For My Monster From His Slab Began to Rise, and Suddenly to My Surprise

It will be a come play with us, we see dead people, dirty pillows kind of night; so terrifying to think that evil could be standing right next to you or even be you. You pray you are not evil or that if you are others won�t be able to tell. The Village Parade preparations begin.

There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.
Linus The Great Pumpkin is only my second favorite Peanuts movie; it is either a great pumpkin tale in which one can make fun of people who believe in things that are not so, or it is one of the greatest acts of sophistry of all time; not that it takes much with five year olds. I do not believe in the Great Pumpkin; I have heard rumors being spread that would indicate otherwise, and I want to set the record straight. I will neither confirm nor deny that I , one Halloween eve when much younger, claimed to have witnessed the coming of the Great Pumpkin. We all did things when very young that we don�t lay claim to, and as perfect as I am I am no exception; that is as it should be as perfection is boring and life without fantasy is just life. I do apologize to all my friends for misleading them in that regard but please... to claim that you have been damaged for life due to this fact is pure histrionic exaggeration. ( that may or may not make sense but go with me here) I blame the likes of Dr Phil and Fox News for this type of thinking, but face it most of you were crazy long before I met you. The pressure, (in those days), to believe in the Great Pumpkin was often more than I could stand, so throwing out a simple yea �he came to me too� was not really much of a stretch and didn't even seem like a lie really. I didn�t even start it; it was that really pale vampire toothed kid with the dark purplish eyes who started it. I couldn�t help going a little further as I tend to lean toward descriptive speech and wanted everyone to know that if I saw the Great Pumpkin it was surely large, not quite round with long brown eyelashes, wearing a pair of brown Doc Martens and of the most vivid orange one could ever imagine. I knew I would get you with the fact that he passed out Nintendo games to his favorite kids. You would believe anything if it involved those stupid video games. Is it my fault you all bought every aspect of the deception except the gender? I don�t think so. I still don�t understand how you could believe there was a big magic pumpkin that came every Halloween but wouldn�t believe the pumpkin was a pumpkiness. My mission is solely to inform you that , despite some suggestion to the contrary, there is no Great Pumpkin or Great Pumpkin designer in the sky. The Great Pumpkin debate is finished as it is not a legitimate assertion and not worthy of further discussion. Face it if there were really a Great Pumpkin no one would have to say, as did poor Charlie Brown, I got a rock besides that because of the mess we have made of the pumpkin patch - To quote Linus again - You'll be sorry if he comes!


Murder, Mundane and Intentionally Simple for Witch Weekend

I will be here eventually to post something intentionally mundane so as not to tax everyone's squishy gray/grey matter prior to the weekend. In the meantime study up on THE GREAT PUMPKIN; there will be a quiz. For now I must help with the design and construction of a slutty widow costume as I am attending an event requiring me to present myself to the world as such. I was assigned this mission I did not choose it. I do take my assignment seriously and will carry it out to the best of my abilty. Murder in the Catskills after an episode of the sicks will be a test of my inner strength, but the genes of fortitude run in my family and the blood of Moll Flanders curses through my veins; all is good.


