Abstinence - Nah.

I started this blog awhile ago just to have a place to write random things that no one wanted to read. I actually started one prior to this but never used it, except for the original entry, due to time constraints and things that kept me otherwise occupied. Funny thing is that over time I decided I needed people to read it, not people I know but just people in general, so I signed up for technorati and blog explosion. Weirdly enough people did read it and sometimes even commented. Some people, don�t comment, they send emails and some of the emails are not all that nice and are anonymous. So I am cleaning out my email box and deleting all this stuff I decided to use them as a basis for a post; I am supposed to be doing some kind of comparative on family and kinship as related to two major religions but as I have most of it done I am taking a break. I recant I am only using one email as the response is long winded. This sort of goes to show that one can actually infer many things from reading people�s journals that are not necessarily true. I have wondered lately if one could in anyway actually get a feel for who someone really was by reading their journal so this email is the one I am going to post. Email from anonymous: I would be proud to have you as a daughter. I think your views on sex are right and hope that my daughter�s will abstain from such activity until they find the man they would marry. My daughters are eight and ten. I want to know exactly how you were brought up I find that I want to get clues as to what to do to convey such things to my girls. You use a word now and then that I don�t like but otherwise I find some insight here. This goes to show that inferences are not always accurate. I hate writing this as I do so love to be liked and maybe this woman, I assume it was a woman even though it was anonymous and could I suppose be a man , won't think so highly of me after this. I don�t know where I ever inferred or stated that I believed in abstinence, I don�t. I believe in self preservation. I also don�t think it matters one way or the other how you bring kids up except to allow them to do things on their own that will give them a healthy dose of self esteem , teach them to respect others and to respect themselves and in the end hopefully it will all work out; if they end up remaining abstinent until marriage due to something they feel strongly about then so be it. I will tell you however that although I have probably made it clear I am not real big on sex for the sake of sex I am not an advocate of abstinence. Teach kids to respect themselves, think for themselves and more then likely they will not be taken advantage of and will not do something they regret. The people I know who were most heavily indoctrinated with abstinence as the only way were also the most promiscuous people I knew. They were needy in other ways. I am not saying that all people that were taught abstinence were promiscuous or that one should not as a parent have that right but sometimes parents have blinders on, they think that taking their children out of health classes in middle school because they don�t want them listening to talk about vaginas and penis�s in a mixed gender classroom will in some way save them and preserve their innocence. They think that preaching abstinence and telling kids that no self respecting girl (or boy) for that matter, would have sex outside of marriage, or at least outside of a relationship that was seen as permanent, will keep them safe and free from such sins; the problem here is the sin train of thought, and or the fear train of thought. Too much fear prevents one from obtaining necessary knowledge, and too much sin rhetoric puts your kids onto thinking they are sinning if they are having sex, leading them always to have some lingering feeling that sex is bad, and this will carry over into their later life. How are you really going to enjoy something that someone has portrayed to you as either being kind of dirty or extremely sacrosanct? It�s neither really as I think that even in the most religiously based unions ,once in awhile, people fuck without all the �omg this is such a totally uniting like with god experience�. I think it is better to be practical and to put it all out on the table with kids. I think that going out into the world armed with knowledge is the best thing. I think you can let your kid know you want them to remain abstinent is your prerogative but really believing they actually will remain so is putting blinders on. Your best bet as above is arming them with knowledge, and filling them with some degree of self importance as well as teaching them respect for self and to respect others. Just remember that it is most likely your child will not remain abstinent, it is then good idea to arm them with enough self esteem and knowledge to not get carried away on some spur of the moment passion filled night and be able to think clearly, and for sheer self preservation, consider not ever having sex with someone that has not been recently tested for sexually transmitted diseases. I am not kidding. I am not big on abstinence except for the reason of self preservation. My parents did not teach abstinence to me, my brother did but not my parents. ( damn yuppie wanna be but missed it by a few years hippies) I am very big on self preservation, and knowledge, and as we all know knowledge is power. Although in many cases self preservation may invoke abstinence, at least for extended periods of time, it is not the same thing. The redundancy in this post is intentional. If I lived in a less, shall we say, virus prone time, I would probably be a lot less likely to care about any of it and would probably be out doing some lanky blonde film student who had nothing more going for him then being aesthetically pleasing, staying power and magic fingers.


