I'm heading to the airport soon with hopes that I will get on the flight with the rest of the gang from here. This is not because I don't like flying alone I have flown alone quite a bit and find it refreshing, but because now that I am packed I want to leave. The flight is around fourteen hours, which is good as some of the flights I have looked into are up to twenty- three hours with layovers and I certainly have no intention of going that route; besides, it would be best to get there before New Years Eve. If I've learned anything this year it is that alone is good and sometimes necessary but that it is not the be all or end all. Life is short, do what you can and do what you want. I've learned that people die and that you can get by without them if only because they are part of you. No resolutions from here, it�s a day by day thing. I'll see you all when I return. I'll try to give New Year shout out. If I don't get on that flight and have to come back then I will probably be back to write more incessant bullshit. Wish me a flight. Get out there and of course. ....If the Plane goes down....I'll remember where the love was found.



Sitting , Waiting, Wishing

I promised myself I wouldn't look at this blog while I'm gone. I'm not gone yet, no matter how hard some of you are trying to get rid of me, so ya the point is moot. I�ve been up since seven reading blogs. I'm off to get waxed soon like the boards I play with only different, as an unplanned trip to the Pacific mandates it, wish me luck. I have never been to these people before and believe me they can damage you in ways you don't even want to imagine. I am on standby for a flight tomorrow but my flight is scheduled to leave Saturday. If I go Saturday I go alone due to the fact that I was not planning to partake in this little vacation originally; I was planning a couple weeks on another type of board. For some reason there are a lot of people flying to Hawaii this time of year so it is not as easy as one might think to get a flight. I only hope that I do not have to sit near someone coughing and hacking up massive amounts of green snot all the way to Hawaii. I have ripped and transferred The Classic Quartet- complete Impulse Studio Recording - Coltrane to my I-pod along with everything Jack Johnson just to get me in the mood. My work is done.


Sexy Sexy do your thing, Learn to be shy and then you can Sting

Making one of my last blog rounds for a week or so. I am more than likely leaving for Oahu by the weekend, possibly before; it's a short notice trip I wasn't planning to go . My parents are going as my father is meeting and entertaining a client from Japan there, and my mother is heading to Singapore. There is also a gathering of a few friends and family and it turns out my favorite uncle is showing up there.

Sexy sexy made up of plexi disaster Pushing and pulling conservative rolling Unlike plastic, easier to see through Just like glass with no ring Softer and sadder you sing
If you have read this blog you may recall I have an uncle,( not a bio uncle but an uncle indeed), from Australia. He is the craziest man, in my parent's age group, I know and I love him dearly; he has been my fathers best friend since college and my best uncle since I can remember. So, fun in the sun for me, and we'll see how it goes; so yea I think I'm going.
Sexy sexy do your thing Learn to be shy and then you can sting Plexi, plexi bend don't shatter Once you're broken shape won't matter
It is the end of the year and as that goes I suppose I should take note and comment on it in some fashion. I was going to go over my posts and pick the best posts of the year and list them so everyone could have a "deja vu eww oh" experience, but I figured if anyone wants to read my old posts they will. I think you all need a rest anyway. The year was good from a personal standpoint; it sucked for my country and for Darfur but for me I can't complain; although, I often do.
You're breaking your mind By killing the time it gives you but you can't blame the time Cause it's only in your mind
Yes, the silly girl in the Santa hat is gone. Ben,whom I refer to as bengayer due to his journal name, Ben the undaunted... boyfriend now to the indefatigable Matt� a very grateful Ben, (due to my unrelenting search for and my discerning and astute assessment of all thing gay including boys). Ben felt it was a travesty to post a picture that ugly on the internet. I do so love my Ben; the little rough face gay boy that he is. So he high passed me up, sharpened and grained me and says at least the nose is in a more flattering, non wide angled position. He is sooooo gay.
Quickly, quickly go and then you'll know It's such an awkward show to see And everyone you wanted to know And everyone you wanted to meet Have all...... gone away ah they've all...... gone away
So carry on and don't forget me. Read everyone in my sidebar while I'm gone as they are all hot little muffets in one way or another. Some are storytellers , some are poets, some are word masters and some just are...doesn't matter they are all great.
And then you're Breaking your mind By killing the time it gives you Cause you can't blame the time Cause it's only in your mind
Go vote for Pia at these blog awards. I am basically grateful that someone I read is nominated for something. I swear. I guess I am either out of it or the rest of the world simply has no taste. I am glad to have someone to vote for somewhere. She has a great blog one of the best of course so go read her and then go vote. Addendum to this is that Doug has also been nominated, this via the gossip blog line that we have worked so hard on this last year. So we all must go back and vote for Doug under most inspirational blog as well pia under best blog.
You're breaking your mind... your breaking your mind.... your breaking your mind.... your breaking your mind..... your breaking your mind.. your breaking your mind.... your breaking your.... mind breaking your mind, mind. mind.
all red lyrics/Jack Johnson / my hot, married, older boyfriend in the Pacific. You can download a live perfectly legal version of Sexi Plexi here via an April 2003 concert from the Live Music Archive. This one is in MP3 format so you don't need to convert it.