Without a Title but Not Without a Bra

I am the best judge of not so many things. I am lost in a maze of books, papers, pics and pixels; it is fuzzy as to where I go from here. I�m drinking blueberry juice to keep my brain on fire but it�s not working; my brain is soggy like an old log saturated by record rainfall. The moss is beginning to grow inside of it and that damn moss is hard to get rid of; I fear that mushrooms are the next logical step. I can still pick out a good pair of spider like scissors though so all is not lost. I think I'm going to rent my blog just for fun. I'm bored, the weather is coming and going and I have too much to do. I�m quite ill today and in a self imposed confinement of sorts. I�m doing this(blog), of course, instead of sleeping, and in between reading and trying to write regular old "have to" stuff. This is like a cigarette break I guess only less deadly. Gawd Damn will they indict someone already; such an inefficient bureaucracy. I would have had it finished by at least yesterday. I have a blog at wordpress it already has a name because when it was given to me I had to name it, so I named it idego; I�m not sure what to do with it if anything. I think you can get word press blogs for free but if anyone wants one I have two invites; email me and I�ll send you one. The templates are clean and simple, you can�t play with the templates but the linkage is easy.I also found that this girl, CAZ, has some great templates to use and to play with for blogger; they are clean and aesthetically pleasing. It is of course true, but only trivially so, that New York is full of cold hearted people doing their business wrapped up in the rush of the day , the kill , the money, and the scene, mindless of others; I don�t find this to be so. I�ve had many offers of soupage and sponge baths and surely one would not find such offers in a cold hearted city.I will slither delicately in between some six hundred thread count Egyptians, ( a gift from the other grand mere) ,at this time and prepare my mind and body for an attempt at attending my class of the dark time. The Coalition for Darfur post follows: Continue reading please. My selfish enemy Still has the best of me Empty and feeling numb Wish I could take it away I can�t control the need To weak to not concede Wish I was deaf and dumb Wish I could fake it Seether click link below or continue reading. Looming Catastrophe: In the last few weeks, there have been a series of warning signs that the situation in Darfur, already horrific, is rapidly deteriorating. Two weeks ago, Juan Mendez, the UN's Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, returned from Darfur and warned that the situation was worsening, stating frankly that "the situation much more dangerous and worrisome than I expected it to be." Shortly thereafter, the UN declared that, due to insecurity, large portions of the region were deemed "no go" areas, which in turn cut off aid access to at least 650,000 people. The UN also evacuated all non-essential personel from West Darfur. All the while, attacks on the displaced continued and seven AU monitors were killed in an ambush. Not long after that, the New York Times reported that the Janjaweed militias, equipped and supported by the Sudanese government, were acting with complete impunity and were "now emboldened enough to turn their guns on the government." That was followed by a frantic statement from Antonio Guterres, the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees, that "everything is getting out of control" and that the international community had just weeks to attempt to restore order in Darfur or risk "a very serious degeneration of the situation." That, in turn, was followed by a report that "more than 100,000 people are now believed to have died in the Darfur region of Sudan since the United Nations Security Council set a 30-day deadline last year for the Khartoum regime to begin to resolve the crisis in the area." That is on top of the several hundred thousand who had died prior to UN-issued deadline. Amid all of this, and mostly ignored by the press, former Secretary of State Colin Powell told an audience that the world had failed to "fully face" the genocide in Darfur. That is something of an understatement, but considering that it was Powell himself who first declared that what was happening in Darfur was indeed genocide - more than one year ago - it is certainly worth noting. One year ago, the world knew it was genocide and did nothing. One year later, UN officials are warning that "everything is getting out of control" and that Darfur risks descending into utter anarchy, bringing with it an untold loss of life ... and still the world does nothing. Philippe Gaillard was head of the International Committee of the Red Cross mission in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide - and though the following quote refers to international community's failure to respond to the atrocities in Rwanda, it could just as well apply to the failure to respond to Darfur

In such circumstances, if you don't at least speak out clearly, you are participating in the genocide. If you just shut up when you see what you see -- morally, ethically you cannot shut up. It's a responsibility to speak out. It did not change anything, and it �[did not] move the international community. I just can say that they cannot tell us or tell me that they didn't know. They were told every day what was happening there. So don't come back to me and tell me, "Sorry, we didn't know." No. Everybody knew.


Rosa Parks: It Has All Been Said - So Let Us Ponder.

Rosa Parks: There is nothing to say that hasn't been said. To be courageous enough, to respect oneself enough to stand up and say I don't deserve this, we don't deserve this To unknowingly( or not) start a movement which would, at least, be the beginning of the end. To be willing to �go there� despite the risks That is courage And let us not forget that she did this intentionally and with purpose. It did not just happen. She is a hero.