Help With Decision

Due to finals approaching and my inability to keep up with current affairs I�m going to answer a comment/ question someone posted. I should thank him for giving me something to write about eh.

AHS MilBlogger( Blogging Live From Iraq) commented/questioned. Writes: �On a totally unrelated topic, I am debating going to school in DC, NYC, or Boston. I did undergrad in Boston, so I have a good feel for life there. I've spent some time in DC, so I have a general idea of that place. I never done anything more than drive through NYC and thank my lucky stars that I still had money in my wallet after hitting all of those 5 and 10 dollar toll booths. If you had it to do over again, would you have gone to college in NYC? And why? Sounds like a good blog topic to me."

Not sure it�s worth a whole entry and looking at that question �would you do it again� I�m not sure the commenter actually knew I was a college student and that I have only been here a couple of years, so looking back and thinking about whether I would do it again is not really an option as I haven�t exactly done it yet; so far so good though.

I would take NY over DC in a hairy minute.
NY is so�..Ghetto.

I have been to Boston a few times but not enough to really voice an opinion; my only experience there was getting spit on by someone in Chinatown, and a Redsox game but that is another story. Boston is nice; I wouldn�t want to live there, I could but I wouldn�t want to.

So take into consideration that I am simply an almost twenty year old college student and I know nothing.I just think I do, here goes.

DC: I spent most of my middle and high school years in the sub- sub burbs of DC.( yes I meant sub- sub) DC is a smallish four quadrant city, it really is, and the main point about DC is no one lives in the city, everyone lives in the suburbs and people that live in the contiguous suburbs say they are from DC. The only habitable part is the North West Quad although they have been doing a lot of work to the rest of the city and even building some new housing in places that in the past no one would dare tread, ( Anacostia), and there are some big plans and some nice waterfront development along the Potomac. The city itself, I feel, was run by a coke addict for so many years that it is still struggling with what I can only compare to some type of debilitating post traumatic stress disorder. You would think the Federal Government would take their capitol and really do it proud, would you not? They have a new baseball team though and some people are overjoyed with that. They do like their sports there,(Redskins, Redskins, Redskins), it�s a fairly clean place. There are a few small clubs, a couple of large venues , the theater district is (almost)nil; the national museum of art is radically awesome though as are the rest of the things on the mall. Georgetown and Adams Morgan are probably the places you will find most of the under thirty crowd and then some. The metro will take you to most of the places you need to go but then again there are a limited number of places to go.There is a lot going on in the immediate suburbs though and Baltimore which is virtually on it's backyard has it's own charm. ( but also a very high violent crime rate) Also of note: An eighth of an inch of snow will paralyze DC and the town closes up early for the most part.

I have never been as frightened in NYC as I was in DC at night. I hear it is improving yearly though and the murder rate is down.

If you�re into international business, global politics, economics, law then DC is probably the place to be as the opportunities in those areas would be high in DC.

NYC: mass of humanity living in what is actually a lot of different neighborhoods; people do live in the city. There is life on the street, or street life depending on how you look at it. This to me is one of the biggest benefits; I study people, photograph people and need to be somewhere where there are a large number of people. The streets are what attract me. The city has clean parts and dirty parts and some parts are pretty dirty, most of it is dirtier in most places then even the dirtiest parts of DC.