Monday morning you look so fine, Friday I got traveling on my mind.

Just a briefing; like the President�s mine is pretty mundane, and the content is pretty limited. I hope I am more convincing though. I hope you are enjoying the time and are bringing much joy to others, and I hope that you are able to get your piece of joy as well. I�ve spent way too much time dressed up and wearing pearls the last two days, but other than that it�s been spectacular just to be away from school. Don�t get me wrong I love wearing the pearls, they were my grandmothers, it�s the rest I have a low tolerance of. I�ll be back later; there is much to do today. While I �m gone go check this out�Wombat does BB King. Oh.... as suspected.... little one is not potty trained, but he looked super in his red romper. Maybe he is more recognizable with a smaller head. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


Truffling Triviality

I posted you all a lovely holiday song� but unfortunately it didn�t show up. I�ve never used that audio blogger before and it didn�t seem to be working. In case it does show up while I am gone I do want you to know that I know I can�t sing, �I am not that vain. That wasn�t the point though. I am not afraid to embarrass myself once every year or so.

addendum: ok here it is now; it is just because I love you or maybe because you love me or you wouldn't subject yourself to this...

this is an audio post - click to play
My beliefs are full of nothing more than pure unadulterated ambiguity. I am gradually drawn to the center of life and I must pull away. I crave things but put the cravings aside momentarily until the moment becomes the only thing and the moment can't end because it is the moment only that matters. I am merely a transient acting out a role. I �m quite happy for Elton and his lover now that they made it legal�that is always good for the less financially stable of the partners. Yea, well we said it a long time ago and I have a pretty link in the side bar to prove it..... Impeach Bush. Screw congress over Darfur� they might want to consider taking some of that ridiculous bridge to nowhere stuff off their list as well. I don�t really want to have to blow up the capital building this holiday season����� no one is in it. Intelligent Design has been proclaimed not so intelligent after all. Who knew? I guess blog land is going to be slow for the rest of the year. Most of my posts will be rehash and nothing special until after this year has wandered into oblivion and a new year is born of it�s antecedent. Wombat�... had to do it. OK now I am off to see if I measure up to the rigorous standards I apply to myself. One last time � Leaving for home very early tomorrow morning� luckily I have a ride out of town, but I think we are dropping like fifty people off at the airport first. I may see you all later. You can also tell me which template you prefer this one or the one at wonderlandornot.blogspot.com. I am sure I will be back but in case not�.have a good weekend/holiday and enjoy yourself because a truck could run you over and smash you flat at any time�.even while you are sleeping.