I oppose the Miers nomination

I oppose the Miers nomination. My argument is fairly simple. I have not, tax paying citizen that I am, seen any information passed along or been able to find any information in my research that would indicate to me that she has the brilliance of mind that I feel someone nominated for the supreme court should have. Simply put it is the if you only had a brain syndrome. Roberts, whom I also opposed, did have evidence of such a mind presented to me. The fact that Roe v Wade will certainly be overturned is a secondary reason, and that dear people will be most harmful to the women at the lower end of the economic spectrum. I've discussed this on more appropriate forums so that will not be discussed here. I am justified as cronyism is one thing but a crony without a brain is unforgivable. It�s the United States Supreme Court for goodness sake. Present me with some information to establish her as smart enough to do the job and I might reconsider. I doubt it due to her apparent basic ideology but if there is evidence that jusitifes her nomination I would like to see it. The Truth Laid Bear - A blog survey so to speak. State your case on your blog.


We Are Nowhere and It's Now

The near orgasmic way some guys are discussing the return of hockey has given me the creeps. News summary for the week: No child left behind - Not No Bling - No Biggy Miers- Outta here. Please start handing out those indictments now.

She has given in to the gray days of now; the gray blends in better with the buildings in her city so it's as it should be. She is a gray girl anyway, and that's not bad. She used to think that it would be nice to be a red/green or a yellow/ orange girl, but she didn't have the disposition for it so gave in and remained the gray girl. The gray girl knows that reason and rationality are culturally dependent but worries, as her own cultural relativity has become a cultural surreal relativity ; therefore she vows not to read the New York Times for at least a week.
If you hate the taste of wine Why do you drink it till you're blind? I've got no plans in too much time I feel too restless to unwind I'm always lost in thought as I walk a block To my favorite neon sign bright eyes


You Are a Child of the Universe

One Word: Midterms. You may wonder why I am out doing the streets, going to concerts and in general smacking off when I have things such as mid-terms. You may call me lazy girl; I often call myself that so you may as well. It is worth it to note; however, that I am totally ensconced in work most of the time, and this year I promised myself that I would not leave the entire world behind, and I have been fairly successful at this not leaving the world behind thing so far this year. I do get stomach aches when I know I have work that is not done, this is some curse of my family, my brother missed this curse but I think everyone else in my family, branching out in both directions, qualify for it. I am ignoring the stomach aches of guilt and going out anyway and it seems to be working well. Little men in my mind say congratulations you have crossed that divide, that invisible crack that has kept you prisoner these last two years ; be careful though as when that crack becomes a canyon you will not be able to get back. Little men in my mind So helpful at times; always keeping me straight. email:

I read all those blogs you link to I read your comments on those people blogs Your comments are tainted with sexuality
If you feel my comments in your blog are tainted with sexuality raise your hand. Before we get to the hand raising I want to make it clear that this ---> ;) is not a sexual expression. Breath in������ Avoid loud and aggressive persons they are vexatious to the spirit. Breath out���� Several people (I won't name those of you who emailed me with this particular question so as not to embarrass you) did not understand the post preceding the last one and thought it meant that my comments were gone for good. No Fear the comments are here. I am a comment whore in both directions even though my comments are not tainted with sexuality. Comments Have Returned to Wonderland or Not title and italized words from the Desiderata.


