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Silly ( Putty ) me.

Sometimes you just have to get away from the computer for a few days. I had Monday off and went snowboarding again then of course had work to do upon returning to the city.

I've been a little stretched lately and, like string cheese and silly putty, I only go so far. Silly putty of course goes further; I’m at more of a string cheese level right now but am working my way up the ladder of elasticity levels. Soon I will be in a more malleable form and then .... Oh, god then .... watch out .

Many things to consider these days and lots of decisions to be made; life just never stops happening. Why is that? I think that to be able to put life on pause for a few days with some kind of remote control contraption would he a nice . Robotman if you are listening… hell with perfecting a robotic vacuum cleaner we need a life remote control device. This device needs to allow for quick or slow pauses at least weekly.

I am adopting aliases to escape authority or is it recognition? Don’t know.

I will get to everyone’s journal over the next day I promise.

Until then I will try to answer the most profound questions of the day and you should too.

Are Homes getting too large and is there really a housing bubble?????


Finally, and in reference and deference to Wombats post on Cream.......

I’ll wait in this place where the sun never shines; Wait in this place where the shadows run from themselves.

Love that song.


Strung Out Without a Light

Short note. I ditched the pillow fight and went snowboarding instead. Had to do it. I am not sure how many more times I will be able to go this winter and I needed some activity to get rid of all that pent up sexual frustration. ;)

Pia has been nominated for an award. Check this out.

The fact is that she has a writing blog and the rest of the blogs are all good in their own way but they are all basically the same thing. She is not the same thing and that is why she deserves your vote.

Then keep your eye out for the time for voting and feel free to propagate this throughout cyberspace. Or

Mizzy B - the head of the organizing commitee - will get you.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

addendum: Stolen from Pia who stole it from someone else.

Do Me: I will put the html in the sidebar when I get time. Kind of fun.

My Johari.

My Nohari.

Cross Posted to my DJ and my lj.

As I said at the end of my next to the last comment thread........

I'm strung out, without a light .... my leather worn and the wind is calling.


We want to really feel the feeling.Get Real!And we wont ever hit the ceiling.

Ridiculous, lay off it already "get real".

I use "get real" as I get emails every so often ( a lot lately... oh god what am I doing wrong), in real life too but we won't go there, which tell me to "get real". Get Real. WTF does that mean really. I guess "getting real" is better than "getting fake ". I'm totally not into getting fake. ( beware, incorrect use of adjective) So thanks. Who knows what is real and does anyone really care. I think that Margery Williams said it best in the Velveteen Rabbit:
Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all; because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand.
I'm going to "get real" now. I have a class. The wind is blowing, it's going to get cold again, I have not eaten breakfast so my stomach hurts, I can't find that tube of purple stuff that I use to sort of straighten my hair and I have to decide if I am going to attend a pillow fight in Union Square tomorrow; can't get any more real than that. Have a great weekend.


Afternoon Delight

I don't usually bother posting links to some of these sites, even though I read them, as they are usually nothing more than a bunch of people posting rhetoric back and forth and congratulating each other for their thoughts or not depending on the moment. ( Not always of course which is why I read them)This however may be a good one as there might be an original thought or two in this ( 9th Carnival of Feminists - call for submissions) so take a peak at and maybe write something on it . I can think of several people here that might have some thoughts on the subject. Even guys..................or as I am on Olympic snowboarding mode.......dudes. ;)

I don’t have time for this but maybe one of you out there might be interested. Myself ...I plan to get paid for my work the same as a man, share all house work or do none, have sex when I want and not be called a whore, not have sex when I want and not be called frigid and never allow a plastic surgeons knife to touch my body unless I do severe damage to myself in say….a snow boarding accident. :)

Pia has a featured post on BIO which you should also read and I will get to later…. because it looks like a good one and I need to think about it. Something I am unable to do until later this evening. I haven't been around as much as I would like but it has been a rather busy week. I hope to catch everyone later.

A small addendum as I am waiting for someone to return a borrowed book.

