The End of a Whipped Cream Like Life

It was nice here today for this time of year; I enjoyed it. I can no longer float along on top and just let it pass while I observe it from a distance not really trying to figure it out; it�s figuring it out time. There are times when just letting everything pass works best, and I suggest that everyone try it at least once at any given time in their life; however, it is not that time for me. I must go one further now dear friends. Why you say? Why can never be answered with any degree of certainty no matter what the question. I am drenched in the slime of serious academic pursuits this week. Drenched as if from a deluge not unlike�you know the one that occured in which an ark was required and all that fairy tale stuff occured. MJ is back, don�t think he is full speed ahead yet but he�s back. Recommended little gems for those of you who just need some inspiration. Life Inspires. A girl named Rio

Thought of Pia when I saw this: Waren Zevon released Jan 31 2006
Rest my child do not try to figure it out today, it will be better in the morning I promise; answers come without questions sometimes.
These words, which meant so much and were taken so to heart at one time, stick with me still. These words, when necessary, can be pulled back into present times. Life is funny that way. Life and death, what was and what is becomes one and the same depending on the view. In the meantime take a Cure and let�s go to bed. Thanks to You Ain't No Picasso. To those who asked the question the answer is obvious only if you understand what the writer of this blog is about... if not...the answer becomes less clear.


Sunday Afternoon

I�m going to Sleep All Day and think Thoughts on Love and Sadness. Tonight Not Again shall I rise. ;)

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Love to Love Rent to ya Baby

My long typical pre-weekend post; good bathroom reading. What????? You don�t take your computer into the bathroom? * SHOCKED * Pre weekend notes is all and I�m sorry that this week was lacking in profundity but I was under the influence of Benadryl, and the great destroyers of kidneys and livers Motrin and Acetaminophen, for most of it. Although not from an overwhelmingly medically based family we do have our share of Hippocratic Oath takers and they are nothing if not totally paranoid; they are also nothing if not generous, and they have always made sure to share their ( not without some basis but nevertheless crazy) fears with us all. What is family for after all if not for that? My B play list for the weekend: Belle and Sebastian - I�m Not in Love, Ben Folds � Rock This Bitch, Prison Food, and Bastard Ben Harper- Waiting on an Angel and Mama�s Got a Boyfriend Now, Beach Boys � In My Room Blues Traveler-Stumble and Fall, Black Flag - Depression, Bikini Kill- Rebel Girl and Sugar I�m getting ready to go see if Mizzy B�s in - laws really did leave and I am holding my breath on this one. I have now been overwhelmingly blessed with people who are renting to me so I am going to introduce you to them even if they don't want me to. First: Dan at Scenes From a Wasted Life . I know he is tired from his recent trip to Vegas so do not annoy him too much but go say hey to him. He is on my sidebar anyway and I enjoy reading his personal journey and you will too. Next: They called my blog �for the younger crowd�� but they rented to me anyway. I guess I�m not offended but looking through most of my readers I think Wombat is the youngest at nineteen, and I am guesstimating that Joe G is about eighty- five and the in betweens are definitively in between� but hell ya�ll always wanted to be thought of as younger than you are didn�t you? So go check out blogging for kicks because hopefully most of us do blog for kicks.( and love and recognition and validation but that is another story isn�t it) Third: is San Francisco Liberal. The perfect place for me despite the fact that I am in NYC; They appear to be looking for contributors to their blog so anyone here from SF might want to make a jaunt over there. This all makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. I needed it especially after I looked at Shayna�s site and seeing that the celebrity picture look alike thing told her she looked like various hot celebrities and mine�.

� came back with one option �� Sophia Coppola - � I begged them for another option and they sent the thing back saying �no bitch it�s Coppola take it or leave it�. This most disturbing fact is that she is like fifteen years older then me. So then � I uploaded this ��

