Europe views our blogs.

Europeans, Australians, expatriates, more often then not, feel that blogs written by Americans are extremely boring. No kidding. How could this be you say? It appears that Europeans, Australians and expatriates, have had just about enough of Americans writing about the news and what is going on in the country and the world. They find this type of thing dull and self serving, it bores them to death and their general consensus is Americans just like to hear themselves talk, so to speak. Europeans, and when I use the term Europeans from now on it will mean Europeans, Australian and expatriates, would like to get their news from the news and not read blogger posts about it all over again and take note; they have a greater disdain for the commentary and analysis that Americans like to throw in.

What do Europeans want you ask?

It seems they want to hear about all the things that many Americans don�t want to hear about, at least not from fellow bloggers. They want to hear about daily living, family life, what happened at work, who we hate at work and school, who we liked to murder who had sex with whom and who we want to have sex with. What they want most of all is humor. They want funny blogs, they want us to not take ourselves so damn seriously. They want to know what kind of shoes we wear and what type of toilet paper sucks. They want to know the people living in the supposed best nation in the world. Europeans want to see how we actually live our lives on a day to day basis and what we find funny and fun about it. They want gossip and fashion.

Europeans read blogs as a form of entertainment and they want us to stop rambling on incessantly about the president, the democrats, the moral majority and Teri Shivo. They want to hear more about the Bush twins, swingers clubs and girls gone wild. They want to know that the Olsen twins will graduate after only a couple years of school with a PhD to boot without doing one damn bit of real work and they also want to know how they are going to manage that. They say they can�t find any entertaining American Blogs and they have had enough.

I�m off to look for some funny American blogs. If you know of any please leave me a link. I want to please my European friends.

I am such a people pleaser.


wanna be dirty girl celebrates Easter

Yeah, I am in Providence celebrating Easter with my parents despite the fact that I would rather be in NY doing what I usually do there. Don't ask me what that is as it is top secret and I don't want to be killed. No kidding the NYU Mafia is brutal. I am a coward to be sure. I have yet to fully explain to my parents that I have serious doubts as to the existence of the great JC. I mean I am fairly certain he existed but as to what he exactly was well the jury is still out. You can't really get into this with my parents despite their liberal exterior they prefer to pretend there are no other religious alternatives that exist for their family. My brother likes to believe as he for some reason thinks; I am sure although he has never told me so, that by believing and asking for forgiveness all his past sins will be forgiven and he will be saved go to heaven and be cool with the powers that be. I have never for a moment believed any of this hog wash. I believe that there is a deity of some kind but that for all intents and purposes we answer to ourselves in the long run. If you are lacking in self then in my opinion you are in trouble. But I will go to church tomorrow and eat an Easter dinner and not disturb the harmony by not mentioning to them that it is all a bunch of ...bull cocky, cowardly to be sure but much less upsetting to the stomach. I stand by my stance that if one really believed one would not be so hesitant to let Terry Schivo go.

Oh one last comment. Bobby Fischer? Come on please. Justice for all even hate filled anti-Semites.

My mother gave my brother an attache but it is more like a Euro man purse. Saying it will be good for him when he graduates and head to grad school and works this summer at marketing firm here in Providence. Living in NY I am not new to the man purses of course but it is rather fun letting my brother know how cool his man purse is and how it will fit in quite well in Providence. :)

I can be so immature. Family does that to me. Ta for now this wanna be dirty girl is out for the evening. Let�s see if Providence has anything on NY.


Home again.

So, a librarian at Harvard has decided to sue due to the fact that she has not been promoted and feels that it is either a racial or a gender bias? AKA: I'm too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts. Come to think of it I have rarely seen a sexy librarian either male or female not to mention a sexy black librarian. So ya, Most likely she is correct. It's time we did something about it.

This should be a private fight and both political parties and the various groups using it for their own political agendas need to stay out.

Just a small crusty, unsightly three inch scar left from the Body Boarding incident. This just in case anyone is interested. We went two more times without a scrap I was just out of practice and was not respecting the water enough. When your parents told you to respect the water or it can get vicious they were correct.

