ;) He is still crazy after all these years. Go Figure.

Hello darkness, my old friend

Plagued by Technicalities I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence Last week, David Loyn of the BBC wrote about the crisis in Niger and asked "How many dying babies make a famine?"

Famine is a troublesome word with a very specific meaning to the professional aid community. It is usually taken to define a situation in which a high proportion of the general population are vulnerable to death by hunger-related disease. This describes a much more intense situation than the loose way that famine is generally understood - and the pictures of starving babies in Niger certainly look like "famine" to the outside world. In technical terms Niger's President Mamadou Tandja may be right to say that this is not a famine.
The debate over "famine" is much the same as the debate over "genocide" in Darfur
"For those who are dying from acute malnutrition and related diseases, the debate about whether there have been enough deaths to justify the famine label, and the extent to which this exceeds the normal hungry season mortality rate is not helpful. "Avoiding the famine label has often been convenient for those seeking to justify slow or failed responses."
Last September, the US declared that genocide was taking place in Darfur, but three months later, the report (PDF file) of the International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur concluded that it was not, though it also stipulated
The conclusion that no genocidal policy has been pursued and implemented in Darfur by the Government authorities, directly or through the militias under their control, should not be taken in any way as detracting from the gravity of the crimes perpetrated in that region. International offences such as the crimes against humanity and war crimes that have been committed in Darfur may be no less serious and heinous than genocide.
But the press responded, not with headlines reading "Massive Crimes Against Humanity in Darfur," but rather with headlines such as "U.N. report: Darfur not genocide." In restless dreams I walked alone Narrow streets of cobblestone 'Neath the halo of a street lamp I turned my collar to the cold and damp When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light That split the night And touched the sound of silence But the point was essentially moot, as one thing quickly became clear: overwhelming evidence of massive crimes against humanity could not get the world to act, nor could a genocide declaration. In fact, it seems that nothing could prod the global community to act to address the situation in Darfur, be it genocide, quasi-genocide, or "merely" crimes against humanity. As Loyn reports of Niger, warnings of an impending food crisis have been raised since November, but nobody paid attention until it was too late
They did not respond to the requests on paper as they did to pictures of dying babies.
The reverse is now occurring regarding Darfur. It has become, in the words of Eric Reeves, a "genocide by attrition," and the world has stopped paying attention. And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand people, maybe more People talking without speaking People hearing without listening People writing songs that voices never share And no one dared Disturb the sound of silence Last month, the UN reported that violence in Darfur had diminished over the past year, mainly because militia have run out of targets after destroying hundreds of villages. As Reeves has written, the genocide in Darfur is now
[M]ore a matter of engineered disease and malnutrition than violent killing. In other words, disease and malnutrition proceeding directly from the consequences of violent attacks on villages, deliberate displacement, and systematic destruction of the means of agricultural production among the targeted non-Arab or African tribal groups became the major killers.
It is entirely possible that Darfur will not begin to receive sustained coverage again until this "genocide by attrition" has taken the lives of tens of thousands more and footage of dying babies in Darfur begins to show up on the nightly news. "Fools", said I, "You do not know Silence like a cancer grows Hear my words that I might teach you Take my arms that I might reach you" But my words, like silent raindrops fell And echoed In the wells of silence And then, in lieu of actually addressing that problem, we can have a debate about whether or not this new situation meets the technical definition of "famine." And the people bowed and prayed To the neon god they made And the sign flashed out its warning In the words that it was forming And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls And tenement halls" And whispered in the sounds of silence weekly post from the coalitionfor darfur.blogspot.com


Less Poetry More Self Serving Bitching

I�ve been busy this last two weeks having fun and things of that nature. Indeed my brother is home from Italy, and I am still pissed I did not do any traveling this summer so I kind of want to kick him hard in the shins but there are other reasons for that as well. I took some kick ass photos of his girlfriend nude on a beach in Puerto Rico earlier in the summer and, due to a really nice friend of a friend, some studio stuff as well. His GF (OF OVER A YEAR AND GOD KNOWS THIS IS A RECORD, MAYBE A MISTAKE BUT A RECORD NO LESS) wanted them as surprise and a belated graduation / early birthday gift to him. I was hesitant as she is after all my brother�s gf and it sort of gives me the icks to think of it but what the heck; in the end the girls just want to have fun theme kicked in and I agreed. I wasn�t alone in this I had a co-conspirator of sorts. I�d done some kick ass pictures on that same beach after my senior year of high school. I was a budding photographer so you�ll have to forgive me this one. Anna had seen the pictures I did of two friends, (with their permission as I only have a couple of proofs, they own the rest of their photos) and felt this would be a good gift to give her boyfriend, my self righteous dick head of a brother. Now take my word for it these pictures were really good and any sane twenty two almost twenty three year old would have died for them. My brother�.sanctimonious asshat that he is of course practically blew out a nostril when he saw them. He turned greenish I hear and then came storming into the gallery where I was working. I was waiting for him to call my parents a thousand miles away to tell them how I had been a bad girl again. I of course had corrupted his GF. He continued in this way despite the fact that Anna had made if perfectly clear that she had requested the photos. He luckily was moving into his house over the weekend so I only had to listen to him disparage me for an hour prior to him leaving. I was not all that surprised as this is the brother that deleted aim off my computer in high school because a friend called him laughing about an away message I had on mine letting people know that masturbation was spelled with a u not an e; this is also the brother who went through roughly fifteen girls in the first three years of college. He is a dichotomy to himself I am afraid and Anna is welcome to him. I hear today, from Anna, that he did not throw the pictures away he put them in a dresser drawer and suggested they have one of the more modest ones enlarged and framed to hang over his bed. Why is that Joshy. Oh and the sad sack of crap actually scanned one to make it smaller and put it in his wallet. Asshat. The NYT is right the surfers are now fighting over the waves. Very territorial these people and rightly so I will fight for my wave until the end. Rather a poignant op-ed today in the Times called Coming Home read it if you can it�s not long and your attention span may hold out for it. Christ you know it ain't easy You know how hard it can be The way things are going There gonna crucify me