The subway covers most of the places you need to go or you can take a bus; the difference is there are thousands of places to go. The streets are full and the city truly never sleeps. Snow ,,,eh a blizzard might shut us down but otherwise plan on getting up and going to work or school because it won�t be a sleep day. You will never be able to say you can�t find anything that interests you, things to do are limitless. Both are expensive, NYC more so but living inside the beltway is going to cost you a pretty penny. If you tend toward fits of melancholy then NY might be a hard place, as it might be for an introvert, as you may have to go out of your way to meet people. There is an abundance of art, theatre, shopping, fashion, food, homeless shelters and rats. That is not necessarily a bad thing as if DC had more rats it might keep those undesirables in at night and maybe real people would be on the streets. DC is diverse of course but NY has large chunks of ethnicity here and there and it makes DC look shockingly bland in comparison.If you�re seriously considering coming to NY for grad school you might want to spend some time here first. Some people just don�t like it and they feel overwhelmed by it, lost, and in some cases repelled. I think with this city it is either love it or �nice place to visit but�. I fell in love with it in tenth grade. Additionally you will walk enough to maintain a fine butt.

It is so dependent on the individual. Hope this helps.


Click me Stupid

A quote taken out of someone's blog: . �I am writing this article to encourage bloggers to click on the advertising on all of the blog sites they visit. Most of us are doing this on our own time, and these clicks can help us improve our blogs as well as take care of our families.� I couldn't even read the blog after reading this and I do try to read at least two a day I don�t want to click on stupid advertisings. I think all blogs with advertising, except blog traffickers, should be banned or at the very least put in a separate category so I never have to look at them.( I am busy) If you want to sell stuff get a website. If these clicks help you take care of your family then maybe you need to stop worrying about improving your blog and get a job or if you have one get two. I think it is really nice that your doing it on your own time but just think , if you were doing it on someone else�s time that would mean you were at work, wouldn�t be wasting your own time, and would not need to ask people to click on links to help you take care of your families. I had a really good day don't know why I am so foul tempered. The nicer side. I got an email from my mother letting me know the lilac bushes were in bloom and should peak this week. My favorite flower, if indeed they are a flower which technically they may not be, they blossom, last for a very short period of time, and like many good things disappear much sooner then we would wish. So, and this is hokey, it shows that one must appreciate good things as they are often fleeting ; in and out of our lives very quickly. This may sound sad but we shouldn't despair, as with lilacs, good things come again and will come forever.


Less Whining About Sex: Darfur

Quick note free of self centered whining about something as ridiculously unimportant, in the scheme of things, as my lack of acceptable dating material and, perhaps future sexual partners and back to things more significant . Noticing that when I add the word sex to the title or even to the blog hits tend to go up; I faked a pass. I know you�re all busy casting votes on who the next American Idol might be or, deciding whether you will puchase the Spade or the Prada purse but, in between that take a look at these links; they come in handy when you are trying to figure out what good you can do in this world. Passion of the Present Passion of the Present is a place for sharing ideas and inspiration. Our simple, focused aim is to help stop the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. LoadedMouth Some older stuff you may need to catch up on: Jim Moore's Journal: Reporting on systems evolving If you don't really feel like reading or investigating due to the fact that you're too tired from all the work you have at your thirty to forty thousand dollar a year college or you�re hundred and fifty or upwards a year job then just check out Modiba and purchase a CD to shake your butt too in your free time. MODIBA is a production collective united in a love of African music, a passion for modern filmmaking, and a commitment to the social and economic empowerment of the African Continent. MODIBA's first album, "ASAP: the Afrobeat Sudan Aid Project," was officially launched on November 23, 2004. This album features Afrobeat music (a funky, dancable, uptempo, political, African music) contributed by top African musicans to raise money and awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. Unicef