�..to see if I could trick them. Didn�t work then I got bored. You may also want to consider helping them name the Bring it On Mascot. I am going to have to think about that this weekend. He�s is too cute but needs a killer name so put your thinking caps on and go to it. I'm out for a few, or for the whole night depending on how it plays out. Yup you guessed it the drugs have worn off and it's time to get this weary ass on down the road of life. From ABC News.
Two of the party's Senate leaders, Harry Reid of Nevada and Charles Schumer of New York, privately made clear their unhappiness with the strategy, even though they, too, oppose Alito's confirmation. And Rep. Harold Ford, seeking a Senate seat in Republican-leaning Tennessee, dismissed the filibuster approach openly. "It does not appear that there is any reason to hold up a vote. I hope my colleagues in the Senate will move quickly to bring this process to a dignified end," he said. Despite a decision by Kerry, Massachusetts Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and others to try to block a final vote, leaders of both parties agreed that Alito's confirmation was assured for Tuesday. The 55-year-old appeals court judge would replace Sandra Day O'Connor, who has cast deciding votes in recent years in 5-4 rulings on controversial issues such as abortion rights, affirmative action and the death penalty. Democrats fear he would shift the court rightward on those and other issues. Because of moves by Kerry, Kennedy and others, supporters of Alito's nomination must produce 60 votes on Monday to advance his nomination and an Associated Press tally shows at least 62. That would clear the way for a final vote on Tuesday. The AP tally shows at least 53 Republicans and three Democrats intend to vote to confirm Alito, well over the required majority. Reid announced he would side with Alito's critics on Monday, though on Thursday he had made clear his unhappiness with their strategy. "There has been adequate time for people to debate," he had said Thursday. "I hope this matter will be resolved without too much more talking."
I want those three democrats fired.


Late Afternoon Coffee

Before we get on with the day check out my Diary at Bring it On.

With Scientific American: To Banish a Cancer out this month I think it worth a rehash. I�m not going to continue to add to the people that have declined my offers of rent. I will however give you the address of the gentleman that did accept my humble offer. You should all go tell him what a good choice he made. I couldn�t have asked for a better landlord, an atheist and a geek of sorts. He actually doesn�t post that often so the rental will be useless but that was never the point. So go tell this gentleman he made a great decision. I feel much better today and am recovering from what was not, THANK GOD, the bird flu. I�ll get around to all your blogs this evening I had a lot to catch up on today. Yes Jay�that bastard cat lover�.tagged me. I never do tags as you know�but well as you also know I have done a ton of tags recently and Jay just tagged me to be mean because being nominated was not enough for him. I will be mean and post it here so that you can all tag yourself with it should you desire. I am making it very small because these tags are getting embarrassing. The tagged victim lists 8 different points of their perfect lover/partner, mentioning the sex of said partner. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on a post letting them know they've been tagged. Target of My Perfect Partner: male ok Leigh I'm sorry for this one. My Perfect-Partner: 1. Extremely Intelligent but doesn�t need to prove it all the time. 2. Good teeth 3. Does not babble on about what his mommy and daddy are going to buy for him all the time. God I hate those idiots as if one is actually impressed by the fact. God Bless the Child and all that. 4. Physically active-no couch potatoes 5. If arrogant leaves it home when I�m with him. Nothing worse then some fool who thinks disparaging waiters or waitresses makes him important. 6. Emotionally mature stable Sometimes you just have to settle for stable. 7. Independent. 8. Sense of humor but doesn�t think he is all that funny. Actually my list is much longer and much more particular than this. I'll be back around later to slum in your blogs. Until then. Don't forget Darfur.


She Spurt Fire

This blog is (c) nowickedwitch productions ;) Wombat brave soul made a RILF list. So check it out. Surfer Girl Leigh posted hers as well.

Of politics and poetry I know nothing It doesn�t matter I will write anyway You will read and Cough and squint Go ewww But you will love it Even though it will never make you moan
A passive aggressive AIM. I have no clue what this is about. No one has heard from Graham in some time though I don't think all his commenters want to date him. I may be wrong on that. Frightening in its simplicity. speckfriend: hello cranberijello: ? speckfriend: hi speckfriend: sorry to disturb you speckfriend: but i think you post on graham's blog cranberijello: yes speckfriend: there is this crazy chick named -------- who posts there speckfriend: you know of her? cranberijello: i don't really know any of the people that post there although i probably have read her stuff. cranberijello: why? speckfriend: just curious speckfriend: she is crazy, is all speckfriend: trying to get her contact info cranberijello: and who may I ask are you? cranberijello: i'm sure all the contact info she wants anyone to have is posted at her sight speckfriend: you want to date graham too? speckfriend: he has tons of stalkers, it is funny speckfriend: i'm his friend speckfriend: and who are you? cranberijello: i can hardly see that it matters as I didn't im you. speckfriend: jenna? cranberijello: i'm not quite sure of the point of this aim but it was nice to meet you i have to go do some reading now speckfriend: you have that tone speckfriend: i remember it now speckfriend: i was wrong speckfriend: i know now It kind of leaves you thinking Graham may have a stalker of his own and also just makes you want to scratch your head. Graham better come back from the bowels of LA soon.