Mid-Day Mouth

I�m on way to an egg-zam so I have naught except to say except that I am shocked they couldn�t spare fifty million and it is a damn shame. Just good Christians following the way of the Lord. Do these people own mirrors? Strider at Sound Destruction said it best. Breaks my heart; can you imagine what it is doing to the souls of the people in The Sudan. We have a soulless government in a souless country in a soulless world. Live without souls- die without souls ....and for some of you out there that is a pretty scary place to be now isn't it. Good Christians�following in the way of our Lord�... Some good news via Shakespseres Sister which I actually just got reading Cupie. Maybe I�ll be funny later. Read on for the latest from the Coalition for Darfur. Quite a few developements to take note of. There have been a lot of developments in Darfur recently, so I just wanted to share some stories I thought were important (in no particular order): 1.25 Million Children Beyond Reach of Aid http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=16985&Cr=&Cr1= Darfuris Stone Policeman to Death After Attack http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/MCD052557.htm AU mission in Darfur running out of cash http://www.irinnews.org/report.asp?ReportID=50723&SelectRegion=East_Africa&SelectCountry=SUDAN Congress Rebuffs Rice on Troop Funding http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/N19285970.htm Chad army chases rebels into neighbouring Sudan http://www.irinnews.org/report.asp?ReportID=50795&SelectRegion=West_Africa&SelectCountry=CHAD-SUDAN Top UN relief official pleads for Security Council political action in Africa http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=16975&Cr=Africa&Cr1= Arab militias attack Darfur village, kill 12 http://today.reuters.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=worldNews&storyID=2005-12-19T140309Z_01_SPI950558_RTRUKOC_0_US-SUDAN-DARFUR.xml&archived=False ICC Prosecutor Uncovers Evidence of Campaign of Atrocities in Darfur http://www.voanews.com/english/2005-12-13-voa81.cfm Sudan's special court on Darfur crimes not satisfactory, UN genocide expert says http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=16966&Cr=Sudan&Cr1=Darfur AU guards fragile ceasefire http://www.news24.com/News24/Africa/News/0,,2-11-1447_1851681,00.html Frustration Boils Over in Sudan Refugee Camp http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-darfur14dec14,1,2080264,full.story?coll=la-headlines-world


Messy Mess

Sorry for the previous mess. I have been busy all weekend with things like library and feeding the hungry and I got home really late last night and my template looked funny so I started messing with it. I have no idea how it got quite so fucked up. I choose to blame blogger but then again you get what you pay for. I have exams through Thursday; my schedule is tenuous at best. Everyone else seems to be out and home and playing and for those of you that are��..I hate you. I�ve got some work to catch up on and then I�m going to play with the damn template again. If I have the chance.


Time, Time, Time, See What�s Become of Me

I want to thank Roscoe Bartlett ,( a Republican congressman from a red district in a blue state with a red governor, representative of the district where I am still registered to vote in the state of Maryland), for voting against the renewal of the Patriot Act. Should he still be alive when I return I am going to go and give him a great big kiss for the effort. Weekend mail bag:

Dear Alice in Wonderland or Not We have been monitoring your blog, and email recently (as allowed by the laws that the current president makes up as he goes along); it's not that we think you are a terrorist or pose any immediate threat to national security, but because you have shown, at any given time, a great irreverence for the leadership of this country. You also get a lot of email from Brown University and that alone, as you can guess, is a red flag. We do not take it lightly when some young democratic college student who is registered to vote as a resident of one blue state, is attending college in another blue state, wears blue jeans and claims her father is "The Architect" of our current administrations climb to power while at the same time portraying him in a photograph as being a rather lecherous potentially incestuous father at that. If you had just not had him staring at your chest missy, we wouldn't be writing you now. We call this type of activity cyblandery - a form of internet slander /forgery. We therefore are within our rights as we understand them ( ha what's to understand really you ain�t got no rights bitch) to continue to monitor your internet activity and any further email you receive. We understand you go to a school where periodically the administration hacks into professor/student correspondence, so this should not be a new experience for you. (The world is awash with conspiracy missy) In the meantime: We'd appreciate it if you would decease photo-manipulating pictures containing republican government officials into your family album, unless of course you can portray them as the gentlemen and women they are and treat their photographs with respect. (we prefer the word photo � manipulations to photo-shopping as it sounds more secret agent worthy) Hint: Your activities would not have been scrutinized so completely if Mr Rove had been presented as your boyfriend (in place of that treasonous comedian from HBO) instead of your lecherous daddy. You may take all the liberties you desire on photos of television personalities, as long as they are not FOX television personalities. Democrats on any level of government are good candidates for cyblandery and feel free to exercise your creative license on them. We enjoyed looking at your private correspondence, it makes us hot ( and god -- that phone sex you have does more for us than the Paris Hilton Video ever did - yea we listen in on those too), and god knows in this cold world reading something that promotes a quick masturbatory effort while reading the emails of others and talking to Cheney on the phone,is always welcome. Happy Holidays Remember, Big Brother is watching, and we don't mean that traitorous grad student at Brown who carries around that silly man-purse your mother bought when he graduated from that treasonous bastion of decadence in Connecticut last year. Go Huskies.
Weekend rehash: Check out Pia�s great post from her blog reposted partially on Pandagon...where they blah blah bla-ed about it in the comments.Some people can't see for forest for the trees. Wombat looking hot holding his new girl and then check out his death capital punishment post. Dougs Christmas cheer.
Sensenbrenner Announces Bipartisan, Bicameral Agreement on Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization; Agreement Paves Way for Approval by Senate Today and House Soon Thereafter
Absurdity Jam where we discuss internet stalking. How to dance properly to help you prepare for your holiday parties. Stolen from a link at Majikthise.
Ahhh, seasons change with the scenery Weaving time in a tapestry Won�t you stop and remember me At any convenient time Funny how my memory slips while looking over manuscripts Of unpublished rhyme Drinking my vodka and lime But look around, leaves are brown now And the sky is a hazy shade of winter Hang on to your hopes, my friend That�s an easy thing to say, but if your hopes should pass away Simply pretend That you can build them again
Paul Simon