Be More Than a Witness, or Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

Tomorrow, October 18 , please join thousands around the country in a National Call-In Day for Darfur coordinated by the Genocide Intervention Fund , the Save Darfur coalition, and the Friends Committee on National Legislation. Last year, Congress and the Bush administration declared that genocide was underway in the western Darfur region of Sudan. Today, even amidst reports of spiraling violence, Congress has failed to take action to address the ongoing crisis. In recent weeks, attacks against civilians in camps, humanitarian workers, and most recently, African Union (AU) peacekeepers, have prompted the AU Peace and Security Council to call on the UN Security Council to address the deteriorating security situation in Darfur. Members of Congress need to hear from constituents that there is strong public support for promoting peace and accountability in Darfur. Please take a moment tomorrow to call your senators and representative and ask them to support the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act� an important piece of legislation that outlines necessary next steps toward ending the violence in Darfur. Information on contacting your members of Congress and a sample script to help you make the calls is included below. Please pass this message on to others to multiply our message. Thank you for your willingness to take action and for your continued commitment to saving lives in Darfur. Thank you for your support, Brian Komar, American Progress Action Fund, for the entire Be A Witness team -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for joining the National Call-In Day for Darfur! To call your senators and representative: Contact the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and provide your zip code or ask for your member of Congress by name. You'll be transferred to the member's office. Look up your members of Congress Check if your members of Congress are cosponsors of the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act What to say when you call: Below are two basic scripts to use on the phone. Version 1 is a bit more complex but is likely to be a bit more effective. If you don't have the time or feel uncomfortable with version 1, feel free to use version 2. Whether you use one of these or just talk to the offices in your own words, the important thing is letting your elected representatives know that you care about Darfur and that you expect them to do something about it. Version 1 Hi, this is ___ calling from ___. I'd like to know if Congressman/Congresswoman/Senator ___ is a cosponsor of the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act (H.R. 3127 in the House of Representatives; S. 1462 in the Senate). If yes: That's great. I would appreciate a written response on what he/she is doing to make sure that this bill gets a vote before Congress adjourns this year. This is just too important to leave undone. And thank you for your time. If no or not sure: I've heard that this is the only bill with a real chance of passing this year, and that it has bipartisan support. As a constituent, I urge Congressman/Congresswoman/Senator ___ to cosponsor the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act. Can you send me a letter letting me know if he/she will become a cosponsor? This bill is just too important to leave undone. Thank you for your time. Version 2 Hi, this is ___ calling from ___. I would like to let the Congressman/Congresswoman/Senator know that I support the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act (H.R. 3127 in the House of Representatives; S. 1462 in the Senate) and hope that he/she will too. If possible, I'd like a written response letting me know his/her position. Thanks. Talkin' to myself and feelin' old Sometimes I'd like to quit Nothing ever seems to fit Hangin' around Nothing to do but frown Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down. Comments Will Return Next Time. ;)



Gave my regards this afternoon; Avenue Q was much better than I thought it would be I went with two out of town friends as I ended up with some tickets another friend could not use. Nice seats. My friend loaned me his apartment to entertain in this weekend; I definitely have to get out of the dorm this is sooo much better. His place his huge and now I am actually cooking something; frozen things but at least there is an oven. Mraz tomorrow evening. It is time to put away the sandals which is sad as I love to look at my toes as everyone knows, but not wanting blue toes I think socks and shoes may be in order from here on out. Real bathrooms are so nice. I�m in bathrooms dreamland.

YOUR FEELING STRESSED. YOU HAVEN'T MADE YOUR DAILY BLOG COMMENT ROUNDS YET - late again due to that "real life" you have huh? YOUR TIRED - suck it up dude YOUR HEAD ACHES - not aspirin the other thing.....Excedrin..that's it...take three.... YOU DON'T WANT TO FUCK WITH IT- go ahead be a proper sport, she always comments in your blog you must be polite. OH GOD, NO - he hasn't been around lately asshole in case you haven't noticed. THAT BLOG ENTRY ACTUALLY SUCKED - duh, it's a blog baby cakes not a Pulitzer Prize consideration. DO I HAVE TO TELL HER IT IS WAS GOOD - no just post some non descript little thing it doesn't matter she is so dumb she will think it significant; if not her vanity will shield her from the hard cold facts. HA HA - what THANK GOD SHE TURNED OFF THE COMMENTS - She turned off her comment humm What? - nothing TELL ME,WHAT? - well she is probably sick of you too SICK OF ME?? - it's possible NAW -
yeah you're probably right( guffaw)
I hear she's kickin� ass across the board and rock two hundred thousand higher scorer - Just in time to save the world of being taken over. She's a warrior I couldn't play again because the game it never end it never even landed on the can and never let me in to spend my quarter. There's no love for me no more. Say it isn't so How she easily come, and she easy go Please don't tell her that I�ve been meaning to miss her. Because I don't. all purple again by Mraz for the last time this year I promise. VANITY, N. ------> That which keeps you coming back because you think I can�t survive out here without you, or is it that which keeps me posting knowing that you can�t live without me. Whatever. Imitation is the sincerest from of flattery; creative commons not withstanding. ;)