The love of fame A good thing it makes us evaluate our worst and modify it as to make it acceptable to the rest Lucky for me I only have you to please.


I see myself No longer as you see me But as I see me

Ella no piensa bastante Los pensamientos la matan Sin el pensamiento ella muere


It's OK If You Don't Know Everything - I do

Wombat�. disregard my comment in previous post. I don�t win at everything���.. I am getting quite concerned. I have tried to rent like fifteen blogs and every time I was denied. :( Blog Bid Date Status Written In Stone 40 credits 2006-January-22 Denied Blog to be promoted : Wonderland or Not Getting Naked: Baring All About Life 75 credits 2006-January-21 Denied Blog to be promoted : Wonderland or Not Faerytale Dreams 15 credits 2006-January-20 Denied Blog to be promoted : Wonderland or Not Luka's Incogblogo 11 credits 2006-January-19 Denied Blog to be promoted : Wonderland or Not addendum 1/22/06- 4:48 pm In a Westerly Direction 40 credits 2006-January-22 Denied Blog to be promoted : Wonderland or Not infinitely pie 15 credits 2006-January-22 Denied Blog to be promoted : Wonderland or Not

addedum 1/22/06 9:32 pm

A Jumbled Mind 25 credits 2006-January-23 Denied Blog to be promoted : Wonderland or Not

atroxi.com 10 credits 2006-January-23 DeniedBlog to be promoted : Wonderland or Not addendum 1/23/06 12:13 pm Jaded Sunburns 40 credits 2006-January-23 Denied Blog to be promoted : Wonderland or Not nepalsites. sites for all 22 credits 2006-January-23 Denied Blog to be promoted : Wonderland or Not Well,four six eight ten not fifteen but you get my point. Talk about making someone paranoid. I'm sure it has something to do with the RILF post below. I knew my reputation would be shot after that. Of course I am nothing if not extremely frugal, and looking at the stats on some of the blogs that were asking upwards of a hundred credits I had to laugh.......... mean of me I know. Either way...I will trudge on through the muck and the mire and diligently search for a cheap blog to rent just to say I did it. I am nothing if not a follower of men, lover of dogs, wooer of wombats, with a need to surf with lesbians while trapped with writers on Prince Edward's Island, who sees dead(dedd) people as an opportunity to advance the sexual sciences. As promised nothing worth reading this weekend. I'm still a little under the weather or shall we say under a nose working overtime in the mucus manufacturing field. regardless I went running in CP early this morning and spent hours in the library...god I now feel rejuvenated. You may find this odd but running and libraries do that to me. Speaking of strange, I had a weird aim the other night. Oh never mind I have to go. I�ll post it tomorrow. I�m going to see a band recommended to me by������.well no one �.but I�m going anyway. Still don�t feel great but ever the martyr I go on into the bowels of the city. I�m late, I�m late, for a very important date���..you know the drill after all this is Wonderland or Not.


I'm on Fire and Other Bull Shit

As promised and with much hesitation I give you the Readers I�d love to Fuck. Yes, I said fuck and I apologize to the home schoolers, but you should not let your kids on the computer without supervision anyway.Credit for the following meme goes to the miscreant over at BLGD

Hey little girl is your daddy home

Did he go away and leave you all alone

I got a bad desire

I�m on fire

I feel that if you have to do a meme you must make it as short and succinct as possible. In keeping with that basic philosophy I decided that five was my lucky number. I'm am getting a cold and I�m a bit of a baby when I have to use tissues and take antihistamines. One has to be very careful when under the influence of anti histamines you know.