Merry Holiday.......Spotlight on Darfur.

It�s the holiday here or whatever you want to call it or not. While some fight about their rights to have Christmas called Christmas some are fighting just to live. Get over it people, seriously. Call it whatever you want, acknowledge other peoples religious holidays, or not but realize that it is not going to kill you if your Christmas is called a holiday or vice versa. No one owes you anything for you�re tolerance of their religion just as you don�t owe me a thing for having to listen to stories about the Jesus your God so freely crucified. I�m not complaining because the Pope wears Prada shoes am I? My only question is when do these children get a holiday? Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us There are various organizations throughout the world, easily found by anyone with access to a computer, which provide information on places to give money in order that these people can have enough food just to survive. WorldVision Amnesty International / Sudan Doctors without Borders

Unfortunately recently it has been impossible in most cases for relief workers to even enter most of Darfur and their safety has often been compromised. We hope that is going to change but there are times when it appears this task is insurmountable. We encourage you to apply pressure as often and needed to your representatives on a local, state and national level; to press the issue of this ongoing slaughter of human life and spirit. We can not under any circumstance forget Darfur but remembering is not enough. A call to action must be forthcoming and the support of the world is needed on a profusely consistent and continuous basis. Most current news on DARFUR.

http://allafrica.com/stories/200512140653.html http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/

Contine reading for information on the Spotlight on Darfur event being held on December the 16th; you can participate or just go check it out. Everyone is invited. ;)

And yes: I wish you a Merry Happy Whatever you want to call it. Hi all, We are having our third Spotlight on Darfur - and I would like to invite you to let people know on your blogs and send in a post. Here are the details, with a link to the post: As Christmas approaches I am very mindful of the ongoing situation in Darfur. One of the ways we can assist is to use some of our online time to once again put the Spotlight on Darfur. I am inviting posts for Spotlight on Darfur 3: Christmas Edition. Any posts you have on Darfur that were posted since the last Spotlight (October 17) can be sent in. Posts don't have to be long. You may want to post on what is happening and/or include info on a suitable aid agency for donations. This will be one way of giving something for Christmas to the refugees of the Darfur genocide crisis. Here are the details: Spotlight on Darfur 3: Christmas Edition will be hosted on 16 December. Please send the following info for your post by midnight 15 December: 1. The name of your blog 2. The URL of your blog 3. The title of your post 4. The URL of your post 5. A description of your post Send your post details to: catez2003 ATT yahoo DOTT com I'd appreciate if you'd follow those guidelines. It makes it easier for me to have all that in your email. The Christmas Edition will be hosted here at Allthings 2all. Our last two Spotlights on Darfur went really well and it was a privilege to be part of them. If you didn't see them, or if you are wondering what the Spotlights are like here they are: Spotlight on Darfur 2 Spotlight on Darfur 1 http://allthings2all.blogspot.com/2005/12/spotlight-on-darfur-3-christmas.html Trackback URL: http://haloscan.com/tb/catez2003/113387990904069134 http://allafrica.com/stories/200512140653.html Thanks - I'm hosting this one and we have a new host lined up for next year's first Spotlight already too! Our last one, hosted by Eddie at Live from the FDNF was great - and was linked well. Catez Stevens Catez Stevens Website: Allthings2all http://allthings2all.blogspot.com