I know my comments are messed up if someone feels the urgent need to look at my template and fix it e mail me. I don�t have time nor do I have a clue. Don�t worry I have a clue about most things but this is one of the not most things.


TGIF or not.

Republicans subpoena Terri Shiavo? That is precious. I think government needs to back away from this one, way too much government going on lately. If God had wanted her to live she would have lived and not needed a feeding tube for what is it now two years? Why are the religious right so fearful of allowing someone that is supposed to die to die? Do you think they really know something we don�t? If that is the case what they know must be frightening as they have taken severe steps in this case and gone way beyond their calling. I am sporting quite an abrasion on my arm from boarding the other day, it was downright ugly and oozing and when the sun hit it and it dried it has become a crusty battle scar. This is good as it makes me feel that I at least accomplished something this week. I was not the only casualty but it was the ugliest one. Go me. Who is Robert Blake anyway and why do the media spend so much time covering this crap? Bill Maher may be right the media is not liberal but it is composed of quite a few stupid and lazy people. That is paraphrasing but close enough. Also,who cares if those god forsaken neanderthals feel they need to juice up with steroids I certainly don�t. Exogenously produced musculature is fairly unattractive in my opinion anyway and baseball is just a but waste of time having the sole purpose of providing old fat balding Kevin Costner with more movie roles and therefore more boring movies. So Long for now as you can see I am busy. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



Go NYU....Oh right, we don't really play team sports. (Thank god) Go Bucknell: for a friend. Go BC and Villanova: the only RC contingent I care about. Go UConn: for a brother. Go Penn: for the Daddy of all Daddies�. Go UCLA:For my roommates family. Go Vermont: For my old friends from my very first home and the two people I know that study (party) there. I really don�t care but in the end may the underdog always win. Happy Saint Patrick�s Day. ( Pionta Guinness, le do thoil ). May the cat eat you and the devil eat the cat.


Lazy Week

It has been a long week and it will get longer when I get back, for now however I am taking a break in Puerto Rico with my bitches (go girlfriends). I am saying that because they are sitting right behind me and unfortunately one of them is sporting a severe sun burn and I am only hoping that the rum in this drink, (some sick sweet drink), will help some. I think that Deb, my roommate, forgot the Bull Frog. I decided to come down and spend break here as it is more relaxing then going to some unknown place and partying all week. I never could get into that scene and as my father will be down here working less then one year longer I thought I would take advantage of the house and the sea and the peace and quiet. Luckily for us my father left today for Argentina until Saturday so we have the house all to ourselves. I did not get here in a timely fashion due to Deb being held up in NY as her father came into town. Arrived early Monday instead of late Sunday as planned so I have not had a whole lot of rest as yet and am just catching up on the news after a long week of nothing but books and photo projects and reading and�����you get the drift. Whining is not usually my specialty but I like a little whine every now and again. I think were going to go body boarding tomorrow or the next day, haven�t decided where to go yet but I have the jeep so I can drive anywhere on the island. I have not been in the ocean in a while and am not very good and do not want to have a long paddle. I wanted to go to a place called Jobos as it is probably the best bet for us but I hear the locals get mean and want the waves. I have a friend who last week dared to go to Sandy Beach in Oahu , which I hear can be pretty tough on non local body boarders, though and did not get beat up so this in minor compared to that. If we don�t go there maybe Shore Island but whatever we will be up at dawn to decide. Wish us luck and pray we don�t drown. I refuse to sit on my ass all week by the ocean and or pool and drink or lay in the sun that has got to be quite the most boring thing I can think of. I think everyone can handle it except maybe Gill�s, my long time friend from way back, friend Alison, we�ll see. Wish us luck, siesta time. Back to my regular stuff after break when I can actually get to a newspaper or two and find out what is actually happening in the rest of the world.


Blog break

I will be out of it for a week or so, too many exams and projects, and I am getting behind and am getting anxious. I will miss blog land but one must do what one must do. It will be a challenge. Break will happen and I will be back. In the meantime if anyone happens by and wants to buy me something. These will do. I stole this picture from this blog, so check it out. I may even figure out how to make my comments appear at the bottom instead of the top of my posts. This is what happens when someone that has no business messing around with templates,( moi), messes around with templates.