Tell me now baby is he good to you

Can he do to you the things that I do

I can take you higher

I�m on fire

Think of my sidebar like the nominations for an Academy Award. If you did not make the RILF list just remember ������..it is an honor just to be nominated. ;)

Sometimes it�s like someone took a knife baby

Edgy and dull and

cut a six-inch valley

Through the middle of my soul

So, let me present to you the first annual (or bi-annual ..or weekly for all I know) Wonderland Or Not RILF meme.

1. First and foremost of course we have���������������.Lab Leigh Surfer Girl.

�What�!!!! you exclaim in shock.

Who better to have a first lesbian experience with than a surfer woman from California, an only slightly older one at that, who happens to be getting a damn straight sexy wet suit very soon. I do so like the feel of expensive wet suits. Think about it. I�m sure there are lessons to be learned somewhere on the northern coast of California�..California here I cum��� ;)

2. Da da dummmmm.�. second but actually always first.

The Dawg�����..�ewwww� you say �dog�? �How could you.�

Look at it this way, how often do you get to�. Ummm� �shag� a bitter, cynical dog with une voie avec les mots.

Don�t you worry that is not a silly French disease either.

Come here pretty dawgie��. I want to have words with you�..come on now alice won�t hurt you she wants to give you some suger. ;)

3. The Dedd Guy of course. Not that he ever reads this, but imagine what you could do with a dedd guy?????????????????? I personally think that all my fantasies could start and end right there. You all know what I am saying�..come on admit it.

4. MoJo of course.

Don�t you all just have that urge to do the first person that commented on your blog? Of course you do; plus he seems to be rather full of himself and is self purported to be kind of �fussy, particular and at times downright a pain in the neck. I'd stop that nonsense in about two seconds. If you think he is particular now, once with me he'd never be satisfied with anything less ever again. We would go to Prince Edward�s Island of course to do the deed.

5. Last but not least�.. The Esoteric Wombat

�Oh shocker� you exclaim sarcastically.

I feel almost like a pedophile in this case as I have never even dated anyone younger than myself never mind �done� them but it is so.. I feel it is my duty to take the hand of youth and show him the way. I think him having a ponytail, (can you imagine what you could do with that), being six foot five, and having size fifteen shoes has something to do with it. How often does one get the opportunity to see if they are up to that challenge? In addition I think he's really smart. ;)

At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet

And a freight train running through the middle of my head

Only you can cool my desire

I�m on fire

Read it and weep or vomit it matters not to me.

Sweet Dreams


Fun with Coop and ......just Coop.

eNews Flash and Memes in bad taste: For those that read him and for those that did not... Belle aka the former Transcon is back. He is now Verurteilt zum Individium . I kept him on my sidebar for six months after he stopped posting. I happened to find out he was back as I did keep his link on my tool bar and manage to click on every so often. I had no real hope he would return...alas....as luck would have it�he has returned. I�m actually pretty happy about this. Welcome him back. Now he may be annoyed as he is not exactly one who likes on this pop culture bull shit but go check him out I always found him like a breath of fresh air in a land of the absurdly same meandering thoughtless universe of blog world. . I will hook his link back on my sidebar as soon as I get my template shakes under control. Now no poetry or musings, just straight out garbage today, as this week my energies are directed at things which need to be done here, and not here as in this blog, but here as in the place I am staring into space at right now. Let�s just mess around today. I promise to be profound in a few days. A week tops. Now I've made my own blessed by Blogg'd badge and it may not be suitable for this high class place so I am going to put it up while I work on another one. Check it out right below the news. Kudos to him for his new meme, the king of making fun of memes has posted one and it is as disgusting as one would expect. It�s called RILF. Those of you about middle school age will know what this means as you will be familiar with the acronym MILF often used by pimply faced prepubescent boys when referring to the mother of a friend or classmate and trying to be cool as if they would ever have a chance to F anything�.nevermind someones mother. Meme: RILF Meme: Which Reader would I like to�..as Brad puts it�.. shag. (which by the way shows his age to be considerably older than I thought he was. I don't think I've ever heard that term used by anyone younger than sixty- five) One must list the readers and give a reasons. The original meme had no number but my goodness one could list everyone on their blogroll and the thing could go on forever so let� say�.list the ten bloggers on your sidebar you would want to "shag" most at this point in time and tell why. Oh I�m working on my list now, sort of and hope to post it tonight. Don�t try to stop me. For the moment Islamic things call. I�m not going to ask you (unless you really want to) to click on my renter as I know certain people have an attitude about that which has been conveyed and passed on to everyone associated with the those catheists over at the naked gym. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CATHEISTS I'll be back later so...... hold your breath. I love blue people.