The Shame of it All my fall to mediocrity and more

Ho Hum OK I�m going to do it. GOTB tagged me and I feel guilty not doing it because she interviewed and made me famous���. RIGHT? 5 weird habits of mine. I don�t think I have that many weird habits but I�m sure some would disagree. I each sushi all the time, and whine when I can�t get it. I do a weird thing were I pull my lower lip over my upper lip � it sounds weird but one side of my face has one eyebrow and one lip which sort of crook upward and I think I got into the habit of doing it to cover the lip once someone pointed this out to me like ten years ago. Not a very attractive habit if I do say so myself. I peel and eat bananas from both ends� I like to finish with the middle section. Maybe not weird but it annoys some people that I have to put some form of lotion on my feet several times a day. I do have a foot thing going on. I�m stuck on perfectly maintained feet. The shower before taking a bath thing; I never take a bath without having taken shower first. I think, just so as to put everyone in the mode of "she is a pain in the ass", everyone needs to write down at least one of their nasty old weird habits in my comment section. Also feel free to consider yourself tagged and do one for yourself. The more I can find out about you people the more I have to hold against you should I ever need it �in a court of law or that heaven some of you actually thinks exists, or something like that.


Doubt, Desire and Contempt

I am besieged with doubt, and desire for some kind of spiritual gratification; not sure enlightenment exists but willing to look for it under the sidewalks, on the subway and in the mountains. It is going to end up being inside myself I'm sure of it, but what if it isn't and I haven't looked hard enough��������then what? Nothing I suppose. When nothing comes I won�t be surprised. I�m in a weird mood and I had a great weekend. Sitting around here I realize that at least half the people in my school, sixty thousand plus not including grad students, are nothing more than whiney little babies and I feel like if I have to look at them one more day I will die. I get in these moods every so often; these moods where I see myself as so much better than everyone else.It may not be that I see myself as better, but just wiser and more adult. I see that my parents fostered my independence by never using their sheer consumptive power to control me. They used their rhetorical skills quite profusely in times past but never their financial or emotional support. I see everyone else as controlled by the green thing that could never control me, and I feel nothing but contempt. Then I look in my closet at the expensive clothes, on the desk at two computers, under the bed at the various shoes and in the mirror and see the refelction of a young woman that has lived a pretty easy life . Maybe I was wrong. GOTB - did an interview with me. I am the first interview in her new series. I�m sure these will become part of the best archives in blogger history so feel free to check it out. Not sure when she�s putting it up sometime this week though so go check it out.

peace out


Boring - "it's the weekend nobody reads my blog on weekends"- post

No pretense this weekend. I'm not going to tell everyone I am staying in to do work as everytime I make that statement it doesn't happen. Instead I 'm going to tell you I�m going to Hunter Mountain, to totally kick the ass of the mountain, with some friends; we are leaving around six am. It�s only a two hour drive so I presume we�ll be back by six, seven, eight, nine or ten tomorrow. I will be beat but Sunday�yes Sunday� is a day of work. Seriously, I mean it this time. I can�t wait to blow off some steam even if it is a crappy mountain as mountains go; this is ok because when my brother brought my snowboard into the city a couple of weekends ago he brought my crappy snowboard. Everyone seems to be posting little lists before the weekend because their mind is all "overworked" and "tired" and they "have nothing". Usually I post lists of old entries, of mine of course, I think you should read; how pretentious of me. Instead� I�m going to give you a list of what I am doing so you can be enthralled� Reading: Resistance Rebellion and Death � for fun. Browsing through: The Moose Jaw catalogue. Talking to: some people via aim, violin man in person and friend on phone, reading and posting in blogs ...all at once. I am quite good. Perpetrating: A liaison between some polish and my toenails. Eating: carrots and sashimi Went to: the Apple sore and Kate Spades today as well as a few other little weird places in SoHo and picked up a few interesting little gift items for Christmas. wow - what a life All this after a morning conference of sorts and the finishing off of a veddy important paper. I am woman - hear me roar. I�m sorry for what happened to Ann Coulter�again. I mean there are always a few in every bunch right? For god sake why invite a speaker whose job it is to incite the left to speak at a hormone filled campus full of Yankees. Why not invite a speaker from whom the students-(and the general public as people came from all over to this event not just from the school)-might actually learn something instead of one who is deliberately going to cause some kind of commotion because she never has any researched based facts to explain herself. I have been to one of her lectures shows and believe me it is true. Annie is a pundit and she is good at sound bites. Annie dearest never does well in Connecticut anyway so it would behoove her to stay away. Obviously she is not as smart as she thinks she is, or the money they offer her makes her salivate like the rabid dog she is and she just can't say no. Annie dearest gets a response to her own impotent spite and she complains�hey.. whatever. You know what they say����if you can�t explain�.incite. Have a great weekend. Madness lurks within this house. This commom task brought to you due to the genius of Al Gore. ;)