How a Hot Guy Becomes a Loser in a Matter of a Few Hours

With the slow demise of my sophomore year of college I don�t have a whole lot of time to stay on top of the news. I�m going to scrap any commentary on current events this week as I just haven�t kept up with them. I know there�s a new pope and that is about all. I am going to concentrate instead on the personal and, I promise this will be brief but, as I have been often told I am too circumspect and need to get a life besides school here goes. I am usually very busy having come to school with a few basic goals all which were academic in nature. I choose a school where I could accomplish those goals, in a city that would provide more then the usual college activities. I tried very hard to stay out of the way of things that would interfere with those goals and, for the most part have succeeded. I made a few very good friends who I gladly add to the very good friends I already have and I feel that these people will be there for life; life is good that way. On the other hand I have not really dated much for several reasons, time and school being the biggest, there is never enough time and although very attracted to the male species, I am not into random hook-ups for the single purpose of satisfying a physical urge. I don�t care if other people do it and don�t look down upon them for doing so I just don�t care to go there myself; I think my fear of germs comes into play here to be honest. I am not a perfect person nor am I na�ve or innocent as to the way of things but ya,that�s the way it goes. The guys I have been out with since coming to college , for the most part but not including a guy a dated last fall, have all in some way within the first few times of my going out with them actually ended up repelling me in some way. Now I mention this only because it has happens enough so that some of my friends are beginning to think I am just way too particular about guys and I need to reevaluate my stance on things and take a look at myself and, I hate doing that. I find that after two years here I am kind of tired of not finding anyone that I can stand for more then fifteen seconds. Don�t get me wrong, I love men. I love to look at them, love to be around them, I love photographing them and, some of my best friends both in high school and college are guys. My first best friend from college is a guy who saved my life,( metaphorically) ,more times then not last year and he is hot but, for some reason I see him as my brother more then anything. So here is the deal. After a long day of classes I go out for a few hours with a guy I met some time ago. Now this guy is hot, great to look at, does not appear to be what I call the ,�I�m a male model�type, is very intelligent has a great smile and, likes the Sex Pistols and Ben Harper.( that I threw in for effect but it�s true). Now I had hung out with him on a number of occasions and so far it had all seemed pretty much ok. I enjoyed talking to him and we had some things in common in that we both snowboard, we both travel a lot and he has been to both Australia, where I lived for a time and Chile where I spent last summer as well as London, a place I love. We both have older siblings were catholic at one point but are having doubts at this point etc. Up to this point he was pretty decent, we could talk about a lot of things like music and snowboarding and the intelligent design theory, ha ha ; we had been to a concert together some time ago and both came out with the exact same opinions of it... looking good. So we go out tonight just because we both felt like not studying��.first stop dinner about a half hour away from where I live a little place , it was semi crowded and whatever. The thing is the waiter brought this guy the wrong drink�.he sort of went off at the waiter and then when the waiter was gone started he started to belittle waiters and then all people who are waiters. Ok, my mind is thinking this really sucks because who the fuck cares if someone brings you the wrong drink, it is not the end of the world and really you only have to say.� sorry I think you brought me the wrong drink�,. Ok fine, he went off maybe he was tired, but this kind of thing really just makes people so unattractive to me. Next we leave and on the way back to where I live I stopped to get some flowers for my roommate as she had a great day and deserved flowers, he made a remark, sort of an ethnic remark about the vendor which just added to the thing he did at the restaurant and all of a sudden I could not wait to get away from this guy. So, this is how a hot guy becomes a total loser to me in a matter of a few hours. I mean I knew my roommate was going to ask me all sorts of questions about the guy as one of my roommates has been gaga over him for a few weeks. Now I had to face them and tell them thumbs down for me and then they will try to dissect my problem. Thing is it�s not a problem, it get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when people belittle others for absolutely no reason, I get sick feelings in the pit of my stomach when people make ethnic / racial remarks for no reason and, I just can�t get past it. If it means I am too judgmental so be it but I think it speaks to character to the point that I will never get past it. So that was my day more or less and to think I acutally could have been here doing the work I now need to stay up late to do. Signed Girl who had really crappy evening


They Did It Again: Hoaxes, Computers and Academia.