Oh Yea I'm Pretty Good Looking for a Girl

Ha, fooled ya. Again click on my renter Jeremy at the bottom of my blog roll or I will look foolish and unpopular. You wouldn't want that to happen now would you? He�s a writer anyway, so he is cool. Let's move on. Time is money... oops scratch that. Think of time spent here as diversion necessary to your mental health. I do. I'm back in the saddle of academia once again. You know what they say about saddles. No???? Nor do I. I've cleaned up my sidebar again and deleted some more links and am waiting for MJ to return. I assume he will. Also looking at a few other links to add, it's like shopping but I prefer this kind. It's rather dreary among brick and stone in the winter. I prefer it though. I'm settled and feeling calm with that which surrounds me. I am feeling a little unsettled and cornered in school though.. as large as it is. I'm not sure why. A couple of very good friends of past times are going to Costa Rica in March, and I have a chance to go with them. The trip would basically be paid for as far as flight, lodging, three meals a day.The difficulty lies in that this event occurs a week after my official spring break. This would require some maneuvering and, (due to my anal retentive, competitive, obsessive compulsive, semi-perfectionist nature), some therapy on my part should I actually decide to take off this extra time. ah...closes eyes and dreams....... Costa Rica: Land of surfing, kayaks, green jungles, bananas, coffee and no drinking age. The place of my favorite flower the Orchid, of volcanoes, one of the highest motor vehicle accident rates in the world, insects and legal prostitution. The venue for random kidnappings and street schemes, and some of the best marijuana in the world.( this I�m sure I got this from the Christian Science Monitor) I so want to go here with some of the best people in the story that is my life. Sewn tight Not too tight Nothing is pulling because the stitching is of expert quality. With just enough give to allow for movement while not letting go. Holding together From the outside looking fine under complete control It matters not that the thread is gold. To sew it together perfectly creating a synergy which allows for both freedom, and control. This my friends is the key. It matters not that the thread is gold.


Nit Picking Nothingness

It�s still so late for being so early. Things are like that when I�m back at this place. I have been a little lackadaisical in not noting that I have another renter. Jeremy is his name and I know nothing about him so go see for yourself. I was going to take Jay again because I like him but then I felt guilty and thought I�d go with the first bidder. Checking Jay out today I see I should have chosen him just for this little jerk off. No mental masturbation here don�t worry. Jeremy is at the end of my blogroll. Click him at least once and give him a shout out or send him some love or whatever you want to do. Rather interesting little place he has. Wombat has had a nightmare and you might want to catch it here as you maybe in it. I wasn�t looking for people to tell me that I could write. I know I can write, sometimes anyway, but I also know that I can write things that "mean something" more often than I do. The point was missed, but I don�t really remember what the point was, which is not exactly something foreign to me or this blog for that matter.


Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road

I�m now technically the queen of moderation at Courting Destiny. This makes me happy as to be truly evil is only a dream. It matters not that "she knows not what she does"; she will however delete the F word from her written vocabulary. OK, no pandering or plugging because Miz Bohemia will get irritated (she�s really irritated about the in-law thing) but you have to read this because it is good. Do the audio version if you are able. No classes until Tuesday; we get the holiday to ponder a form greatness and courage the likes of which I can only hope arrives again - on this close to souless earth of near ethical devastation - in human form in my lifetime. MoJo posted a comment which gave me something to think about.( not deeply)