Betting on Studs - You Bet and and i'm drawn to the night, it's the damn neon light

With the true instinct of the blog artist I realize that I can�t let the day go by without some meager offering. This, while taking a study break and looking at a real live "paper" copy of Newsweek with a hot picture of Anderson Cooper in it, and a pretty decent article on The Women of Al Qaeda, but I know you all don't want to hear about that. I�ll give my humble opinion instead on this article about Heidi Fleiss and her proposed desert bordello��.male bordello. This is a good topic for me as I am still having a bit of a sexual exudation issue.

There's a gravity in me Pulling me to want to see What is going on tonight Beneath the electric starlight
Evidently, according to Newsweek in an article written by Steve Friess titled quite cutely Betting on the Studs Heidi Fleiss is making some male hearts pitter patter and not in a good way.
Heidi Fleiss scares the hell out of me," says George Flint, lobbyist for the Nevada Brothel Association, which represents some of the state's 26 legal houses of ill repute, most of them dressed-up doublewides with names like the Chicken Ranch and the Cherry Patch. "Our industry is not so firm, so to speak, that we need to flirt with some secondary activity that could bring down the whole house of cards." Because the brothel laws all refer to prostitutes as "she" and require cervical STD tests for sex workers, Fleiss would need to get the statutes reworded to cover her studs. Richard Ziser, president of the conservative group Nevada Concerned Citizens, warns: "She may bring enough publicity to cause a problem for the industry."
I don�t see how this becomes a secondary activity when it is the exact same service; the only difference being the service is performed by men as opposed to women.
In the Frolic Room The seat I assume And I'm drawn to the night And its damn neon light
Funny how there aren't any problems when men are selling women, or women are selling women, but when women want to sell men all of a sudden it's too damn complicated to change the she to he, or they, and add an addendum or addition to the clause "cervical std test".
If Nevada lawmakers try to run her back across the state line, Fleiss says she's primed for a legal fight, on grounds that the state's existing laws discriminate against men. "What's good for the goose should be good for the gander," she says.
Nothing really, but good for Heidi; if I was a lawyer I�d totally be on board. Regardless of what you feel about prostitution it is legal in Nevada, and to suggest that it is too complicated to change some stupid little statute, or that it doesn�t already allow for male prostitution is ridiculous and possibly discriminatory with regard to men, but is certainly discriminatory in regard to women.
Oh, in the company of the privileged and the nearly damned Mixing like a cocktail of pure spirits slammed In the danger zone is where you'll find me In a certain dive so inviting
I have nothing I just wanted to share. Oh! If the person who happened to �mistakenly� picked up my BlackBerry ( tiny purple and red shiny tape on back side with my name and cell) in this building here the one that is now more difficult to jump off, please return it, ( I just got it) or try to find a way to jump off. Thank You


O.J. simpson- still not a Jew

I stroll the crowded hallways, filled with lonely students. Students starving for a life beyond the halls and walls that squeeze them tight around the middle of the soul, and heart the cockroaches and mice, if present, are dead in the walls or have dispersed onto the streets of the city screeching; much like the students they run from It's all about perception. Mine