A few things today.

This saddens me. I have been snowboarding for years and know you have to take responsibility for yourself on the slopes and it does piss me off when people don�t do that but if you take to risk of going on the mountain you take the risk plain and simple. I am not sure that trying to prosecute a sixteen year old for manslaughter is the right way to go. I know they have prosecuted people for this before however so I wonder how this will play out. Maybe she should not have �glided� over to the side anyway. I think you take some inherent risks when you decide to go on any mountain but especially the bigger ones out west. If you take those risks you take those risks. I feel sorry for her family but sometimes shit happens. There are some problems is blogger land. Maybe yes maybe no. Read this and you can go from there. She has quite a few links to all the talk of this , it is something to think about, not so much for the little guy like you and I but still. Similar to lists that people seem to love to post such as � One hundred things you don�t know about me� and almost as stupid. Blogs I click past as fast as possible: Sports Blogs, Christian Right blogs, and blogs where people are writing �WORD�, county music blogs unless they are dedicated to Johnny Cash. Blogs about women and their children, men and their wives, men and women and their families , craft blogs, most photography blogs as they are often bad, and blogs where people are carrying on about the ten commandments being allowed in the courthouse or not, blogs where people are whining about their life as if everything that has happened to them is the end of the world. I think too many people just have to move on. That does not include blogs about real tragedy such as child abuse sexual abuse murder or untimely death but so what if your parent spanked you, or your boyfriend cheated on you or your mom flushed your pot down the toilet. I don�t read entertainment review blogs for the most part as I don�t watch television that often and don�t really care what anyone thinks of the things I do watch. I don�t read blogs full of sexual content written by men. I don�t read medical or law blogs but I imagine they can be useful. One only has so much time in the day and Bobst Library is supposed to be for studying and I am not a medical or law student.

Blogs I read: blogs where the profile says� I am 17. I have worked as a mom, a cheerleader, and an exotic dancer. Currently, I am the SUPERSTAR of Naked Gymnastics for JESUS!�. I mean I just couldn�t help it. Blogs where someone gets revenge on the boyfriend that cheated on them by putting poison ivy in his underwear and making him think that other girl he is sleeping with gave him some kind of disease, political opinion blogs unless they start spewing an inordinately large amount of hate and bile toward the opposite end of the political spectrum. I read blogs of people living in other countries, this includes expatriates. The exceptions are blogs of this type that come under the categories listed above in the� blogs I do not read section�. Foreigners can be boring too. I read music blogs, sex blogs written by women, satirical blogs if they are written well and I read comedic blogs. I read art and culture blogs because I want to be artistic and cultured. I don�t read the �Tard Blog� that seems to have become so loved and hated these days as I personally think those women are idiots of the scariest kind. If I was a violent I might use my ever increasing kickboxing skills on those pathetic, ( and probaly old, fat , miserable, sexless and miserable in real life so we have to pretend we are writing a blog about the disabled in a fun way),creatures. I read blogs that belong to people who design templates because I like to live vicariously through them.

Did that list thrill you. If so get a life.

Extra Tidbit: I saw Interpol last night at RCMH. I had heard they were kind of laissez - faire lately and it took them a long time to get going, like almost till the end of the concert. It was not like that last night, only two songs in and they were themselves. Blonde Redhead is also good I have seen them before playing alone at some club here in NY. I however have to remind myself in the future not to go to concerts when I have an early class and tons of work to do. I am not getting any younger.



For this I am grateful. What we were thinking prior to this I will never know

Got to love those former �evangelical advisors�. Quote James Lileks, NNS. "The evidence would seem to suggest that President Bush tried reefer as a young man." Does anyone really care all that much? Or even a little?

White House attorneys have tapes Article.

Too bad, I think, that he didn�t withdraw them before all the late night shows got a hold of them. John Stewart did a good job with it though.

Taping people without their knowledge should be punishable by death unless, of course, you are under eighteen.


Now this is art.

This was stolen from someone at NYU.

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