I honestly don't know what I'd do with all the attention other bloggers receive. I'd seriously be worried about it affecting how honest and upfront I am about who I am and what I write about. The minute I start catering to the audience is the minute I start losing what little audience I have.
I considered this for a moment. Mojo writes stories which always expose a part of him, and I�ve always considered it a form of courage inherent to writers. ( Pia of course you know exactly what I mean). It�s why I am not really a writer, and why I read so many blogs that are written by people who are. Just look at my links and see for yourself. I am able to live vicariously through their honesty and revelations while at the same time pandering myself somewhat, as you obviously know I do at times, to an audience even if the audience if only in my head. I do write differently now than I did back when I started this blog , or maybe not differently as much as I write about different things. I mean why not write about Darfur if people are actually reading this now. Back when no one read it, and I didn�t get random emails from the interestingly strange,(back before I knew that I was supposed to actually comment on the comments of people who commented), and that I was supposed to go check out their blogs. I didn�t start a blog for that reason, but I do think that once I started to get comments and realized people read this thing what I wrote about changed. To know me well may be to like me less as they say and this may be what we all fear. Or maybe it's just me. Selling out�well it has always been overrated. Then again I never cared that Green Day sold-out�.you have to pay the bills some how and you can�t sing about slacking off and masturbation forever�.life goes on. To those of you who really write, and you know who you are, it would be a sell out for you to do it any other way. For the rest of us�.meh�fuck it.
I'm walking down the line That divides me somewhere in my mind On the border line Of the edge and where I walk alone
Title and blockquote lyrics/Greenday.


Blessed are the sat upon, Spat upon, Ratted on,

I�ve been semi-blessed by Brad at Blogg�d. Yes, I am now on his sidebar; although, he didn't really bless me as he wrote no accolades on my wonders, no fitting prose to mark the occasion; it is kind of like being given Seagram�s when you want Bombay Sapphire. I now; however, have to admit to actually reading his site even though it hasn't been very active as of late as he seems to have lost his zest for critique. I assume this is due to the countless hours he spends getting laid on the coast of some decadent bastion of Europeanism. Keeps me grounded though, and helps to remind me of my mantra�. It�s only a blog, it�s only a blog, it�s only a blog. So, I�m admitting to reading the site, quite an embarrassment you have to agree, and periodically commenting on it. I would hide my head in shame except you would not be able to see my beautiful shiny teeth ; which just had all of their Hawaiian tarter polished off of them, and I would not deny my worst enemy that pleasure. I�m not using his buttons though I will make my own�eventually� like when I wake up and get this fine ass rolling. Hope this occurs before six�this evening. Now would anyone else like to tell me one of their dirty little secrets? OK, now to Bring it On. You have to check it out. Totally new and looking spiffy. There is a large link in my sidebar. Go Cranky. ( Cranky�s site is gone though which is kind of sad.) You can also have a diary there, even though as yet I have not been emailed my password...... I am sure this is due to my not paying my income tax on time. I think a few of you here would be good candidates for a diary over there. MJ, you might as well get one as you have left your blog adrift in a sea of nothingness yet you can�t seem to stay totally out of it now can you? Wombat you too would be a good candidate�speaking of Wombat, where are you I haven�t seen you since I returned. Needless to say this is causing me countless hours of concern. Zen Professional too. I think you all ought to head over there and sign up for a diary.

Not you Pansi, they just aren't quite prepared for you yet.

While you�re at it go visit Doug�s step daddy he is hot and Latin based�..always a good thing. Also Pia is really going to town on her blog this week despite a lot of pain and suffering. I think this is some of her best stuff. Oh� I was at Indie�s site and I was catching up �I am not really into blog awards etc but do feel that in the case of there being a blog award in which one of you on my sidebar is nominated an email should be sent out with a little reminder for me to go over and vote. You see there was some award which he was nominated for and I just read about it today and could not vote as the voting was over. Maybe we could form some kind of underground railroad of sorts for this kind of thing. Who would like to be in charge of the railroad? I can�t because I�m heading back to academia soon and it is hard to put my shoes on the right feet some days. Peace out for now because heaven can�t wait.


Alice is reporting for duty - take my word the plane did not go down.