I've been watching the Olympics in spurts and frankly am glad Bode missed his gate. He may be a really nice guy but to me he is the perennial "asshole American athlete" that so many strive to be.


No I Don’t have a Wooden Heart

Snowboard boots are a little heavy for walking around in the city but I’ve worn them for two days because that is all I had with me. I wasn’t at my dorm and I didn’t feel like going to get my regular boots. Damn my legs hurt.

I shan’t forget you dear sweet blogger people on Valentine's Days as my feelings on it as stated in my last years post only apply when it concerns a love or lovers and as you all are neither I can wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. This may seem a little too frugal in light of Shayna’s gifts to us but, I have to face it, she is a really nice person and I am not. She is one of those special people who actually try to find a gift that is just right for an individual; none of this generic gift giving for her even in blog land. I’m a cynical student living in the city with a cold but not wooden heart.

Go see what she gave us.

Of love I have nothing to say. I have surely had love in my life; love of family, love of friends and maybe “the other kind” even though, admittedly, I have been stingy in that regard to this point in my life. I’m not stingy in general, but love (to me) is a vague concept for which there exists no definition that is firm and sure. It is what it is to whoever chooses to define it and to me it remains obscure. Perhaps… when time allows, and investigation proceeds it will manifest itself to me in a way that I will understand and know, and be able to say most assuredly…ah yes…I get it now. I am pretty sure that candy, flowers, dinner or diamonds will have no role, not even an understudy role, in this revelation. I have no doubt also that love will not come after a hot sweaty night on satin sheets . Dear Judy you were right I think.

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

Tell me Virgil dear if you can do you still think love conquers all?

I can only hope that Erica Jong’s musing were correct .

Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk everything, you risk even more.

They say: Someday love will finally be enough;

I say:

Until that time…………it won’t

Until then……………………………….

The heart is a lonely hunter afterall.

Happy Valentine's Day................. TO YOU. <--------------------- Click


Four Three Two One

Alright already. Sorry Michelle can't skate in the olympics but really who the heck cares anymore...she makes millions of dollars a year...I don't care one way or the other.... Do you think when the Italian dude said...no doping he meant marijuana? LOL Those snowboarders rock. I'm trying not to cheat and see who won the downhill. Snow Snow and more snow..... Not a comment worthy post so Walk on Byyyyyyy...do da da da....Walk on By....

Happiness is a warm gun (Happiness bang, bang, shoot, shoot)

Happiness is a warm gun, mama (Happiness bang, bang, shoot, shoot)

If he can't handle a gun...why are we letting him .....ya know?????????????


A Dot's Thoughts for the Weekend

I am a dot

(nothing more)

in a sea of dots.

I sometimes touch other dots

some will be moved by the touching

others will not be

that is the best I can do .

I don't really give a crap this weekend.

I had a weird experience yesterday; my roommate from freshman year showed up and delivered to me a pair of underwear which she said were mine. It appears she found them among her things and for some reason decided to bring them to me because she was going to be in my building. Now I have no real problem with this...well except for the fact if I never saw this girl again I would be quite content and I don't really need a pair of underwear almost two years old that have been sitting among this girls things forever.... but why on earth someone would bother to do this? The whole thing was quite bizarre( as is she) and I thanked her and threw the underwear in the trash and that - I think - was my biggest mistake as I did it while she was standing there instead of waiting until she left. She proceeded to start in with...."see this is the whole problem with you and always has been"............... I won't continue but as our history wasn't pleasant you can imagine that this did not add anything to an already unpleasant week. The "whole problem" with me is hardly explained by the fact that I don’t need a pair of two year old underwear of questionable ownership and wear. Geesh

No the whole problem with me is much more complicated than underwear I hope. "Maybe not". ( she thinks as she pulls the back of her thong out of the crack of her ass )

I'm staying in to do work this weekend except for a grocery trip. and maybe a poetry event which includes Taylor Mali. It is irrelevent to life but I'll be in... somewhere.