Yes folks it happened again, and for the fact the fact that the graduate students involved were sick and tired of receiving computer generated spam soliciting entries to what they felt were questionable academic conferences.

Jeremy Stribling, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said yesterday that he and two fellow MIT graduate students questioned the standards of some academic conferences, so they wrote a computer program to generate research papers complete with nonsensical text, charts and diagrams. The graduate students randomly and somewhat wickedly basically compiled a bunch of nonsensical papers and submitted two of them to the World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (WMSCI), scheduled to be held July 10-13 in Orlando, Florida.

One of the papers, -- "Rooter: A Methodology for the Typical Unification of Access Points and Redundancy" -- was accepted for presentation.

�Rooter� is full of intellectually overwhelming jewels: "the model for our heuristic consists of four independent components: simulated annealing, active networks, flexible modalities, and the study of reinforcement learning" and "We implemented our scatter/gather I/O server in Simula-67, augmented with opportunistically pipelined extensions, is a mere sampling.

According to Stribling they chose WMSCI because within the field of computer science they are notorious perpetrators of the aforementioned conference spam.

As of this time the conference organizers had not rescinded their invitation to present the paper but one of the conference organizers, Nagib Callaos, said that there were a small number of papers accepted prior to review ; the papers were being reviewed but the feedback had not been given as of the acceptance date. Evidently as the paper had not yet been rejected by any of the three reviewers prior to the acceptance deadline they felt it was unfair to reject the paper. The conference itself takes no responsibility for a non reviewed paper, that responsibility lies with the author (s) if the paper.The conference organizers are actively reviewing their acceptance procedures following this hoax. There was no absolute answer as to if the MIT students invitation would be rescinded but Callaos said �Bogus papers should not be included in the conference program."

Some might remember several years ago a hoax was accomplished when New York University physicist Alan Sokal succeeded in getting an entire paper with a mix of truths, falsehoods, non sequiturs and otherwise meaningless mumbo-jumbo published in the journal Social Text.

More on the Social Text affair as it was called can be found at: http://www.physics.nyu.edu/faculty/sokal/. A nifty little post modernism generator, which will churn you out a nifty little paper whenever you click on the link, can be found here at http://www.elsewhere.org/cgi-bin/postmodern/

Stribling and his partners in this little experiment were unaware of the � Social Text Affair� until after their papers were submitted.

You can also find my article at Blogger News Network . Like anyone really wants to read it twice. LOL I think they edited it as they did not like my verbage. secret: I write all my papers with a random generator of some kind or another.


Fuck for Forest ?

I know that title is going to give the search engine a chill right up the old spine.

I am going to reference another blog and website in this little entry. Pourquoi Pas and SF Gate, I passed through there just now and although really don�t have the time to write an entry here tonight it caught my eye.

The blogs allude to a website called Fuck for Forest .

The point of this post is that it seems some innovative Norwegians have made over a hundred thousand dollars for their eco-cause by using profits from their porn site. Eco-Porn ; a relatively new term I guess. It appears however; that my philanthropic contemporaries are having a hard time giving the money away as the very people it was meant for don�t want to dirty their hands with money from such an endeavor. I am not sure if a charity should be so fussy or not but whatever.

Putting aside taboos and the rigorous pseudo standards of those blessed with a more succinct moral code; this is actually a very clever way to get money for charity.

I should of course be indignant that such a website actually exists but of course they exist; they always have and always will so why not make good use of the generated income.

That having been said I am not sure if I am going to add Fuck for Forest to my permanent linkage. Do it for Darfur I would definitely add though.


Herpes, and mean old blaghie me.

Random crapola:

Comfortably easy day today. I think most of my classes for next year are set. I wished I had not dropped linguistic this term I have to take it anyway. I�m thinking I better take a nice long nap this summer. One project coming to a close and I can�t wait.