Word Cum Heaven

Gotta go work on my dirty girl real life project, ( I gotta do real work sometime, or what we call in here laundry) but in the interim check out: Dougs post at Bring it On - awesomeness. Word Cum Heaven - Northern Way ( to norway on a bicycle) MoJo self at - California is a Recipe for a Black Hole. MoJo needs to be credited with, among other things, being my first link and the first thing I read made that me think "wow people actually do write real shit out here". so let your next choice be your best choice..... All Walks of life.... we come from different walks of life? What is that anyway? I think we are all on the same walkway it is just a really wide one, not everyone realizes this as yet; they will understand one day. Crazy people.


We are Magic He Said, but Don't Let It All Go To Your Head

I will be very busy this next week with school, a visit from an old friend this weekend as well as a Jason Mraz concert. I am not a hypocrite as one can do both Interpol and Mraz in a month�s time and not be a traitor to the cause of real music. And you're going to get yours, my lady. Might even be today And it ain't no thing 'cause I'll be rolling right along with you-woo-woo Ah, to be sexually exhausted. I spend most of my free time studying in between little groupie excursions and a project here or there, not to mention my friends are of the mode in which friends don�t let friends blog sober, or drunk. I can�t post daily or even every couple of days right now; I can spam your blogs though so no concern there. I want to thank my roommate ; she does a damn good job doing the blog explosion thing for me. I am not sure why but last year I got her in the habit of scrolling through blogs on blog explosion for me and she did, often marking blogs that I would never even look at because our tastes in everything are really so different; she is a storm trooper though as while only dreaming of starting a blog herself she routinely reads mine and my links. I don't want her to do this any longer, but I fear I have created a monster; she scrolled - get this - one hundred blogs on blog explosion yesterday, to what end I have no idea; that is what friends are for I guess. Me thinks she may need to add another class to her schedule. One of my professors to me.

Crazy girl what are you doing?
Get off that damn computer and give me some love.
I'm posting a link to where you can get The Cranky Liberal's awesome video on the sidebar ( turn head left to see it ) take a look see. I looked at Crankys blog and pictures of his kid�s soccer team. It is interesting to see that some of these people are really human.Soccer- kids- keep em busy and in good physical shape when young, good idea. I played soccer here and in Australia when I was younger and up until junior year of high school when I dropped it and just ran cross country and track; my parents always felt kids should be busy and kept physically and mentally active as it helps them concentrate. As the kids get older the " keeping them busy" was more often than not a way to help keep them not so focused on things such as sex; it seemed universally thought among the yupper(yuppie) echelon that the more free time one had the more one was likely to engage in sex at an early age. I'm not so sure this is the case as if I had had more time in high school I would have probably slept but whatever. It worked well enough up a point I guess, but eventually that point of time comes; I think it important that one not be physically and emotionally exhausted in order that if they decided to loose the challenge their parents felt they needed to mount, that they can enjoy it. :) I was kidding about that quote being one of my professors, but things have been rather dry around here lately and I wanted to startle you all awake and respond in kind to an email I received about appearing to like older men. I do like older men, but if you're not linked here you're obviously not one of them. Flax seeds, well they tear me open And supposedly you could crawl right through me Taste these, teeth please And undress me from the sweaters Better hurry cause I'm heating Upward bound now, Oh, maybe I'll build my house on your cloud Here I'm tumbling for you Stumbling through the work that I have to do Don't mean to harm you I promise a wanna be dirty girl post before I take off into the oblivion which is my life of choice, or my choice of life or whatever. Doug: I am still intimidated by you, and the fact that guest poster this week had to post three words in "show off" fashion leads me to believe my effort would be totally inadequate. ;) Pia did an interview at Bring it On which makes me think we should all interview everyone on these blogs with the only stipulation being that we can ask whatever we want. We appear to feel deeply saddened and full of social responsibilty for, and about the deaths from the earthquake, as we did about the deaths and destruction from the hurricane; we rush to aid, and feel a gut reaction inside everytime a new disaster strikes. What perplexes me, if that is the word I'd like a word more vitriolic in nature but can't come up with one right now, is that people can feel strongly and want to rush to the aid of some victims and not others - when one thousand die we gasp - when forty thousand perish we gasp louder and in horror and run to help. What happens when generations are destroyed? Nothing. What is it about the brain that can separate these humanitarian issues? A link to the Coalition for Darfur Post follows. I posted a link this time as you might want to look around the links in their side bar; I realize that showing off my boobs for cancer is certainly a nobel cause, even for one with exhibitionist tendancies, but in a land where AIDS, poverty, rape, and genocide are a daily occurance those tits mean nothing. You need to see it as well. Go to it. Katrina and Darfur. title and all purple people eater lyrics via J Mraz.