My bag is full of things that need to be completed, other stuff as well but as that stuff may be illegal we won’t discuss it here. Some notes so that you do not lack things to read this weekend.

Great rumination and worth more than consideration. (In light of the hoopla about the Danish Cartoon) here. Thanks Indie.

Some Valentine days notes here at absurdity jam. Thanks to the Wombat.

My last Valentine day post (my only one on blogger). I won't be referring to this day this year on this blog as my feelings on it stand. As no one read the last years I might as well redirect you all there this year. I prefer orchids though........... just in case.

Shayna has some good news about the vets and Eugene and if you aren't familiar with the Eugene saga you will have to start from the beginning.

I've never mentioned Ruk here before but as he finally finished his last story I am going to direct you to Ruk so now you can read it in its entirety starting here. This is only his last one there are more so check him out. Do not direct emails to me asking me why I read such shit direct them to Ruk asking him why he writes it. Ruk is truly special though so go to it.

New site added to sidebar...check out Free Radical and join in the milieu. Some of my faorite people hang there.

The Pansi files are having a blogiversary and as they did a blogiversary review on me ( even though they did not mention my fine ass ( and weirsdo is thinking " will that bitch shut up about her fine ass she is getting on my nerves" ) and I know it is because off arguments over ownership of the affections of mister dog I forgive them. Go check them out. They haven't been around this long just because of the naked gymnastic thing. ;)

So why has the Bush administration chosen this moment to suggest that genocide is no longer taking place? Some of the answer lies in the awkwardness of having declared Darfur to be the site of genocide—which Colin Powell did in September 2004—but subsequently proving unable to do anything about it. Aside from American bluster at the U.N. and some time on the ground by Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick, the Bush administration has shown no stomach for meaningful action—and certainly not for humanitarian intervention by western troops, the only means of halting the genocide. Lacking an effective policy, Bush officials apparently decided simply to rename the crisis.

read the rest here.


Wednesday Wanderings - Wonderings ? in Wonderland or Not

Wandering through the forest of concrete on a Wednesday morning while preparing my mind to accept the teachings offered to me ,at a rather hefty price tag, and wondering if I’m truly getting what I paid for. It is my responsibility to take what I paid for and make it all worth it; I realize that of course but on considering this I presume I could have gone somewhere cheaper and made more of it. Everything in the end is so dependant on me. Really annoys me sometimes.

Consider: a disillusioned electorate, recent surveys show, is profoundly fed up with politicians who speak eloquently but say little
They want a new-generation president who is honest and in touch with their daily lives, not some grand international visionary.

From Newsweek International this week, Who’s That Girl; an interesting article about the potential for Segolene Royal to become Frances first women president.

In the path of all the hoopla out there on the whole cartoon fiasco . The column by Fareed Zakaria in newsweek , which does not address the cartoon exactly but does address Islam and our current policies and knowledge of it is a must read.

Islam and Power: Is President Bush's plan to spread democracy turning into a fiasco? It doesn't have to. But it does need to change.

Cheney says we’ve done all we can for Darfur?

I’m not so sure that congress not allocating that fifty-million was everything but as Darfur has nothing to offer Cheney and his mob this is not unexpected. Three steps forward – fifteen steps back. It's not getting any prettier over there for the people who we ignore ( we meaning our media as well as our government) due to the fact that watching the GENOCIDE( and it is a genocide) is not as entertaining as watchng American Idol or news about how our low fat diets aren't gong to make us live longer). It is in reality our fault more than anything else.

Please don't ignore my renter: She she sells weird shit and Wombat you could use a hair rag I'm sure of it.

In addition: The post below was not really meant to explain but to entertain.


Just Help Yourself

Musings on a Tuesday morning; which, is actually afternoon but who is really keeping track.

Addressing the inevitable questions and statements I get asked all the time (well maybe not all the time but at least once) in my email.

“What kind of guys do you like and how do you like guys to think of you” and “what kind of relationships have you had with guys"?