I've no doubt that Derrida, was somewhat correct in his assumption that language, (written or spoken), does not always clearly state to others, (or to oneself for that matter), a true, perfect, and constant intent. I am, as are you dear readers, slightly blogocentric. Am I provoking you and playing a game as some feel Derrida did? No.I play this game for myself only because I am on a fucking plane with nothing to do, no skinny geek in pink musician to gawk at, and because I really have to sleep ,and I of course can�t. I do this because I was sitting in LA FUCKING X writing on my computer when some women started talking to me; I was tired and tried to ignore her yet she rambled on and on as I politely smiled. Then I heard vaguely the word "blog". I said �what�? OK,maybe I didn't say " what " maybe my eyebrow just arched in that inquisitive way it has a habit of doing, either way she prattled on, she was asking me if I had ever heard of blogs. I answered �no�. I�m not habitually deceptive, but I rarely blog share with strangers. She explained to me what they were and I looked at her in amazement and threw in an "oh really" and "sounds interesting�" and even the good old "I could never get into that". She told me she reads blogs constantly and that she even had her own. I asked her if I could read her blog, so she flicked on her very nicely done wordpress blog. There were a few rather private entries which she seemed to want me to read, this after chatting about some erotic blogs she reads and how her blog was her private little secret which no one, not even her husband, knew about. Luckily her flight was leaving as was mine so I thanked her, told her that her blog was quite awesome and that I might consider starting one...someday. I have come to the conclusion that in its own functional way the blogesphere has taken on a personality of its own and can be viewed objectively as a living organism; it has it's own collective consciousness, or perhaps several as we break it down into several sub species ( so to speak). There may be a degree off blogocentrism going on but as with life it happens. We all tend to think ours, or at least our group, is better than the others. I try however to stick with my theory, stolen of course and then mutated somewhat, of blog cultural relativism. I believe �to each his own�, and no one blog or group of blogs is better than others, they are each what they are and serve a purpose to the people who write them. ( this I believe despite the fact that I know all the blogs on my sidebar are the best and everyone else�s is crap) No blog Sophist I. I�ll read email now and move on to some sleep and then I�ll whore around all your blogs and see what miracles have occurred out there while I was doing the hula. I found this on my laptop during my trip and uploaded it to somewhere others can download it. It's the very old acoustic version of Jason Mraz's Plane. This is a perfectly legal download. It is interesting to listen to if you have heard the orchestrated version on his last CD. note: PERFECTLY LEGAL - NOT PROFESSIONALLY RECORDED - ACOUSTIC VERSION OF FROM SOMETIME IN THE SPRING OR SUMMER OF 2004 (in the land of the seventeen year cicada) . IN CASE YOU DO NOT KNOW ,YOU MAY NOT REPRODUCE THIS IN ANY WAY; ALTHOUGH,YOU CAN SHARE IT. OF COURSE YOU CAN NOT SELL IT OR YOU WILL GO TO JAIL FOR A VERY LONG TIME....LONGER THAN MARTHA STEWART BECAUSE YOU DO NOT HAVE HER FINANCIAL CAPABILITIES. note: Blog entry written on a plane somewhere over these united states. No revisons will be forthcoming.


Hanging Ten or Just Hanging

I found our surf instructor through a guy in the gift shop; the surf instructor the hotel hooked us up with was not to my liking for a reasons I will not disclose here. (You all like a good mystery don�t ya?) This guy I found in the gift shop delivering "real Hawaiian� gifts to one of the gift shops here. (Real as opposed to fake as there are several levels of shops in this resort. 1. One being the one that sells all the fake stuff from Taiwan and the usual assortment of hang ten and I got leid in Hawaii shot/beer glasses. Tell me whose mother is going to put an �I got leid� in Hawaii magnet on their refrigerator? 2. The art shop which sells decent enough art prints by various artists with around fifty percent being local artists. 3. The clothing shop where they sell a rather eclectic variety of beachwear of the more expensive type and a few things you might actually wear while in the water and 4. The shop that sells stuff actually made in Hawaii. It is of course the most expensive shop here) The surf instructor was the brother of the gift shop delivery guy ( Anna my brothers gf and I) took lessons from him as the gift shop guy convinced him do us a lesson even though he does not usually give lessons to �mainlanders� because they are �soft� �complain a lot�, are litigious�, and think they can surf when they can�t and therefore get themselves into all kind of trouble of which he had � no desire to deal with�. My cousin,(who is not my cousin anymore than my uncle is my uncle but whom any relationship other than platonic would seem rather incestuous) can surf really well being the crazy Aussie he is, but refused to give us lessons as he was not going to be responsible for our demise. Those were a couple of interesting few days and believe me it is so worth hooking up with the people that actually live here. Anna (my brother�s gf) has quit trying to surf after getting rather beat � up the other afternoon and then supposedly getting some kind of sting on her foot. I find this hard to believe I think she just wants to go to the spa and get her hair done and lay a round the pool drinking all day. My cousin and brother are playing golf and so I am left to my own �devices? Or is it vices? They are all a twitter here with Jack Johnson�s Grammy nomination. They do love their home-boys; I haven't looked hard enough for him I guess as I haven't come across him yet even at the park which hosts the pipeline. I thought for sure he would be there. ;) Big push to save the north shore and there is some hostility toward the establishment we are staying at. I am all for saving the Northern Part of this Island as it is quite gorgeous. The lack of roads doesn�t bother me at all and whatever. I could indeed live here; if only for a time. Time to do something as it appears I have had my first morning of doing absolutely nothing except talking to various people on aim , one of them being Wombat and as he said "pretty please" when asking for a few nude surfing pictures... he got them. ;) As language has its own logic as does this blog.