The Sidewalk Never Really Ends.

There come a few days at the end of summer where you take a short respite; this allows you to see that even though the sidewalk never really ends it doesn�t matter because you can still get off the sidewalk momentarily, go away and look at your toes,( they don�t even have to be painted), and see that the inadequacies within you are insignificant to the rest of the world, invisible even. You see clearly that Zukav may be right; the universe does not judge. It is with a relief you return not to have to search for signs of intelligent life there of. It doesn�t stop you from thinking that possibly you should drop out of school and start painting symbolic graffiti on the buildings of old, in the cities of old in a world of new neo � conunism. No worries I was told that if a word is used enough they will add it to the dictionary.


This Bird Has Flown the Coop or The Coop Has Flown.

I'm taking all things into consideration. Thank you for your discourse on the last post; too bad there is no such discourse on things such as Darfur. Taking another couple days off as I have my best high school friend coming from out of town late tonight and were going to do some secret friend stuff, so � this bird has flown� will apply to me for a couple of days only. As Jay suggested I may not know "shit" about men and should probably spend the next couple of days finding out more. I have not been totally neglecting that aspect of my life this summer although, when you look at the last two years in its totality possibly I have, and maybe I have missed something. It is a necessary evil ,I am afraid, to look at men under microscopes and judge them thus making them less desirable. If you judge them and judge them harshly it makes it less likely that you will want to deal with them leaving you more time for academic pursuits. There comes a time, when even dear Alice in Wonderland or Not has to take a step back and view all things from a different location in her mind. We want to be alive in Wonderland after all. She will not step so far back that she falls off a cliff but step back she must. Avoiding the abyss has never been the issue anyhow because she has no fear. It's all due to those stupid T Shirts she used to wear in sixth grade. Have a nice couple of days. I�m going to scroll through your blogs after I post this as I have a couple of hours to kill and I have a touch of an attachment to ya'll. If you are bored and have not read past entries here are a couple of suggestions. Abstinence-Nah My twentieth birthday. The only list I ever made. What I really wanna know- a story The only meme I ever did here. Think people please because we are not animals and our brains, not alone but for the most part, make that distinction; do your research well and make your decisions based on facts. Don't pick a party pick an issue,don't pick a persona pick a cause, look into it make your best decision based on that and go from there. Remember to pray for our president as he languishes in the heat of Texas with legs up talking to his minions by phone as he sips mint tea; he has it so hard these days with all those nasty polls showing him lagging and with that total bitch having the nerve to ask him what her son died for. I am extraordinary, if you'd ever get to know me I am extraordinary; I am just your ordinary Average every day sane psycho Super goddess Average every day sane psycho liz phair Peace Out.


Out Into the Cool of the Evening, Strolls the Pretender

On to the to the topic at hand which is that this past weekend has confirmed my well known belief that there are two types of men.( I�m sure there are plenty of subtypes but hear me out). There are men who love women due to the basic male female thing going on; these man can take or leave the companionship part until they age and need to marry and settle down. They need women for the simple fact that they are men. They follow the rules of our culture , date women sleep with women have relationships with women and oft times settle down with a women when it is the right time. These men are pretenders. It�s all about timing more then anything else as far as love and marriage goes anyway. These men will settle for whatever when the time is right for them to settle down. They may have at one point met their soul mate but the time was not right or maybe they are yet to meet her but it will be too late. There is then the other type of man this is the type who �loves women�. I mean really just plain loves women. They appreciate women for the brains, their bodies and just for the fact that they are women. These men unlike the previous type can treat women like flowers while at the same time not condescending to them. These types, although no more prone to philandering than the previous type, would never settle in with one women due simply to the fact that the � time was right� or that they were at � that age where it was time to grow up�. These men will wait until they find their soul mate and in the meantime have many lovers and will appreciate them all to a degree that the aforementioned man could never conceive. It may be that type ones are seen more often in doctors, lawyers, businessmen and politicians and type twos are seen more often in artists, musicians, filmmakers and writers types but this rule is not hard and fast and there is a large genetic component some environmental factors come into play as well. Typically many women would prefer the solid life given to her by a type one over the questionable life offered by a type two (we got to eat ya know). Seriously though would you not rather make sure you can fend quite well for yourself thus allowing you to be with a man who truly �loves women�. Between the longing for love and the struggle for the legal tender. Think about it. And then we�ll put out dark glasses on And we�ll make love until our strength is gone And when the morning light comes streaming in We�ll get up and do it again Reading "Atomic Iran" which appears to me thus far to be a pretty partisan look at the whole situation but I'm trying to be open minded here; I am however balancing it off with what appears to be a less partisan "The Iranian Labyrinth"; I'm also trying to do a chapter a day of "Our Culture, What�s Left of it (The Mandarins and the Masses)" which appears to be a pretty good read. This because once I return to school my reading is often limited, I'm afraid, to what needs to be read in order to get out of school in a timely fashion. I�ve read no news today I got home late so shoot me. The news sucks anyway and our great and noble leader is on vacation. While Niger Starves, and the genocide continues in Darfur and while someone else�s son gets killed in Iraq he's probably going go shoot some possum or something equally as repulsive. Mephistopheles is not your name but I know what you're up to just the same