Another blogger was posting about this:

�APRIL 5--Claiming that Michael Vick gave her herpes, a Georgia woman is suing the star NFL quarterback for negligence and battery. According to the below lawsuit, Sonya Elliot, a 26-year-old health care worker, was infected with the sexually transmitted disease in April 2003 after an unprotected encounter with Vick at the athlete's Duluth, Georgia home.�I really have not seen any coverage on it I admit but my comment is basically that if you�re stupid you should not be able to sue over it.

The above prompted one of my roommates to look around on line for information on herpes etc.; she is like that, she gets on these tangents. Anyhow, she comes up with a message board with the likes of this posted.


Now granted the board is based in the UK but there is enough of the same thing around based in the good old USA. . My thought is brief. If you can�t write properly you probably shouldn�t be making inquiries of that type anyway.

�yea u hear loads of stuf thou ! and its hard 2 no wots true n aint true rily.�

My favorite:

�Plus if you continue to swallow the 'substances' then it does accually in fact increase your chances of becomming pregant belive it or not later on in life, as you body builds up a imunity to it therefore making your own body more subseptable to it.�

Taken off Yahoo News.

By LAURIE KELLMAN, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON - Police on Monday tackled and forcibly dragged away a man dressed in black and carrying two suitcases who had stationed himself in front of the west side of the U.S. Capitol.

Is there no proof reading ?

I am cold and can�t think of one good reason to be writing here today.

Not wanting to become like those mean old blaghie people I am retiring to the utopic land of Prehistoric Art and Symbolic Evolution.


Food Is Fuel, Nothing More.

I really want to go to bed but I just found this and I find it interesting. http://www.rightonblog.net. I found it interesting that the red companies were so full of corporations that make people fat. It might have been that this guy just spent a lot of his money at companies that make people fat and I missed the companies that did not. The point really is not about red or blue companies but the blog just got me thinking about food in general and how people in this country eat. I know there are some who feel that the government is in a conspiracy to make us fat, therefore unhealthy, therefore in need of expensive drugs and the need to purchase these expensive drugs feeds our economy. I have no idea; I am an anthropology /photography major. I believe that anything is possible for the sake of money though. Admittedly they are not subsidizing tomato, asparagus and broccoli farmers; making those products much more expensive and therefore less likely to be consumed by those of limited income. Why is this? Isn�t it pretty clear by now that in order to stay healthy this country needs to eat better. Subsidize the broccoli farmers for goodness sake. Have you seen people eat? They are gluttons. Food is meant as fuel for your body and nothing more. That is all there is to it. You don�t need to eat for fun, entertainment or even for enjoyment. You should go out and walk, run, ski, skate, sail �anything for enjoyment. FOOD IS FUEL NOTHING MORE. Partially brought on by the fact that I went out to dinner with a group of people; we went to what is basically an upscale hamburger joint. The smallest hamburger was a half a pound of meat. No one needs to eat a half a pound of meat at one sitting. One serving of fries ,appeared to me at least , to be enough to feed ten people, yet people were ordering these things as one serving for themselves. I was just in some kind of �looking at people and what they can actually shove into their mouth� kind of a trance. Forgive me.


I love Thursdays.

I had a couple hours between classes today. I love Thursdays for this reason. Tuesdays I have an additional ( sort of) class stuck right in there at 11:30 to 1:15 making it rather crunchy but onThursdays I have that 10:45 till 2:15 space open. Did I say I love Tuesdays?

I feel kind of weird as the thing I wrote about hair gel two days ago was posted in someone else�s blog as of today. I thought that was kind of weird as either there is not that much original material to go around or there are more people making the mistake of using hair gel for shampoo then I thought and therefore I am not as special as I presumed.


Cobain, sex and relationships and hair gel and other things to note.