Mother Nature is a Bad Bad Girl

Thirty Thousand Dead. Mother Nature is the real terrorist among us; she will present more destruction to the human race than even organized religion could hope for. http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/ http://www.oxfamamerica.org/ http://www.oxfam.org.uk/what_you_can_do/give_to_oxfam/donate/asian_quake.htm Unicef http://www.unicef.org Kashmir International Relief Fund http://www.kirf.org Red Cross/ Red Crescent http://www.ifrc.org www.mercycorps.com http://www.savethechildren.org/ http://www.directrelief.org/ http://www.opusa.org/ http://www.irw.org/asiaquake/ This list is from the Daily Kos and it will be updated as they get more in. Real Charity is the willingness to be a an unrecognized philanthropist.


Because I Can.

Mother Nature seems to be striking back in every direction these days. I�m with the Bush homie on this one; the whole world better take notice because that bitch is getting ready to expel us off of her eminent domain and it appears as if it will be sooner rather than later. Congratulations to the Discontent Malcontent for passing the bar. I�m sure there was never a doubt that anyone I link to is super bright and capable of great deception.

The Great Nontenured

Something to remember I guess when I apply for my position at U Cal Berkeley.

I have not been blown up yet and am not going to worry about it. Frankly, I can be murdered , bitten by rats, hit by a car, spit on by passing motorists and made to sit through the ramblings of ignorant, sociopathic and arrogant contemporaries any second of the day or night; I don't go around worrying about that all day either.

Sleep is good.

I may try it depsite the lateness of the day.


You Can't Get There From Here

The gender genie has proclaimed me male in most of my writings. I'm not just male but overwhelmingly male in most cases. The only entries which were significantly female were the entries which were, more or less, in story form. This knowledge can be attributed to my roommate Deb;she seems to enjoy pillaging through my blog while hesitating to start her own. I believe the result is from deleting useless modifiers and not using the word mauve frequently enough. I have nothing. I am in a middle of a study rampage after being a useless groupie all weekend. I'm suspended in a week that is in need of melioration; it�s as if I were Rapunzel having been told not to cut her hair, and cutting it anyway discovers the after effects are chilling. Oggie was right: You can't get there from here. Still time to join the Bloggie Boob-Athon At the very least take a peek and make a donation.


Boob - A -Thon: gratuitous title.