Take Me Seriously , and damn, If The Plane Goes Down

I jumped off some wicked cliffs this weekend and rowed until my arms felt like they were going to fall off but all that pent up ( sexual?) frustration is gone and I can now continue in my respectable girl mode. I�m currently considering changing my picture icon so people in those political blogs will take me seriously. I guess my mother was right when she told me I had to start dressing for success. I seriously was not trying to incite a cock fight of any kind in my last post I was merely tired and looking forward to going away. I tend to get cocky when I am tired. I do ask that all parents continue to teach their children the proper terminology as it is endearing to hear a child call it a penis and simply horrifying to hear them call it a cock. I was not drunk as I tend to be the perennial designated driver. Despite what some my think, fairly educated, reasonable level headed young women do use the term cock at least at times, although most of the time it is in the form of calling their current president a cock sucker,( a mad cocksucker at that),or killing that thing that is crawling across their dorm room; despite the not-so-best efforts of the college roach terminator crew. Enough of that though we'll talk about cock another time and in another life. Random stuff while watching CNN, and Anderson reporting, from Niger���� :( Mr Bush, Intelligent Design should not be taught in public school. Evolution is based on the best scientific theory we have, intelligent design is based on religion or at the very least supposition that because the scope of he whole thing is too complicated and of course not totally bore out by science there must have been a higher power involved. The ideation he must have to promote this scares me. Just let the parents of these kids teach them intelligent design, starting to teach a theory of which there is no way of even beginning to find proof of, not based in science but based on supposition and the belief in a higher power is ridiculous. Don�t you have something better to do with your time? I am all for the enlargement of the universe of human discourse to coin a phrase often used in anthropology but this is ridiculous. Let them tell mommy and daddy to create their own dialogue with little Bret and Brit and stop wasting our time. Second, an admission of sorts: I'll admit it, good old , Fugazi, Sex Pistol, Pixie loving me is a Mraz head. Now that I have gotten that off my otherwise delectable chest I feel better. Don�t ask me why, there is practically no excuse for this travesty and I blame it on the people that used to drag me to the 9:30 club in DC while I was still in mid high school. We all hold onto some dirty little secret. This is mine. I am going to do a review just to spite myself. This because I purchased and played his new CD all the way to the Adirondacks and back despite the fact that after the first play I wanted to throw it out the window along with his Dave Matthews producing producers. Ah There ya go. Technically I disliked his first studio CD as well preferring his non studio java joes or his live concert performances which you can easily get all over the web. Rolling Stone, and everyone, totally panned it but seriously if they allow Randy Jackson to do reviews for them how valid is anything they say? Exactly. I got so used to it and by the drive home I actually became quite fond of it. Fuck RS, they have passed their prime as well and after all John is dead as are (Joey, Dee Dee, and Johnny), Kurt and Mick might as well be. Get a life. Two things: �Plane� sounds much better in the pure acoustic version this orchestrated piano version is hard to get used to but I did get used to it, he sounds way too reminiscent of Kenny Friggin Loggins on �O�Love� take my word for it. Otherwise..sorry I can�t totally pan this CD I am listening to it again. If the plane goes down,damn I'll remember where the love was found If the plane goes down, damn From Eugene and Freddie at the Coalition for Darfur: For those who may not know, Sudanese vice-president and former rebel SPLM leader John Garang died in a helicopter crash in southern Sudan over the weekend. Just three weeks ago, Garang was inaugurated as Vice President under the peace agreement designed to bring an end to the 20 year North/South civil war. Much of the world's hope for a peaceful solution rested on Garang's ability to reign in the genocidal regime in Khartoum and, with his death, the future of Darfur and the North/South peace accord is now hard to predict. I don't have anything original to say this week, but below are a few articles that I think you might find useful. The first is on Garang's death and the violence that followed. The second is a piece by Eric Reeves examining what his death means for Sudan and Darfur. The last is an important report by Doctors Without Borders (one that got a bit overshadowed by Garang's death) reporting that millions of people are still at risk in Darfur and that, contrary to conventional wisdom, the situation is deteriorating, both in terms of humanitarian and security conditions, in many parts of Darfur.