We could close our eyes its still there And oh, Its such a crying crying crying shame

Post is a little spacey but I am a little spacey today.

Peace Out.

Check out the news on Darfur.. thanks.
This is not a good sign - the situation in Darfur is worsening and has, in recent weeks, become tied to events in neighboring Chad. In December 2004, U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland warned that 100,000 people could die a month if humanitarian organizations are forced to suspend operations in Darfur. In September 2005, Egeland warned "If (the violence) continues to escalate, we may not be able to sustain our operations for 2.5 million people requiring life-saving assistance. In Darfur, it (aid distribution) could all end tomorrow. It is as serious as that." Now, the UN is pulling out all non-essential workers from parts of Darfur because this is exactly what is happening: http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/N05207366.htm The United Nations has scaled back its staffing in parts of Sudan's war-torn western Darfur region following a buildup of forces along the country's border with Chad, U.N. officials said on Thursday. Tensions have soared on both sides of the border in recent weeks after Chadian rebels based in Darfur, joined by Chadian army deserters, carried out several cross-border raids. Several rebel groups last week said they were banding together to topple Chadian President Idriss Deby. Deby accuses the Sudanese government in Khartoum of backing them and has urged the United Nations to take over Darfur's administration. Khartoum denies any involvement. The decision to restrict staffing "does not mean there will be an overall evacuation," U.N. chief spokesman Stephane Dujarric said. "Essential life-saving humanitarian services delivered by the U.N. will continue, and the mission will monitor the situation and carry out a fresh security assessment of the area in the next two to three weeks," Dujarric said. The move was "due to the increased instability in the affected areas, including a buildup of forces on ether side of the Sudan-Chad border, with increased potential for armed conflict," he said. The border tensions have further complicated a debilitating civil war that has raged in Darfur since February 2003, pitting Sudanese rebels against government forces. Tens of thousands have been killed and 2 million have left their homes for camps in Sudan and Chad to flee the fighting. The area now hosts one of the world's largest humanitarian operations, with more than 11,000 aid workers struggling to feed, clothe and shelter inhabitants. The Sudanese rebels began fighting to pressure the Arab-dominated central government to respond to the needs of Darfur's villagers. U.N. officials say Khartoum then armed Arab militias to fight the rebels, and that the militias launched a campaign of rape, killing and looting that continues to this day. While the U.N. Security Council has demanded an end to the militia attacks, the government has yet to make real gains in doing so, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan reported last month. The council meets on Jan. 13 to discuss the situation.


Come Monday

I tried to post the flickr html here badge but it wouldn't let me so I stuck the flash on the side. Considering that it has actually been misty or rainy fifty five percent of the time, depending on what part of the island I'm at, I was lucky to get sunny pictures. I have decided against posting the nude surfing pictures from New Years Eve because what happens in Oahu stays in Oahu or so they say. Back to bed for me. Sung to Jimmy Buffet's Come Monday:

Heading up to Haleiwa For the weekend pipeline scene got my rainbows and grass skirt on I guess I never was meant for the preppy scene And people I didn�t know That I�d be missin� you so BUT: Come monday, it�ll be all right Come monday, I�ll have something to write Spent a few fun filled days in a blue ocean haze And I just want you back by my side



May old acquaintance be forgot and all that. Woke up way too late...but it was all good because as Wombat knows I am very fond of having the last word; it was kind of nice being one of the last people in the world to bring in the new year. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Happy New Year