My computer is like a desk of old where I put all my letters and lock them up. My key is my password. I do not have to fold the letters and hide them in little nooks and crannies; I can store them in little theoretical folders. If the letters are hurtful or in anyway offensive I don't have to burn them; I just delete them to the black hole purgatory of cyberspace where the letters that have sinned must then remain until their cyberspace god deems them worthy or banishes them to cyberspace hell. The same place where Michelle Malkin and the Right Wing Nuthouse's stuff is going lately. My computer's like a desk of old. My password is the key The letters, true, I do not fold But they mean the same to me. It's extra nice, I must admit That I don't have to burn The acrid words that make me hurt To the D key I do turn. There is a black hole in cyberspace where all the ugliness goes; I am as sure of it as I am of Intelligent Design. ;) Random musings: I have heard that early on Pierre Bonnard painted his lover and future wife Marthe in various forms; as a child-women walking on sidewalks; in black stockings sexually spent on unmade beds. Later on it seems she was painted as a sexless plain and domestic fact. What becomes of life I say? Still time to join the bloggie boobathon. They take male precious bits as well so get out your camera and flick a few of your precious bits, your significant others precious bits. No precious bits under eighteen allowed. Takes three seconds. That acerbity comment on my last post was so not right Weird Bird. Interpol rocked; it was wise to choose a concert less than a mile from where I lay my head over a concert that requires train-age. I am nothing if not wise. Belief and social life in china anyone??? I thought not.


See the Living that Surrounds me, Dissipate Into a Violet place

Awesome( crazy) night. I just got home not too long ago. I doubt I am going back to the second half of this festival today. I am feeling kind of ill, not due to anything that I did last night but maybe due to lack of sleep,( or maybe someone should have told me ahead of time not to eat that brain fruit) ,also another friend of mine has come up with sold out Interpol tickets for tonight and they are playing practically on my doorstep as opposed to in Brooklyn where the festival is . Interpol seems a more reasonable option as that would allow me to nap, not go back to Brooklyn, and basically go a very short way to see Interpol in a very small venue. Yup that's it I have made my decision. Beck is playing here this week at another venue and the violin man also has tickets for this so I can go if my schedule allows.( it probably won�t allow ). Yup that is it; Interpol tonight , sleep and work this afternoon and maybe not so much of that fish- swimming around in my stomach along with a the nasty witch dragging her fingernails across my throat- feeling by the time this evening rolls around. Shortest post I have ever written. Lucky you. Addendum: Oh like and my roommate just said �you really shouldn't tell people where you are going and where you have been you could get stawwwwwwwwwwwwked . Been there done that. I dare ya to find me bitches. Oh and Blogger is sucking a big dick right now as I am trying to post various lewd remarks on a variety of blogs and it won't let me. Yeah the post was just too short.


Driving Away From the Weck of the Day, and it's Finally Quiet in My Head

Think I�ll be seeing some Pixies, Beck and Belle & Sebastian this weekend among others; maybe Rilo Kiley if we get there early enough. Hear that Mo Jo? Two days of music so I hope to catch some of it. That�s if I get my work done. Horticulture Club: I got a bushel of these from a friend in Maryland. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us I had never seen them before. Evidently these are not particularly indigenous to Maryland; I believe Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas are their home of choice but they do grow as far up as New England. This friend found several bushes somewhere and did some research on what they were; he found that there is some old wives tale that claims they keep away spiders and cockroaches so you can probably figure out why he sent them to me in NYC without me giving you even the tiniest clue. I placed a few around my room and in a friends apartment; I think they are supposed to go outside the building but that is not possible. They look like green brains and are supposed to smell slightly like citrus and are often called osage oranges. I have a bushel or a crate or whatever it is. I 'm pretty sure he broke some law by sending me a perishable bushel of green brain fruit just as I probably broke some law in excepting it. When the agriculture feds come after me and put me in the slamma please inform Justin his parents better sell the vineyard because I want the best attorney in NYC. By the time Friday arrives the literal and the metaphorical have merged; this is not a dangerous place just closer to the edge than I usually stand. Despite this psychologically dangerous unification Fridays are actually good to me, and Saturdays awaken the part of my mind which provokes the fissure which in turn promotes unblessed but necessary equilibrium. Political Notes: Bill Bennett isn�t a racist like I�m not a hot, but rather frigid, dirty girl wanna be with the hottest butt in NYC. The Truth is Out There. Get off your chubby little behind and go find it; may be under a lot of dog shit so wear gloves. I'm planning an out of character weekend to end the seemingly endless monotony which is the chosen life. And I feel like I'm naked in front of the crowd Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud And I know that you'll use them, however you want to title and italicized lyrics by Anna Nalick