Things to note are as follows: Someone sent me an email and called me an irreverent little bitch. I found out that I was using hair gel to wash my hair for the whole past week and to top it off my bagel had mold on it. I am not worth as much as I had hoped. I am worth $2,533,890.00 on HumanForSale.com Also of note, at least according to some, the eleventh anniversary of Kurt Cobain�s death; I can�t really make a mental note of it and certainly would not have thought it significant except as an prime example of not to do heroin. Eleven years ago I was eight years old almost nine �I don�t think I listened to Nirvana until well after he had passed into the never land and I certainly think he is just a prime example of the mess we can make if we choose to do so. There are tortured artists and there are tortured artists and I don�t see him as one. It does smell like teen spirit though. Read in a blog: ( sorry I forgot which one) Boy meets girl, boy dines girl, girl and boy go to bed, girl and boy develop relationship. This seems somewhat screwy to me. I mean develop relationship might need to come prior to go to bed. Just a thought. I mean if one wants to go to bed but has no plans to develop relationship that is fine but this was someone blogging about relationships and why they don�t work out and if one should let someone know you were glad to be seeing them etc. I think it perfectly acceptable for people if they choose to go to bed just to go to bed if that is what it is from the beginning but it seems a lot of women out there looking for relationships use the aforementioned model. If you are looking for a relationship I suggest you have one before going to bed. If you are just looking for bed then by all means go to bed but don�t then complain about it not being the relationship you wanted. Is this that hard to understand? Maybe it's just me but having that thing inside you is kind of unappealing if you don't have a relationship with what is connected to it. Not that I know I am not real big on relationships but it is my opinion and I stand by it. Finally: ABC news: Responding to Pope John Paul II's request, the Vatican will depart from centuries-old tradition by ringing bells in addition to sending up white smoke to signal the election of his... what a party animal he was. The real story.


Styrofoam scares me and it should scare you.

Notes for today:

Should one feel guilty placing bets on the Papacy? Shouldn�t they give us a clear list of candidates? Hard to bet when there is no real frame of reference. For all I know my friend Anthony is being considered, he is RC, ethnically representative of South America, the Philippines and the US, speaks three languages and would be willing (I am sure) to take on a few more. So please; a list guys.

I think I am the only anime hater in the free world.

From the Guardian Unlimited. Since her death 150 years ago, Charlotte Bront� has been sanitized as a dull, Gothic drudge. Far from it, says Tanya Gold; the author was a filthy, frustrated, sex-obsessed genius. I concur. My first sexual thoughts were subsequent to reading her books in middle school. I, in a time warped fashion, knew what she meant.

Things to remember:

1. When you kill someone while driving drunk or chemically impaired it is not an accident it is murder. Please walk drunk as much as you like but don�t drive drunk. 2. Styrofoam scares me and it should scare you too. 3. Darfur

Too much work.


I Got Nothing.

For the life of me I do not understand the Oprah phenomenon. Go with me here though. The other night my roommate, a diehard Oprah fan, starts watching a tape of the show she missed during the day, this show was about swingers, not only was it about swingers but the people on the show were thirty � forty something adult professionals with children. One couple was originally going to stay in shadow but decided, God knows why, to come out. (So to speak) I know I am young but something about this seems particularly grotesque. I am not sure if it was because I did not find any of these couples particularly attractive or because the thought of people my parents age going around to �clubs� to have sex with various people kind of distasteful. Who knows maybe my fear of bacteria comes into play here. I hate to say it but I think Oprah was really getting into it. She is the ultimate voyeur in my opinion and she does it in a way that makes people say �yeah�. Go Oprah. Adults love to watch this stuff as it makes their dirty little thoughts seem so much cleaner.

Anyway I got nothing.

This was going through my mind while writing a paper and waiting for the news of the Popes demise.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Sadly Mitch Hedberg is really dead it was not an April fool�s joke. Don�t forget Darfur.

I think this blog is really written by a man but either way it's scary.

Respect is earned not given. Sorry.

Consider this.

Just food for thought.