1. Well I like guys who are who are kind of compliant and they usually are at first.

2. Then they get to know me and it’s more like this.

3. Inevitably it ends up like this.

Although the last one wasn’t so bad it was more like this

so enjoy


Take Me Out

We are going to try this again. This is the disappearing post from late Friday night. You can read my woe is me I've been hacked post below.

Can’t take me anywhere; I’m just a miserable person I guess. I went out after class with someone who has been around for awhile repeatedly asking me to go out.

So if you're lonely, You know i'm here waiting for you, I'm just a crosshair, I'm just a shot away from you - And if you leave here - You leave me broken shattered alive - I'm just a crosshair - I'm just a shot..then we can die - Ooohahhhhh

He told wanted to take me to this place near school which supposedly had the best soup in the city; it was chilly and I figured it was cool as I like soup because it's often loaded with vegetables; that in addition to the fact I hadnt eaten all day.

I know I wont be leaving here with you - I say don't you know - You say you don't know - I say... take me out - I say you don't show - Don't move time is slow - I say... take me out - I say you don't know - You say you don't go - I say... take me out -
He said maybe we could go somewhere else afterwards, or not, it was up to me. So we head to the king of soups place. He is a nice guy; smart enough though not brilliant, tall enough with white teeth. I was hungry, starving really. I was waiting to devour the only real food in twenty four hours, so when the much celebrated soup arrived and appeared to have a coating of grease on top I was kind of disappointed. No, more than disappointed as who in the heck can eat a bowl of liquid with little circlets of obvious fat floating around in it?

I know I wont be leaving here - (with you)- I know I wont be leaving here - I know I wont be leaving here (with you)- I know I wont be leaving here with you -

Greasy fat, and the fact that this guy actually made sort of a slurping sound while eating his soup, ( I think he thought it was actually kind of cute), made me wish I was home in bed eating chocolate ice cream. Again, stick with your gut feelings, and I don’t mean the gurgling instigated by hunger.
I say don't you know - You say you don't know - I say... take me out - If I move this could die - Eyes move this can die - C'mon...take me out -
He must have noticed my discomfiture, and culinary dissatisfaction (with at the very least the soup, and at the very most him and his noisy soup slurping habit, he is pretty smart I hear) because after he ate the soup (I didn’t I ended up ordering a lame salad which this place was definitely not noted for) he says, “I guess you don’t want to go catch a movie or something huh”. I’m pretty transparent that way, and that’s a good thing, It helps prevents misunderstandings.
I know I won't be leaving here (with you) - I know I wont be leaving here - I know I wont be leaving here (with you) - I know I wont be leaving here - (with you)
So he walked me to the violin man’s apartment where I made stuffed eggplant and pigged out. Yeah I always end up back here relatively safe and protected. Or not.

I missed Mozart’s birthday last week; someone could have reminded me!! I so like to dance in the dark on the top of the piano on that day. Too bad I had to miss that. Once it’s over it’s over though there is no going back.

Most humorous Blog winner Dedd; I hope dedd's hedd doesn't get too large.

I'm renting at Croakers...cuz he begged. Yup, he also offered when I was in the slums of life and no one would rent to me so he is like head of the cooper humanitarian effort so go say hey to him. He is having a bad month. Do not be mean to him because he blog battles or whatever the hell that is they do there. His real name isn’t croaker in case you were wondering.

Pia has made me queen of modified comments and she is buying me a country ( or getting one of her past lovers to get me one) so that I have something worthy to rule. She is special like that. Also her writing is getting better every day maybe because she has a new computer( which someone had better go over and help her work on as computers do not seem to be her specialty). Some people always need maids of one kind or another don't feel bad Pia. You can write we don’t expect you to know anything about the simple things. ;)

Bless Mizzy Bohem for looking for me all weekend and Wombat for cursing my hacker smakers.

Shayna has some chick trying to get into her pant. Literally.

