Monday............................. Monday, Monday.

Silly drivel. Got to see two exhibits yesterday and that was nice, my roommate, Deb, went with me and it was a nice day overall. My roommates� friend from the Parson's School of Design cut my hair, just got rid of the bottom few inches, and did a damn fine job. I think he said he has been cutting hair since he was twelve as his father owned a salon in Miami. He said it helped him relax. My pleasure to accommodate. Other then that, went to a party which was kind of a fundraiser for the tsunami victims. It was at some guys apartment in the Village and he charged five bucks at the door, kind of a Sixties theme and if you wanted to sing a Dylan song it was five bucks, anything else was seven unless it was something like The Monkees and then they charged ten. People were throwing money around and singing like crazy. They had several acoustic-electric guitar players and a keyboard and it was kind of fun. Lots of pretty drunk and pretty broke people by the end of the night to say the least but no really sick typical college party drunks, for which I was grateful. I am not even sure who the guy was. The vote in Iraq was over well before I awoke of course but the final verdict is not in for me. I don't agree with anything that happened in regard to our country entering Iraq and starting this God forsaken thing but there is no doubt that the people who voted are very brave. The UN has now decided that what happened in the Darfur was not genocide. A special United Nations commission has decided that two years of violence in the western Sudan region of Darfur was not genocide but "crimes against humanity with ethnic dimensions," so now due to the fact that the US has a particular dislike for the international criminal court it will take another ten years to sort out the semantics and do something about this. News source. You can hold yourself back from the sufferings of the world, that is something you are free to do and it accords with your nature, but perhaps this very holding back is the one suffering you could avoid. Franz Kafka


In for the night

This week has been busy and I am coming down with a cold. I wanted to catch a large format exhibit tomorrow as it is gone after Sunday I think .The exhibit somewhere around 57th street so I think I will end up dragging my roommate to that if she is up for it. We are also looking slowly but surely for apartments for next year. I don't know where that is heading really. This woman in the Sudan thing is on my mind much lately. I think not paying any attention to it until seeing Hotel Rwanda is somehow making me feel guilty and horrified. We all know the reason we ignored the genocide, besides the fact that the country has nothing we want in the way of resources, is also a touch of racism. This would not have gone on like this in a mainly white country even sans coveeted resources . We would not have tolerated such a thing for long. But wow, we rush off to Sri Lanka and send millions of dollars after one hundred and fifty thousand people are killed by a natural disaster, we should of course ,as more will die if we don't and of course we lost "some of our own" so it makes it imperative. But seriously millions dead...murdered.... compared to the Tsunami. .seems I don't know just totally inconceivable that we can't see what is wrong with this picture. So for now my money goes to women for women every month and I have asked , bugged and pleaded with everyone I know to consider going to their website and looking and at least doing something. I have little time for private hobbies lately. Large Format photography is maybe more interesting then I imagined the pictures can be awesome but the cameras are hell. I am going to see a large format exhibit done by an Arab women of Arab women I think it will be interesting to look at the pictures and hope then to go to see a Peter Hujar exhibit, not large format but I have been meaning to see it. That will about do me in for the day as I have some papers to write and this weekend is what we call an innie. I think I have to have a quote of the day or week or whenever I post which could be every day or every week or whatever. This really has very little to do with anything I have written but I love it. �I have not lived as a woman. I have lived as a man. I've just done what I damn well wanted to and I've made enough money to support myself and I ain't afraid of being alone.� Katherine Hepburn I loved that women she had beautiful skin. She did however, at least from what I have read, have a lover for life in a married Spencer Tracy. I guess if you are wealthy enough and can make your own way you can do what you want. I hear they loved each other though, does that make it better? Don�t answer here. How many times must a man look up, before he can see the sky? Yes, �n� how many ears must one man have, before he can hear people cry? Yes, �n� how many deaths will it take till he knows. That too many people have died? The answer, my friend, is blowin� in the wind. The answer is blowin� in the wind. How many years can a mountain exist,before it�s washed to the sea? Yes, �n� how many years can some people exist, before they�re allowed to be free? Yes, �n� how many times can a man turn his head. Pretending he just doesn�t see? The answer, my friend, is blowin� in the wind. The answer is blowin� in the wind.