Put on your Yamaka Its time for Chanukah So much funnaka To celebrate Chanukah
I was in a good mood until I couldn't get into blogger then my mood became like that of my old high school physics teacher - a former attorney for the defense who quit defending to realize his fantasies as a science teacher, his teaching sucked and he was the most ignorant excuse for a human being I have ever met - pretty sour As usual and with no apology I digress. List of sites that participated in blog against racism day here. I have learned so many things this last week: My blog exudes sexuality?????? That trust fund student is a dirty word, or if for some reason you are lucky enough to come from parents who happen to choose to pay for your way too expensive education you are generally assumed to be a worthless piece of crap not worthy of the attention of the hard working American base. Rape is an issue not addressed enough, and from the attitudes some men have about women and sex, and women having sex I can certainly see why. Monologue is not a cream to treat vaginal yeast infections. This may be early but it�s just in case I don�t make it back here for a couple days. I probably will, but if not I wanted to wish all the Jews, Half Jews, Quarter Jews, Converted Jews, and those who want to be Jews but are too chicken. a Happy Chanukah
So drink you�re gin-and-tonic-ah, and smoke you�re mara-juanic-ah, If you really, really wanna-kah, have a happy, happy, happy, happy Hanukkah����. happy hanukka!
I must now go and devise a list of gifts to purchase for my friend formerly called the violin man now self titled the agnostic half jew.



A quick addendum or whatever you want to call it. I messed around yesterday so have to study and didn�t plan on writing anything else this weekend, but I read something this morning and it is getting under my skin. This is a travesty and goes to the point I was making the other day. It seems land of the free and the home of the brave is still a patriarchal society run more often than we may think by a bunch of misogynistic fools. In this one nation under god and all that crap me thinks the god so often talked about needs to get it's act together. At the very least women need to open their eyes and parents need to start bringing up their daughters to understand clearly their rights? They need to openly discuss sex with their children and empower their daughters to think for themselves and understand that sex in and of itself is not a bad thing when one is ready to accept the responsibility to go with it and that should they ever be violated under any circumstance it is their right and responsibility to make it known and nothing to be ashamed about. The blame must taken off the shoulders of the victim and placed where it belongs. In this particular case the judge as well as the perpetrators of the crime. Comments are off. The post below is still my weekend post so comment there. More fun next time I promise sweet miscreants of the blogesphere. Addendum�s addendum.


It�s all right if you love me-It's alright it you don't

Happy Weekend everyone. I promise nothing to stretch a brain cell. Go get some Holiday or Christmas shopping done;whichever you prefer; I don�t care what you call it.I�m not writing anything of significance because who the hell reads blogs on weekends? I will be but that is because I have to settle down�finals are on their way. I am going to go look in the windows in downtown Manhattan just for kicks though and pretend I care about Christmas shopping. My Christmas list is the same as my old birthday list�you can froggle it in my profile�as no one got me any of the things listed there it still stands. Please remember I only like certain types of underwear and feel free to email me if you have any questions as to size. I�m pretty slender but I do have some booty. (this is good for snowboarding believe me) To the various individuals who emailed offers to be my first experience in fellatio I have to say only that the kindness of people never fails to amaze me; must be the holiday season bringing out all this generosity. For the various individuals who offered to take my virginity ( that was pretty presumptive of you all and so typical ) I also thank you but I have not been able to find that damn thing since I was seventeen for some time.

Breakdown, go ahead give it to me Breakdown, honey take me through the night
No emails on this one please my mouth is no more special to me than my vagina but I don�t eat with my vagina. Feel free to check out Absurdity Jam where Wombat tells you what really happened with the WMD�S. Zenpro also posted really good story for Blog against racism day and it is worth reading so go check it out. Girl has a story worth reading to kick off the holiday season so go check that out as well. Doug leaves on the weekend after posting his story, so go check it out because you can say all kinds of nasty things to him when he is gone. The Naked Gymnasts are probably still eating from Thanksgiving,but it�s worth a look; if they are still eating in Monday I am calling the doctor of gluttony. Otherwise I�ll be scrolling and rolling this weekend and everyone keep warm.
It�s all right if you love me It�s al l right if you don�t I�m not afraid of you runnin� away Honey, I get the feelin� you won�t