More of are dying every day in Iraq....and Darfur has not gone away despite some rhethoric over the last few days, so as they lay dying don’t get your panties in to great a knot of anticipation waiting to see if Mariah the pariah gets her due. Hey, sit on front of the TV and enjoy your bowl game the commercials at least are entertaining and even once in a great while clever and original.

Speaking of Iraq I was wondering what ever happened to this guy? Last spring he asked me a question in my blog or maybe it was in my email and I answered it here and then some time later he disappeared. It was probably the first time I wrote some long serious thing that actually made sense and bless his little heart he treated me like an adult not some idiotic nineteen year old female.

I hope he comes back soon and lets us know he is alright. Here is to AHS Milblogger. May you come home safe and sound dude and if not hell with them all.
all red italicized lyrics compliments of Franz Ferdinand or whoever wrote and owns their shit. ;)

For The Moment

This is it for the moment. I just got in as I spent yesterday with some friends in Maryland although I was annoyed all day as it appeared my blog had been hacked or something. Mizzy B was quite concerned, much more so than blogger but that is to be expected because you get what you pay for.

I will be moving to a new place because it did kind of take my breath away to think I could loose a years worth of posts, but not until I figure out how to upload wordpress themes, change them to my liking and actually make them work.

I will repost the post I wrote Friday, which kept disappearing, after I do the necessary things one does after getting up at six and immediately taking a long drive. Go to the bathroom, shower, brush teeth, grab coffee etc.

You may want to click on my renter as she paid a lot of money to sit over there and not get any hits.

If this remains all squished together it is because I can't format it into paragraphs...I it just does not come out that way.


Won't You Let Me Walk You Home From School?

( Won�t you let me walk you home from school) Some guy actually asked me this today. I thought it was so kind of �back in the day"ish. Dude I live in NYC you think I�m crazy? Brought this song to mind though. Won't you let me meet you at the pool Maybe Friday I can get tickets for the dance and I'll take you I�m going to admit I fell asleep during the State of the Union and woke up as the pundits were barfing it out. From what I have heard I didn�t miss much, but do know from the extensive news coverage that the great and potential uterus thief was there but without his teary eyed spousal unit. That�s all I know. Sadly I haven�t had time to actually catch a rehash and I don�t think I�m going to . I�m growing weary of the failure of this nation to have anything even close to common sense , decency or humanity and do not want to waste a precious hour. Won't you tell your dad, "Get off my back" Tell him what we said 'bout 'Paint It Black' Rock 'n Roll is here to stay Come inside where it's okay And I'll shake you.

�Mother� ( yes I call her mother I don�t know why I have never really called her mom to her face and even she finds this strange) � have you seen my passport there anywhere�? � No why would I have occasion to see your passport, you know I don�t go through your things especially seeing all your things are boxed up or in drawers� ( ya right , you know damn well you didn�t raise an idiot so why even tell that fib ) �Okay, so will you go through my things and see if you can find my passport? Look in the desk, and the drawers and if not there go through all the boxes in the room and then in the attic� �Did you happen to throw out boxes of anything that you may have thought was junk?� �No Cooper I didn�t. Do not take on such an accusatory tone when you have misplaced something quite on your own.�

I hadn�t noticed a tone of any kind, slight anxiety maybe but panic no at least not yet.

I have lost my passport so some serious investigative work is under way. I thought that the last time I used it was London Freshman year then realized it was Chile the summer after that. (God if my memory is that bad already what is it going to be like in ten years when I�m thirty) The fact is it does make a difference when I used it last as there are several places it could be. If London was the last place than it would have been likely that it was still in my old home in Maryland packed in the attic or possible packed away in boxes in Providence, but as Chile is the last time I used it is possibly packed away in my grandmothers attic in Charleston in a house I currently own, as it was left to me upon her death, or...that I somehow threw it away or brought it to NY with me that autumn and lost it. This could pose a problem which I have to try to rectify quickly if I am going to Costa Rica. Fuck it all.

Won't you tell me what you're thinking of Would you be an outlaw for my love If it's so, well, let me know If it's "no", well, I can go I won't make you

italicized lyrics/ Alex Chilton