May be cross posted

I have a few journals although this is my real journal. You know the one where no one can come and make lame comments every five seconds just out of sheer boredom. Well, regardless, I signed up for camwhores at live journal. What was I thinking? I mean I am a photographer, by nature or design who knows and also an up and coming world famous cultural anthropologist so wtf. It is not that I am shy about the human body. I have been taking pictures of it and mine in all states of dress and undress since I was in �.let�s say eleventh grade. It is just that I thought for some reason that camwhores might really have some pictures posted that were art. I think most pictures are art but honestly a picture of some guy�s penis, and some poor creature actually putting her mouth on and one he tried to�umm shove a Tylenol up her or something. I find pretty far from art. Desperate times call for desperate measure I guess. It has occurred to me that some people don�t know the difference between erotica and a disgusting display of narcissism. I could be wrong as it just as quite likely a disgusting display or, at the very least, not a very exciting one was probably what he was going for. Cold here lots of snow but no where near as much as Kait in Boston and it does not stop anything here nor should it. I miss snowboarding but I am glad to be back. May be cross posted to my dead journal. My Bad SORRY HAD TO REMOVE THEM NOW THAT PEOPLE READ THIS . Like I said, My Bad.


Mind not playing tricks, I am really back here .

The weather coming back was not so good. There were some avalanches not all that far from us which did give us a fright or at the very least pause for thought. I am, despite all the fun and the snow and the avalanches, back in no worse shape than when I left. Maybe better shape when you consider what two weeks on a board fabricated of polyethylene steel, fiberglass, wood or foam, more fiber glass and more plastic, will do. Walking the streets of NYC doesn't even compare. It is cold here of course, colder than I would like. I don't mind cold when I can do something in it but this is simply unnecessary. I actually had to get out my UGGS and extra socks various scarves and mittens. I love mittens they are awesome compared to gloves. You might call me a mitten aficionado. I really don't fault the administration for having an inauguration. I think they cost too much and we could do without them but I don't hold the First Lady's Oscar de la Renta against her. The first fam picked American Designers of course. I never cared for de la Renta or Carolina Herrera but I think they will suit this particular women quite fine though. I prefer Roberto Cavalli , Mooks , Custo Barcelona , AgnesB and Chanel I really have to leave. I am back though and school has started and I leave for am meeting and also to get away from the fact that people will actually be watching American Idol here and I can do without that. Is anybody out there? Pink Floyd just popped into my head. Happens sometimes. Doesn�t mean a thing. Honestly


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Sabbatical of the mind continues.

Any thoughts on the last year? No. Oh, OK. Conan is tiresome but his core will be older in a few years and maybe they will hang with his watered down show. Lettermen is just plain smarter. Kimmel is better but sort of like a young father of some kind. Carson Daly stinks except when Ben Harper is on. Leno is like my father on speed. No, take that back, he's like my father on coffee, (decaf). I do love the fruitcake lady though. May she live long and prosper. Yes, I know, she already has. The Daily Show, now that's a show. Profound? Maybe not but the sabbatical of the mind continues for another week. The sabbatical of the mind started the minute the sabbatical of the body ended and the sabbatical of the body ended the minute I hit the mountains of Wyoming and will continue here in Utah. I know I said this last time but it bears repeating as after a year of not hitting the slopes I need to hear it. Even the best fall down sometime. Happy New year


Live From Jackson Hole

This has been exhausting work. Snowboarding is both fun and exhausting. I admit after missing last year it is a relief to get back out again. Jackson Hole is awesome. I have not really kept up with the news though so am going to try to do it now, after dinner maybe, or after dinner and a nap. The time is a couple hours behind here, its mountain time. Go figure. Leaving for Snowbird Saturday, the flight is not that long as it is not all that far away. My brother decided he should go work for the American Red Cross for the next three months instead of finishing the year and graduating. He could conceivable graduate now but not with two degrees. He is a master of logistics in many ways I am just not sure what he would do. It did not go over well but we'll see. My brother is pretty innovative in new ways to manipulate the people paying for his education,( parents) and he can be stubborn. I don't want him over there though it scares me. I miss the city even though I love it here. I could never permanently live in a place like this regardless of the beauty. What is wrong with me? I am not even indigenous to the city, having spent a better part of my life in Vermont, Australia and then Maryland and not the city part either. No real thoughts here, I am on a sabbatical of the mind. Well, a few thoughts: Journal sites being bought out. Hell a few years ago who would have ever thought a journal sight would be worth buying out. My first journal was at Blurty..............but that's another story. My name was purpleknot or something like that. This saddens me in some way but like I said that's another story. I can't wait to get to Snowbird. Thoughts from The Hole: Even the best fall down sometimes.